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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, March 31, 2013


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It was hard to focus on work after returning on Monday for the weekend was still in Charles's mind.

The wedding was to be one week after Edie got out of school which meant it was four weeks from now.

Everyone wanted to know what happened while they were gone and if the honeymoon had already started.

Charles while looking a little embarrassed assured them that it had not and moved on quickly to tell them of the soon to be plans. The wedding was to be on a Saturday when the office would be closed. 

The partners would have to pick up the slack while Charles was gone for at least two weeks on their honeymoon.  Charles had a lot to do at work preparing to be gone and setting up a schedule for the partners to cover for him.

Edie had her hands full, finishing the last couple of weeks of school and going over all the plans for the wedding. There were many who wanted to help and their help was sorely needed with so many things to do.

Edie's mother was able to take over the printing and sending out the invitations which in itself was a big job. The church, reception, food and the clergy each took up a considerable amount of time.

The honeymoon was to be at an area where many people were going called Niagara Falls. It is where a city had just been incorporated.

The fact that Charles was busy with business helped keep his mind off of the most important event in his life so far. The weeks came and went one by one with Charles and Edie's time so full with wedding stuff they had little time to be with one another and when they did it was it was to discuss any problem that had arisen.

It would have pleased Charles to have gotten a license and had a preacher to marry them, but he understood how important all the pomp and ceremony was to Edie and more importantly to her mother.

Edie’s mother had waited almost twenty years for this moment and she wanted to savor it as long as possible.

Charles thought, “Now would be a good time to have Marvin actually do some lead work in court, because he had been working behind the scenes for the most part.”

Marvin had been part of the firms' presence in court but never as the lead attorney.  

Charles always wanted at least three attorneys present when going to court for it always gave the feeling of strength when a jury or judge saw them all lined up at their table during a trial or negotiation.

Marvin said he was nervous about it but he would do it, if the others would stand behind him.

That was the last thing Charles needed to do, he had his clothes and knew what to say when asked the important questions.

The other attorneys teased him unmercifully and said they had a Shivaree planned and maybe a Bride napping.

This was unnerving to Charles for he was already under a lot of stress and when he said, “You guys had better behave;” they broke down with laughter for they had penetrated his almost unyielding demeanor.

Tomorrow was the day...   

To be Continued

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