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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, March 8, 2013



With the house in Tulsa completed the next thing for Leon was to keep his promise to get jobs for the two black men who helped him build his house.

The first well was almost at where they expected the oil to begin to flow.

They were starting a second well, and Leon insisted the two black men be given jobs. This caused a little flap with so many white men wanting to work, but it didn't amount to much.

After a few weeks the foreman had learned something about these two workers. One was they always showed up on Monday, and they were always sober. As it turned out they were family men with families to feed.

There was some building materials left over from Leon's house which he could have sold very easily, but he gave it to his workers, and they built two one room shacks for themselves to live in.

The first well coming in was a big event. After getting it capped off and under control, it was followed by a joyful celebration. There was a lot of eating, drinking, dancing and oh yes a little fighting.
Drinks courtesy
Leon didn't drink at all, and Kathryn had only drank a little while in New York at the insistence of the party goers, but this night they were coerced into having several drinks over the evening.

It was late when the party broke up, and they made it back home.  Leon wasn't seeing things clearly, but was able to get his clothes off and crawl into bed. Something didn't seem right but he was far too out of it to care.

A little later Kathryn undressed, and came to her bed, and as she got in she realized that Leon had gotten into her bed by mistake.

She was in the same fuzzy condition as Leon, and she just crawled into bed next to him. She realized neither of them had bothered to put on night clothes, but she was too exhausted and still under the influence, for it to matter.

The next morning they slept in. Leon began to stir, and decided to get up. He still wasn't seeing things too clear. Kathryn eyes opened as he was getting out of bed, and there he stood, bare bottom exposed.

She laughed and said, “Well good morning.”  He started to say good morning back when he realized he didn't have any clothes on. He grabbed his pants and ran out of the room.

She, still laughing said, “Well, it’s good to see you.”

With him out of the room she slid out of bed and proceeded to dress.  Food was the last thing she wanted but she had to have some coffee.

About two hours later Leon came back with another man. She asked him “Who is that strange looking man.”  Leon said he is a preacher, and after what happened last night he is going to marry us.

That was a shock to Kathryn so she said I need to think this over. Leon said it is something we need to do after last night. She thought about all of the boys she had met, and dated and how foolish most of them they were.

She just said, “Well why not?” and five minutes later they were pronounce husband and wife.

The preacher said, “I will record this for an extra dollar.” His normal fee was two dollars, but Leon gave him ten dollars, and said, “Thanks a lot” and the preacher left a happy man.

Kathryn was full of mischief by now, and was going to enjoy the moment. She started off by calling him, “My husband,” and then said, "I hope you enjoyed yourself last night."

The more he tried to tell her he couldn't remember anything about last night the more she laid it on him. She accused him of taking advantage of her and how she might be with child.

On and on she went until he couldn't take it any more.  He said I won't be here for lunch, but I will be home for supper.   
To be Continued

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