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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, March 18, 2013


Boy Studying
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Charles father had put pressure on Charles to excel in his classes for Dad planned to enroll him in law school next semester.

The only way this could happen was for his grades to be very good, and his father's influence must prevail with people on the law school board. The admissions department resisted his entrance but under pressure gave in.

This summer was going to be busy for Charles due to working full time in a law office mostly doing research and studying for the year to come.

He managed to have one evening each week for socializing, but that was just to break up the monotony of the day after day of pressure being put on him.

The summer passed and it was time for school to begin.

It seemed that the word got around that a young student would be entering law school, and for some reason it offended a few of the older students.  The idea that a new student could skip some years of schooling didn't make their day

From the first day they started picking on him, and it didn't set too well with Charles.

After a couple of weeks of guys saying snide remarks, and jostling him in the hall ways, he decided he wasn't going to put up with it any longer.

The ones who were the worst offenders were a gang who would hang out together.  Charles saw them on a particular day, and went up to them and asked, “What is your problem?” 
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One of the bigger students started to mouth off to Charles and push him backward, and then suddenly Charles knocked him flat on his back.

As he stood over him he asked if any of the others would like to fight him here and now. As they looked at the boy he had knocked down no one said a word.
Charles said, “Any more of this harassment will result in me blacking some eyes and knocking out some teeth.”

Then he pulled the boy to his feet, picked up the books he had dropped and left.

Charles looked back, and the others were brushing the wounded warrior off, and talking to him.

From that time on no one else gave him any trouble, and he began to make friends.  This was especially after they saw he was all business, and wouldn't let people bully him.

The studies were not easy, and Charles was always under stress to keep up.  His grades were among the highest, but only with great effort.

The visits from his father didn’t give him much relief, for no matter how well he did, the father would say, "You have to do better."

Dance courtesy
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One thing that was interesting was the social events and dances, attended by girls from another school. 

Most of these girls were four or five years older than Charles. This took some getting used to, because the girls were interested in guys older than them.

When he would ask one of the girls if she would like to dance she would have some excuse most of the time. He took this as a challenge and would keep at it until one would say, “Okay let’s dance.”

Charles was a better than average dancer because he had often attended dances when younger, and at home, he danced with his sisters for practice.

As they danced he would carry on a conversation.  He had determined that if he showed an interest in what was important to the partner, the next time he asked them they would be willing to dance with him without reservation.

To be Continued


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