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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MISS MATTIE Chapter 10

Searching out the Best for Matties Future
From the time when Mattie came to live with her, Mrs. Martin had looked forward to when it was time for Mattie to get married.

She never discussed this with Mattie but she was evaluating the prospective males within their circle, and also many who were not.

Early on, she was able to eliminate many of them for they had been living off their parents, and in the future they would plan to feed on their wife's inheritance.

Mrs. Martin knew that when the word went around that Mattie might come into a large amount of money when she died, these men would be flocking around her like flies.  

There were about a dozen young men, she was watching very closely to see how they developed, and she made sure Mattie didn't know about it.

At the age of sixteen guys started to pay more attention to Mattie for she was beginning to look like a woman should. They were from all walks of life. 

Some knew they would never had a chance with her, but figured they had nothing to lose so why not try.

Trying to discourage them became a tiresome job.   

Mattie developed a repertoire of things to say like; “If I tried real hard I might like you as a friend.” or “You are just not my type,” or, “I just don't feel that way about you” and last resort "Get lost."

Just Checking !!
While Mrs. Martin was checking young men out as prospective suitors for Mattie in the future, Mattie was trying to figure out what she wanted in a man.

She attended all kinds of social events with different fellows but none of them impressed her beyond an evening out.

The one thing she didn't want was to be a farmer’s wife for there she would be kept from doing what she had been preparing for many years to do.  Anyhow husband hunting was something for the future and not to worry about for now.

Mattie had studied accounting in school but she wanted to get certified as a C.P.A.  It wasn't that she wanted to become one, she just wanted to get the knowledge that the training would give her.  
During her last summer vacation she worked for a brokerage firm, and after that it was one year of college in business administration, and she also planned to audit some related classes.

It was a long year for she was anxious to get started in the business world.
She attended church as time allowed just to keep herself on the right track spiritually.

Her Ma and Pa were getting along in age and she wanted to help them enjoy an easier life but she had heard that both had contacted the flu and were very weak.

She went to them and did what she could while relieving her sisters who had borne the brunt of care up to then. Their age worked against them and first it was pa and then shortly after ma joined him in death.

Seemed the whole town turned out for the funeral and showed what good neighbors are all about. Mattie told her sisters they could share the home place and the feed store to do what ever they wished to do with them.

She felt that this was right for they had watched over their parents ever since Mattie went away to live with Mrs. Martin. In the last few days the weeping was gone but the sadness remained along with the memories of running through the fields with the dogs and all the happy moments during those first few years.

How things had changed, how different she was? The old life no longer existed with the death of ma and pa, and the new horizon is no longer hampered by the past. 

To be Continued


Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Mattie was accepted at school
The rest of the first day at school went pretty much as the morning did.

Tomorrow they were to bring their exercise clothes and any feminine necessities they might need.

When Mattie got home Mrs. Martin wanted to have a full report on how the day went. Afterwards she gave Mattie a little more advice but said, “I think you will do alright for you passed your first test with flying colors.”

After a good dinner Mattie settled in and read to Mrs. Martin until she went to sleep. Then she looked over her school books and found they weren't any harder than what she was used to and felt more at ease.

The next morning Marie the maid came up and checked on Mattie to make sure she didn't skip over anything hygienic and was properly dressed. 

The morning classes went well and the home work wasn't that difficult. In the after noon they had the exercise time or gym class as some called it. There were showers for those who wanted to take them which most of the girls did, due to the high humidity.

After the last class two girls came up to Mattie and introduced themselves.

They had seen how she had handled herself when being questioned yesterday by the girl they called miss snobby and said; no one has ever handle her like you did. They said they would like to be friends with her if she was willing.

Mattie suddenly had become the leader of those who felt nothing but disdain for those who were self anointed sweethearts of the campus.  As the days wore on the elitists group grew smaller until it all but disappeared.

Time has a way of passing and the days became weeks and the weeks became months but Mattie made the best of them.

In addition to her regular studies she took a class in secretarial skills because Mrs. Martin said the Secretaries were the ones who did most of the real work, and the bosses took credit for it.  

Mrs. Martin felt that a good understanding of what really happened during financial transactions would better prepare Mattie for a career in banking.

Mattie spent her summers working in the bank Mrs. Martin owned, performing in every department from cleaning, to the teller’s cage, to making loans.

The one thing Mrs. Martin stressed to Mattie was business was to be all business and charity was separate from business for mixing the two would cause both to fail.

At first those who worked in the bank resented Mattie, but over time they came to depend on her when they were in over their head and needed help.

All this activity coupled with what seemed to be mandatory appearances at social events left little time for Mattie to visit her folks, but once in awhile she would have a free weekend and off she went to visit her mom.

When arriving home, the first to greet her were the dogs who still loved her and missed her. They were raised up together but now the dogs were aging and one by one they were passing off the scene. They were replaced with pups who didn't know Mattie.  

Finally the last of her dog buddies died and it was like a big association with the past was over.

She still loved her Ma and Pa but her sisters were married with children and they had moved on without her.

The only connection now with Samsville was Ma and Pa Hays and they too had become a smaller part of her life now.

To be Continued    

Monday, October 29, 2012


School Begins
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For Mattie this had been the most interesting morning she could remember.

She had been told how to function in this new society she was entering into.

It seemed overwhelming for it was a wholesale change in everything she did. Mrs. Martin assured her that it would become natural to her in a few days.
Business man
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Meanwhile they went downtown to a bank Mrs. Martin owned and she introduced Mattie to several people in high finance, and other business people with whom she did business with.

She told Mattie it was important for people to know of their close relationship so they would respect her as the ward of Mrs. Martin. It was important to give Mattie the same aura as Mrs. Martin had, and this was the start of it.

Mrs. Martin knew Mattie would be going to school with the children of some of these business associates, and that she was expected to be treated as Mrs. Martin was treated.

One last thing Mrs. Martin told Mattie was; “I have a lot of both financial and political power in this town and State, and will bring both to bear if anyone mistreats you.  The only thing is, you must be open with me and tell me of any bad conduct leveled against you because when they treat you badly it reflects on me and that I will not stand for.“

The final week passed before school started, Mattie and Mrs. Martin had visited the school and met with the teachers, and Mrs. Martin let them know Mattie would have to be treated with respect, and not as someone who came from Samsville.

It was Monday morning and the first day of school, everyone was dressed in the school uniform, and to some extent they all looked the same to Mattie.  She found her first class room, and took the seat she liked as the talkative girls poured in. 

Lastly the teacher came in and after a couple of “ahem,” the class got quiet. The teacher wrote her name on the board, Miss Smith.  She didn't write her first name due to the familiarity it would bring.  
Miss Smith was about average looking, in fact everything about her was average, except she was thirty years old.  She had a chain around her neck which held her glasses that she only wore when reading.   Today’s class was mostly about what she was going to teach during the year.  

Then she gave out seating assignments, she wanted everyone to sit in the same seat every day so as to make it easier to remember each students name.  

At lunch time one of the girls left a group she was with and came over and said; “Hello, you must be the girl Mrs. Martin took in.”  Mattie just nodded for she didn't know which way this conversation was headed.  The girl then asked, “Is your family poor and is that the reason she felt sorry for you?”  

Many things to say went through Mattie's mind, but she remembered what Mrs. Martin had told her; to smile and speak softly so as to make her strain to hear you. So when Mattie answered she did just that.  

Mattie said; “I believe you have asked me two questions, I'll answer both of them. The answer to the first is I am as rich as my auntie is, if you want to know how rich that is you can come home with me and ask her yourself or your father works for the bank she owns you can ask him.

The answer to your second question is; most families have to take what they get when they have children; like your folks did when they had you. In my case auntie had a choice of thousands, and she wanted me above all others.  If you had been one of those thousands I think she would have chosen me instead of you.”

She let her voice trail of on those last few words and looked away.

The girl returned to her group of friends and when they asked, “What did she say;” the girl turned to them and said; “Shut up,” and walked away.

To be Continued

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My Tormenter (Repost)


In a past blog I spoke of my early experiences as a rot tot, and going to school the first year.

Something I didn't mention was, where this was, which was in North Carolina. Having been born in Tennessee, and lived all over the south it was good to finally settle down in a town, and have a house to live in.

I had an aunt who moved in with us, whose name was Minnie Hazel. She was an awful tease, and appointed herself my personal tormentor.

Early on, I was a private person who wanted to have secrets. Alas, she would find out about everything I had going, then she would tease me, to the point of torment, and I could hardly stand it.

Before she came to live with us, I had a friend I played with everyday, and she happened to be a girl. After my Aunt’s arrival, she started teasing me, about having a girl friend. I tried to not let her teasing affect my relationship with Lizzey, and In spite of Aunt Minnie we kept on playing together. The emphasis on boy, and girl by my aunt, pointed to the fact there were differences in us.

I decided to try to find out what the differences were. Things that weren't so noticeable before, all a sudden began to stand out, like her hair was longer than mine, and she wore dresses, and I wore pants. As I became more and more curious, I decided I should see more of her, and I suggested we play a new game called “doctor.”

She liked that idea very much with no convincing at all. It was decided that I would be the doctor and she would be a patient. I started my examination of her, and boy was I surprised - - - I didn't have any sisters so this was a new education for me.

Just as I was proceeding with my exploration, Aunt Minnie Hazel showed up and we were caught with our pants down.

The tormenting started, she made sure everyone knew, including Lizzey’s mother, that she had caught us. Life was miserable; I couldn't play with Lizzey for several days because I was a pervert.

I was daily reminded of the evil I had done. After awhile with much repenting, and declaring that, “I won’t do that anymore,” we were allowed to play together again.

Since I was only five, I didn't need to register as a sex offender, because everyone already knew about it.

Needless to say my career as a doctor was over, at least for a few years, when I later resumed my practice.

Be sure your sin will find you out!  - -  Especially if you have an Aunt Minnie Hazel.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Rooster Crowing
Mattie usually arose early, but this morning something was missing and it took awhile to figure out what it was.   

Then it dawned on her what it was. It was the roosters or the lack of them. Ordinarily there would have been several roosters crowing outside of her window, but this morning there was only the faint sound of a rooster crowing way off in the distance.
Mattie got dressed and went down stairs where the smells coming from the kitchen lured her there.
The cook said, “We will bring your breakfast to the dining room shortly, meanwhile help yourself to a cup of coffee if you drink it.”

Mattie had drank coffee since she was a small girl and had gone from mostly cream and sugar to drinking it black now.  Mrs. Martin was already seated at the dining room table and was waiting for breakfast to be served.  
After they ate, Mrs. Martin directed Mattie to the sun room to relax.  She began to speak; “I have many things to say to you, and they are all very important. You will have a lot of questions you would like to ask, but please hold them until I finish for many of them will be answered as I speak.

First off you may wonder why I chose you to come and stay with me. When it was suggested that I take you, I found out as much about you as I could before you came.
What I discovered told me you were of good character, intelligent, industrious and trustworthy.

Something else you need to know was I had a daughter about your age whom I lost along with my husband in the flu epidemic a few years ago.

Our daugher was enrolled in the best private schools in our area, and now I wish to send you in her place.   I do not intend to try to replace your mother or father for that matter but will try to be an Auntie to you.

You have faced some hard times as you grew up and you will face equally hard times as you attend school because you do not have the back ground my daughter would have had.

Perhaps you remember the "Dog eat dog," example we talked about earlier?
Until you find a measure of acceptance you will have to endure people who talk down to you for in their mind they are better than you.

They have been taught to be like that, so expect it. Your best defense will be to smile at their attempts and reply softly, so soft at times that can hardly hear you. That will drive them to distraction.  I will also give you a list of retorts in case if things get too bad.”

Mattie said, “Retorts?”   
Mrs. Martin continued to speak, “Yes something like; ‘I bet your mother has a loud bark!  Or I’m busy now. Can I ignore you some other time?’  I'll give you a long list, but only use them if it gets unbearable.

Now then, you have to know that you will change as time goes by; the way you dress, walk, talk, think, and how you conduct yourself overall.

When you go to visit your folks they will seem different to you and you to them. Your relationship will be different and that close family bond won't be the same as it was in the past. Your sisters will think you are uppity and they will put you down for it.

I tell you this now, because if you don't want to become different and still remain the same person you have always been then leave now and don't come back.

I do not want to lose you but the decision must be yours. While you think about what I have told you, I want you to go upstairs and Marie will come and teach you about daily personal hygiene, this is something that must be at the top of your list of things to do.

Where you lived in Samsville the demands were not so stringent but in our society it is mandatory.   

Marie will show you how to fix your hair so your best features will be brought out; which perfume to use for each occasion, and more importantly where to put it and how much to use.  

She will teach you what to wear and how to wear it for the best effect.  She will instruct you on how, when and why to curtsy, what to do when dining and which of the silverware to use. Marie can teach you all these things and you must pay close attention to her.”   
                                To be Continued

Saturday, October 27, 2012



After getting dressed in the plainest dress in "her" closet Mattie decided to go downstairs and try to find her way around the house.  It was far bigger than she first thought.   
She ended up in the kitchen and struck up a conversation with the cook and her helper. She was getting hungry so she asked what was for supper. They asked her what would like, of course we have some basics already cooked like baked sweet potatoes, some greens and bread ready to go in the oven.

Mrs. Martin wants some fried chicken but you could have something else if you wanted. We have some fresh catfish and we could get a ham from the smoke house. Mattie stopped her and said fried chicken would be just fine for me.  

All the while Mattie thought to herself; "Fried chicken and it isn't even Sunday!"

As she left the kitchen she thought I will be spending a lot of time in there. Mattie continued her tour and found Mrs. Martin in the sun room dozing off while enjoying the evening breeze.  
Mrs. Martin stirred and asked how she was getting settled in and if there was anything she needed.   Mattie said, “The only thing I think I need is a little time to adjust to the difference in living here and living at home.”  

Mrs. Martin answered her and said; “of course, I understand that and that is to be expected.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for you, in the morning after breakfast I will explain many things to you about the change you have made and what will be required of you.” 

Mattie asked her, “Do you mean the chores that I'm expected to do?”  
Mrs. Martin answered, “No, not chores, I mean conduct and decorum and societal expectations along with acceptance.”

The first thing that came to Mattie's mind was; whats wrong with me the way I am!  Mrs. Martin perceived what Mattie was thinking and told her, “Don't worry about it.
In new environments certain adjustments have to be made. If I moved to where you have lived I would have to meet new expectations of that community.”

Mattie understood what she was saying for Mrs. Martin would have to make a lot of changes in order to be accepted in Samsville.  
After a good supper Mrs. Martin wanted Mattie to read to her for awhile and said her eyes get tired quickly so perhaps she could read to her every night.  Since Mattie liked to read she was okay with that. 

“Tomorrow,” Mrs. Martin said, “After breakfast we will talk and then Marie the maid will teach you about cleanliness or what has become known as personal hygiene.  
In the society you will be thrust into there are certain mores that are the norm and once they find out where you come from you will be examined and tested to see if there is something about you they can exploit.”

“You have no doubt heard the expression ‘dog eat dog’ haven't you?”

Mattie said “Yes.”  Mrs. Martin continued, “What does that mean to you then?”  Mattie answered; “It means you try to get the advantage by putting someone down.”
Mrs. Martin said, “That's exactly what it means in that context and those you will be facing are experts in doing just that.”   
To be Continued    

Friday, October 26, 2012


Mrs. Martin's Nice Old House
Pa Mays was a quiet and gentle man unless you bothered one of his girls. He had wanted some boys of his own, but ended up with three girls and he loved them every one. He was enraged when Mattie was accosted by those two thugs and all the neighbors were along were with him.  He was a hand’s off of my girls papa.

Mattie was finished with all the schooling she could get in Samsville and would now it required her to go to the big town for further education. It was too far away to go back and forth so she needed a place to stay in the big city.  
One of the town’s ladies, who was more uppity by the name of Smith, knew a well off lady in the big town, and she asked the lady if she would like Mattie to come and stay with her while Mattie finished her schooling.

The lady, Mrs. Martin wanted to meet Mattie before she made her decision so Mrs. Smith went with Mattie to meet Mrs. Martin. It was an exceptional house with fine tapestry and pictures on the wall of rich looking people.

Mattie was uneasy when she entered the room where the butler led them. She thought she was in a museum instead of a home.

She really thought she was out of place as she met Mrs. Martin who was seated at a small table. As she told Mattie to sit down, a maid brought some tea and cakes and she poured a cup for them.

Mattie was afraid to move for fear of doing the wrong thing   Mrs. Martin spoke and said, “So, you want to come and stay with me do you?”  Mattie has been taught some manners in her last year of schooling in Samsville so she nervously said; “Only if it would please you.”  

The lady looked her over and sized her up from top to bottom and saw all she needed to see and said, "You can come Monday of next week and don't bring anything but what you have on."

Mattie thought I can't wear the same dress every day the other kids will make fun of me. Nevertheless she did as she was told and showed up empty handed.  

Mattie hesitantly asked what her chores would be and would she sleep in the big house. Mrs. Martin thought to herself; “How far back in the woods did this girl come from?”  
Mrs. Martin didn't let on what she was thinking and said, “The maid will show you to your room and where you can bathe and change your clothes using the ones you will find in your closet.”

Mattie thought since this was her best dress maybe it was too nice to be wearing. The maid said, “You won't need that dress as long as you are here so I will take it, wash it and you can put it away.”
Girls room and closet
Courtesy photobucket

The maid told Mattie that she wasn't her maid, but would help her find where everything was.  

As they went through the drawers there were some things Mattie had never seen before, and was embarrassed to ask the maid what they were - - and where they went, but the maid saw her confused look and explained each item, and how to wear or how to use it.

Then the maid showed her how the bath worked and where the towels were and why the different sizes.

Mattie looked at all the stuff she could wear and thought about how at home it was, one towel, shoes, sox, stepins, dress and a coat if it was cold.

As she took her bath she thought to herself, “I guess I will get used to it and that perfume sure smells good.”   
To be Continued 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Miss Mattie speaks her Peace
There were many folks that came to be baptized in the river and professed that they believed. As time went on it appeared that a lot of them only got their spirit saved and their soul (mind, will and emotions,) needed a lot more work

It was like some of the people that the Apostle James was talking to;

James 1:22  Do what God's teaching says; don't just listen and do nothing. When you only sit and listen, you are fooling yourselves.

That summed up as some of the new converts, just wasn't doing what the scripture said to do.

With Mattie it was different, she was a changed girl. There was a desire to help people that she wouldn't have helped before, and she read that old worn bible the preacher gave her every day.

As time went by people started telling her she ought to be doing more and helping more people out.  What was happening was people were being convicted for doing nothing for others themselves. They would gossip about her saying; “If she is this good Christian she claims to be she would be doing this and that.”  

When they would meet her on the road they would just come right out and say that very thing; “If you are a good Christian why aren't helping the widow so and so?”   They couldn't stand for her showing them up.

Once a month the families would have dinner at the school house and several scriptures would be read.  If anyone wanted to read one and comment on it that was good too.  

Mattie got up and read about how Jacob had wronged his brother and stole his birthright and the patriarch's blessing that was coming to Esau. She then said; “I must ask for forgiveness from all of you for I, like Jacob have robbed you of your birthright because I have been doing what you have the birthright to do which is to go and help your neighbors.”

Mattie continued, “I have done what I know that you will do in the future.  Further I have robbed you of your reward for giving of yourselves to others and from now on I will depend upon you to fulfill your responsibilities before GOD and take care of those you know are in need.  Some of you have came to me and told me to go and help some needy person but now when you hear of a need it will  be up to you whether you obey GOD or not for when he sends you information it is your responsibility and not mine or others.”

There was a hush as she sat down, and after that no one else had anything to say.  Some left without eating dinner and went home with forgiveness in their heart? After that there wasn't any more gossip about Mattie's good works.

Most people were good people in and around Samsville but as you can expect there were a few rotten apples in the barrel. There was a family not too far from Pa Mays house who were mean, actually extremely mean. They were mean to people and to animals.
courtesy photobucket.

Mattie had been cutting up some quilt squares at the widow’s house that were going to be sewn into a quilt the next day.  As she was headed for home, two of these mean boys who were almost grown blocked Mattie's path. They started making fun of her, and then started talking vulgar to her began to physically restrain her from passing.

One of them got behind her and was holding her arms while the other tore off her under garments. She started to scream, and the one who held her arms released one of them and covered her mouth. They continued to taunt her saying things like; you ain't going be Miss Goody, goody after we get through with you while they fondled her.

Mattie managed to reach into her apron pocket and get her scissors and quickly stabbed the one who was covering her mouth in his knee. He fell to the ground screaming in pain. The other one stood there shocked while Mattie ran as fast as she could leaving her scissors in the thug’s knee. She knew if she could get near home she would be safe for the dogs would protect her.

Momma went immediately and told Pa Mays and sixty minutes later there was a large group of men with guns at the home of the boys.
They went through the house gathering the guns in the house and said; “You have one hour to pack up and leave the county because in one hour this house will be burned to the ground and everything in it.

The boy’s dad tried to protest but a gun butt slammed into his mouth seem to quiet him down. At the end of one hour the town folk set the house on fire even though there were still some things in there.

As the mean family left town they were given this warning; should you ever be seen in this county again your bones will be picked by the buzzards.

To be Continued   

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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It were another two years before another preacher came through town.

The people had kind of got over the last one although they asked him if he preached with snakes.  He assured the people that he wouldn't bring any snakes to the service.

The guitar players got their instruments fixed although they didn't sound as good.

The preacher had a big tent that he could set up but felt it would be better if he used the school house to see if people was interested in his preaching.

Once again the place was full and he preached about Daniel in the lions den. He told about how he got in there and how hungry those lions were.

He then asked the people to help him out a little for he was short on money. He got a couple of dollars and promised then he would finish preaching not only about the lions den but also about the fiery furnace the next night.

The next night the place was packed and people standing outside. They were taken by his soft approach in preaching. He said it well without all the screaming and hollering.

They decided that they needed to set up his tent. The tent was large enough to sit most of the people who came but it didn't have the sides put on it.

Leaving the sides off let the air blow through and kept things cooler also anyone who was standing around the tent could hear everything. The lumber yard gave them some lumber to make seats out of with the understanding that he would get it back after the preaching was done.

Mattie was eleven going on toward twelve and she was quite interested in the preaching, so she came every night.

More musicians joined in and the music was worth coming to hear the sermons.  It was the last night for the preacher had used up all of his sermons except one. This one was about Lazarus and the lost man.

When it was over the preacher invited everyone who wanted to get saved to come down and pray with him. Mattie was one of the first ones there for she was sitting on the front row.
The next day all who got saved were told to come down to the river and be baptized to insure they were saved.  
courtesy free clip art google search
Mattie got in line and went under the water in Jesus' name and said; “Yep I got it.”  
She was a little embarrassed for her clothes were sticking to her and she felt naked.  
She was around twelve when this occurred and she wished she had worn overalls instead of her thin dress.

When the preacher was leaving town he gave Mattie an old badly worn bible and told her to read it through.

Her sisters were getting close to marrying age and Pa Mays put up a sign on the feed store where everyone could see it. It read as follows; "Shot gun marriages can be happy marriages even when they are not desired."

For some reason there weren't many suitors coming around the Mays house.

Some blamed it on the dogs.   
To be Continued


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Preacher with Big Bible
This new self proclaimed preacher got everybody's attention and they all wanted to hear him talk. He said he was sent to Samsville to do great things.

He asked where he could minister and was told he could use the school house. He said that would be fine but he needed a small platform so everyone could see.

Pa Mays said he had a few boards behind the feed store, and he could get some nails and a saw from the blacksmith. By the after noon the preacher had built a small platform and a makeshift pulpit to put his Bible on.  It was built so it could be moved and not interfere with the school teacher and her class.

The night came and the place was packed inside, the windows were opened so the people that couldn't get in could hear from the outside. The people were waiting and in came the preacher with the largest Bible they had ever seen and he was carrying a burlap sack.

It was then and there that the people was convinced that with a Bible that big he must be a great preacher. A couple of men with guitars were there at the preachers request and he began to lead some old hymns that everyone knew and it wasn't long until the people were into it.   

He opened the Bible and started in Genesis, he was loud and he was soft and when he got to the gospels he came to Mark 16:18  They will take up snakes, and if there is poison in their drink, it will do them no evil; they will put their hands on those who are ill, and they will get well.
courtesy photobucket

And with that he grabbed that burlap sack and dumped out a dozen rattlers and copperheads.

Now I want to be accurate on this next part of the story but as best I can remember, Pa Mays said, the guitar players busted their instruments but got a couple of rattlers, and yelled, “them ain't going to hurt me,” as they jumped out the back door.  

Most of the crowd rushed through the main door though it was knocked off with the first bunch through it. Many found that the windows made an excellent exit when one was in a hurry.

All and all it took a full thirty seconds to empty the place. And everyone had enough religion for one night.

The preacher saw that there wasn't enough faith in this place so he must have got a call somewhere else for he left during the night and wasn't seen again.

Although there was a man that came through and mentioned a similar happening in the next county over. The people were a little disappointed that the service didn't go as well as they hoped but went on as scheduled with dinner on the grounds after Pa Mays read some scripture and prayed they ate.   
To be Continued


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The town was named Samsville.  A man named Sam stopped one day and decided to build a house right where he stood.  In order to have mail delivered they needed to have a name for the town so they named it after Sam.

People weren’t bothered about deeds there at the time, but of course later things changed, and there was some government regulations put in place. It seemed too many people were claiming the same property so something had to be done.

Sam started out by buying pelts from the trappers around there, and when he had a wagon load he would haul his load over to the big city.   From his profits he bought some canned goods, dried beans, rice and such.  Before long he had himself a general store. The next business to come into town was a blacksmith shop and other shops came soon after until there was a small town grown up around Sam's store.

There was another man who started a feed and grain store and he took on a partner named Mays.  Mays was married, and had three girls and then his wife left off bearing children. They couldn't figure out why that was and it bothered Mr. Mays because he had always wanted a boy.

Mattie was only five when she asked her mother, “Why did you name me Matthew? I hate that name.”  Her momma said; “Well your Pa wanted a boy so bad, and when you turned out to be another girl he decided to name you a boys name; besides, being called Mattie ain't so bad, is it?”   Mattie replied, “Well I guess not but I expect I will have a lot of trouble with it in the future.”  

Mattie and her folks lived on the edge of town, and had fresh eggs every morning from their chickens.  On the backside of their lot they kept some hogs for meat and to make lard.  Because their family was small (only three kids) they could get by with only two hogs for the year.  

Sometimes they had ham and sometime it was fat back. The fat back was a versatile piece of meat you could cook it in beans or fry it until it was crisp for breakfast.
To those folks anything pork that was cured and smoked tasted real good.  They used cracklings for baiting their traps as well as cooking it in the cornbread.  It wasn't too bad just to eat by it self for snacks.

What Pa didn't have in boys he made up with dogs. He had more dogs than most folks. When anybody came to visit they had to start hollering down the road apiece or else start running.  Those dogs didn't get to hunt much and they were always looking for something to chase.  Every so often one of them would get after a chicken and Momma would have to whack the dog with the broom. That would send him under the house howling.

Pa always said, “Them dogs paid for their food by guarding the chicken house and the hog pen.”  Nobody ever stole any of their chickens which was more than most people could say.  Everybody figured that the chicken thief was the lowest form of humans on earth because they took food out of your mouth.  

Mattie had two sisters who were older than her and they got to wear new clothes till they were passed on down to her. Sometimes Momma would put some different buttons on the clothes so it would not be the same as when the older sisters wore them.

Pa worked at the feed store which he partly owned. They sold ever kind of feed, seed, hay, coal, and kerosene.  In a good year they also sold potatoes which made the grocery store owner angry because he charged more than Pa did.  

Mattie was about eight years old now and she had learned to cook and help Momma.  Life was pretty simple in Mattie's town; you mostly got up ate, worked and slept.  Of course the kids went to school before doing chores.

On occasion the bootlegger would show up behind the blacksmith shop and sell some moon shine.  When he did you could bet that some body would get drunk and raise a ruckus before someone tackled him and hauled him home.

Everything changed on a day that everyone remembers. It was the day that a man came to town, and said he was a preacher.  Now as far as the town folks knew all preachers were the same, but there was something different about this one.    
To be Continued    

Monday, October 22, 2012


Proud to be a Marine
Uncle Bill Moon lived in South Carolina while we were in North Carolina, and I only saw him a couple of times.  

As a young man Bill joined the Marines, and after serving for a few years he was sent to the Far East where with a small contingent of marines, they held a small outpost something like an embassy today.
Advancement came slow for it was between the two world wars and it was hard to get upgraded, even in the marines.  On one occasion a young lieutenant over imbibed and offended some of the local citizens.  It created quite a scene and my uncle Bill was sent to get the lieutenant out, because things had escalated.  He ended up wounding some of the locals in order to save the Lieutenant's life.

This started an international incident where the locals were calling for the death of the two marines. The lieutenant was shipped out immediately and in order to quell the tumultuous situation the marines agreed to drum Uncle Bill out of the corp.  The officer in charge called Bill in and explained the circumstances.   Something had to be done and done quickly to cool things down. They played up the action as being a disgrace for life for the marine who had offended (shot) the people and the fact he was losing face helped to calm the community down.

They went through with the court martial with some locals present and Bill the private citizen was sent home.  Bill was the scapegoat in this matter and upon his arrival home the government gave him a position in the post office with his time served in the marines going toward his retirement, and the raises for time served as if he had worked for the post office all this time.

Bill married a young southern woman who wasn't fat but she did have a couple of extra pounds.

I was about six at the time, and we were preparing to move to California but my dad wanted to see Bill and his wife May before we left. He didn't know when he would see him again for it was about three thousand miles away and people didn't travel as much as now.   

We drove to South Carolina and when we got there, they had planned a fishing trip for us the next day. We left around noon for the lake we were going to stay at and no one brought any food for breakfast.  The plans were that we would have fresh caught trout for breakfast (which I didn't like).

Aunt May did fix some good food for our supper, and we got ready for bed for they planned to be up early with the sun.  There were several of Bill's friends that accompanied us, and everyone was up at day break. What made it easier getting up early was the fact that they slept on the ground while I bunked in the car.

As the morning went on no one caught any fish, and about noon everyone was hungry.  For myself I thought I was going to die of starvation.  After we packed up it was still twenty miles to where we were able to get some food after which we headed home, back to Uncle Bill’s place.  

We left the next morning with a few mosquito bites received at the lake, and were happy to be headed for California.        
* * * * * *

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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Woe is Here

 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20
The sin which is reprobated here is that of "perverting and confounding" things, especially the distinctions of morality and religion. They prefer erroneous and fake doctrines to the true; they prefer an evil to an upright course of conduct. Barnes

When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise. 2 Corinthians 10:12

But be doers of the word, and not only hearers of it, blinding yourselves with false ideas. Because if any man is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man looking at his natural face in a glass;  For after looking at himself he goes away, and in a short time he has no memory of what he was like. James 1:21-24

You have the belief that God is one, and you do well: the evil spirits have the same belief, shaking with fear. James 2:19

And there is a whole lot of shaking going on.

Today the big story is economics and security; the fear of loss of life and goods.

The Psalmist takes another view of this; Jehovah is for me, I will not fear; what can man do unto me? Psalms. 118:6  

It isn’t that there will not be trouble, but strong faith in GOD will see you through. 

The question is, from whence cometh these problems?
This is the verdict Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. John 3:19

The defense of darkness is in full sway, for men wish their sin be accepted rather than removed from them.  Woe is here and increasing by the minute. The wrath of GOD is fast approaching.

The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness,
Romans 1:18

Men are not willing to struggle for their deliverance, but rather try to exist being spiritually dead unto GOD with darkness of soul. This darkness is a driving force with powers from the evil one himself.

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12

Jesus wept over Jerusalem, "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones God's messengers! How often I have wanted to gather your children together as a hen protects her chicks beneath her wings, but you wouldn't let me”  Matthew 23:37

How do you suppose Christ Jesus sees the land of America today?

Woe has come upon us and if the blind are leading the blind shall we not fall into the ditch?

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