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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, March 29, 2013


Marvin passed the Bar Exam

Edie had heard about the ruckus at the office, and she wanted all the details.

Charles patiently went step by step through the whole event for that way it saved her from asking so many questions.

The downtown law firms were hoping that the fact Charles had located near the docks none of their society folks would go down there.  Actually the opposite happened and clients seemed to be intrigued by the atmosphere surrounding that area.

Charles saw to it that they were safe by hiring some of his rowdy friends to patrol the area around the office.

Edie herself had been busy and was making headway in accomplishing her education goals.

Although it was the men who first used the new invention called the typewriter, Edie managed to learn from a teacher who was not intimidated by those who thought it was a man's domain.  He was pleasantly surprised that she was more efficient in the use of the typewriter than were most men. 

She was also progressing in accounting which was also thought to be a man’s field. As she dealt with men, she used the fact she was very pretty and she learned to manipulate them, with what you might say was "border line flirting."

She actually learned some of this while in school having to deal with boys.

She figured that men were just grown up boys and just had to raise the bar a little higher. As the days went by she discovered how far to go and when to stop without demeaning the interested party.

She wasn't too happy about doing this, but she was in "mans territory" and had to bridge the gap somehow.  She had seen many other women try and fail with skills only.

Edie was fascinated by another invention called the telephone which was coming into use. It had it's beginning several years before but now was beginning to have a practical purpose.  Just the thought that she could talk to Charles when he was far away excited her to no end.

Charles business was beginning to grow faster than he expected and soon he could pay back all the borrowed money, and all the partners would have some money they needed very badly.

Up to now, Charles’ dad had given him free rent, but currently he could start to pay for the use of the large building.  

His brothers were of the same mind, because they thought it was time for him to do that.  He was only using about one fourth of the building space but he had plans for expansion as time went by.

Marvin who had failed the first bar exam took it for the second time and passed with flying colors.  He had been coached by the other members of the firm and they had a small celebration at the office for him.
Marvin was intelligent and had been doing the necessary and important work within the firm.  He told the members he would like to continue the work he had been doing for them, except with his degree he would now be able to branch out more.

The end of the year was fast approaching and they finalized the agreement that all would be equal partners and would share the profits and responsibility equally. They all still looked to Charles as the leader for they knew this would not have happened except for him.

They also considered Mrs. Morgan, their receptionist almost the same as a partner for she was invaluable.

With the year coming to an end Charles realized that Edie will have completed the extra years training she wanted and it was time to consider some serious talk about getting married.
Charles made plans for him and Edie to get away for an extended weekend so they could come to a decision concerning a wedding date.       
To be Continued     

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