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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Prom Night?
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It seemed like an hour since Edie had said. “There may be a problem about going to the prom with you instead of going with Sam or slugger as his friends called him.  He doesn't like it when he doesn't get his way.

Several times I have stayed home instead of going out with him to school events. He has intimidated most of the boys I may have been interested in enough to go out with.”

Charles told her that wouldn't a problem for him and said, “It's a date then?” and she agreed “It's a date.”

He arrived at her house and her mother gave him a good welcome.  She about squeezed the breath out of him.  

The next hour was spent talking to her and he didn't get to be with Edie alone.  He decided he better leave and as he left he told Edie that he would meet her after school tomorrow and they could spend some time together.

She agreed, and said, “I will be looking forward to it.”

He spent the next three days meeting Edie after school and by this time they were getting to know each other again and were on very friendly terms.

The prom was to be on Saturday, and this was the Friday before. The word got out that Edie was going to the prom with someone else and this enraged Sam, so he wanted to know who the guy was.

Some of the guys told him Edie has been seeing some guy after school and it probably was him.

On Friday Sam was waiting to see if she was meeting anyone and when she walked up to Charles and gave him a hug - - Sam was fuming.

He came storming with a great deal of bluster, and verbally lit into Charles with threats of mayhem if he took Edie to the prom.  Charles said. “Why don't we settle this around back of the school right now?” This wasn't something Sam expected for he was big and very strong, and everyone was afraid of him.

Since he had made all those threats he had to back them up and so around to the back of the school they went.

Before they got set, Sam swung and Charles received a glancing blow which was enough to knock him down since he was thrown off balance.

Sam reached down and yanked Charles to his feet, and was going to hit him in the face when Charles used something the sailors had taught him years ago and that was a thumb in the eye trick for that when properly executed would stop almost anyone for a little while.

Charles hadn’t been able to spend much time in the gym lately, but he was still in good shape as he hit Sam in both eyes so fast in succession that Sam didn't see it coming.

While street fighting Charles had been taught not to tarry and when you have an advantage to follow it up quickly and he did just that.

In the next three minutes Charles gave Sam the whipping of his life. A kick to the side of the knee had put him on the ground and then the licking took place.

When asked if he had enough he shouted yes, “More than enough.”

Charles gave Sam these parting words, "The next time if there is a next time I won't be so easy on you.”

He joined Edie and said, “The whole matter has been settled, and we are on for tomorrow night.”

She laughed and said, “I will probably be the only girl there with a guy with a black eye, for his eye had already begun to swell from Sam's sneak punch.”

To be Continued

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