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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Leon decided he should go visit his mother, for it had been several years since he had left home.  He had sent her money and written to her, but now he wanted to see her in person.

His two sisters and their husbands had moved to Tulsa taking his mother with them.

After making sure the business holdings would be properly administrated while he was gone, he left for Tulsa.

When he arrived there he found it to be a busy place with many people in a small area. 

He had trouble finding his way, but finally secured a room in what was called a hotel.

Tulsa Oil
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It was expensive but everyone seemed to have a lot of money, and spend it freely.

It appeared to be a good place for investments so he got acquainted with a number of the oil people.

After spending several days with his kin folks he decided he would go to New York and surprise Ellie and Kathryn.

He knew where they lived so after getting settled in he went to the apartment house where they lived and asked the manager if they were home.  He told him they aren't home very much and usually were at a party.

It just so happened, the manager knew where they were going to be this evening so Leon decided to go and check it out.  

It was a beautiful house where they were partying, and Leon tried to blend in with the crowd.

After some time he saw Kathryn come down some stairs hanging onto an older man’s arm, and she seemed to be very friendly with him.

Leon made sure he was out of sight, and sat and watched the goings on. He caught sight of Ellie, and she was caught up in the revelry also.  

After awhile he decided it was time for him to leave, so he went to his hotel, grabbed his bags and went to the station, and waited for the next train west.
After four months things became boring in New York for Ellie and crew, it was the same old routine with party after party and the same faces saying the same things.

They had seen almost all of the sights they were interested in, and they all felt it was time to return home. They packed their suitcases which were more in number than when they came. They knew their lady friends in San Francisco would want to see the new fashions they had purchased.

The train trip home seemed longer than the one going to New York and was an unwinding time for them.   

Business wise, it wasn't a total loss, for Ellie had made some good connections for future dealings.

Leon had bought a plot of land to build a house on and when the ladies left for New York he started the construction of it.  By the time the women arrived home it was well on its way to being finished.

Leon met the ladies at the ferry building when it landed, and had secured a car and a wagon ready for transportation of people and baggage.

As they got off the ferry Leon spotted them and went to greet them. He first greeted FiFi and kissed her hand as she extended it to him.  He chuckled because he wasn't used to doing that.  Next he hugged Ellie and kissed her cheek. Then he said hello to Kathryn, “It’s nice to have you home again.”

She thought, “Now that wasn't the welcoming I was expecting.”

He told them the car would take them home, and he would come by later with their baggage on the wagon.

The driver first dropped off FiFi and then Ellie and Kathryn at their respective homes.
An hour later, Leon arrived with all their suitcases and helped the wagon driver to get them into the house.

He then politely said, “I have some things to take care of, perhaps after you have rested for a couple of days we can go out for dinner.”  
To be Continued

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