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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Boy and Girl same Age
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Returning back to the time when Charles was about eight years old. Up until then, his sisters had watched over him and included him in whatever they were doing but things were changing.  They were beginning to be asked out on dates.

First they had to ask their father's approval, and then they would slip out the back door so Charles wouldn't make a scene and want to go with them.

He was hurting the girl's popularity, and they were growing weary of his fits.

They would find that during the night he had get out of his bed and climbed into bed with one of them and they were not comfortable with that. When they would talk to their mother she would say, "He's the baby, and "don't treat him mean."

The father wasn't much help either, he would say, “Just kick him out of bed and tell him, not to do this anymore.”

Neither parents helped the situation, but the girls knew something had to be done. The sisters talked to their brothers, and laid it all out and asked for their help in dealing with this problem.

They posed the question, "What would you do if he did this to you?"

One brother said, “I would haul off and smack him one.”  

Another one who was a little more thoughtful offered his solution which was, "He needs a playmate, some one around his own age, and if possible one of the opposite sex. This will add another layer of maturity to him, and his attention will be turned in another direction.”

The girls wasn't sure that would work, but it was the best solution they had come up with.   Now the problem was, “Where do we find someone to fit the need?” 

The sisters thought, “Perhaps the best place to start would be at the school.”

They went to his school and checked out his class. There was about the same number of boys as girls in the class, and they selected one of the pretty girls who they thought might be out of the, "I hate all boys" stage.

As they struck up a conversation (mostly girl talk) with the girl and in the process, they asked her if she had a boy friend and she said, “Not exactly.”

Then they asked if she liked one of the less desirable ones in the class and she quickly said, “No way.”

Then they skillfully eliminated a couple more and came to Charles and said several nice things about him.

Then they asked if she would like to come over to their house and bake some cookies on the weekend.  The girl told them that she would be pleased to do that if her mother agreed.

The sisters said, “Your mother knows our mother, and tell her it was us who invited you over.”

Now, I could go into a lot of interesting details, but I think you can guess the out come of this strategy.  Charles discovered that girls his own age were more interesting than his sisters.

The wonderful answer was: No more bed hopping in the middle of the night, no more fits when the girls went out on dates.

There was an occasional asking for advice on girl watching, but he was moving on up closer to a teen-er mentality.



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