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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, April 1, 2013


Wedding Day
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There is no other way to put it, "This was the day."

Charles didn't sleep much and he figured that Edie didn't either. He ate a good breakfast and put off showering and dressing until the last moment.

Edie slept in for she had a restless night, and one look in the mirror told her that she didn't look her best.

The wedding was going to be early at eleven for they wanted to catch the late afternoon train, and had already packed and taken their bags to the station. After the reception all they had to do was change into something more comfortable and head for the station.

Edie had her own ideas as to how the wedding would take place.
Instead of having bride's maids and a best man and ushers attend them during the ceremony, she wanted the parents to stand with them during the service. Edie's parents stood next to her and Charles's folks stood next to him.

Of course this whole arrangement became the whispered topic of the evening but Edie wasn't taken aback by it.

Edie wanted the people who meant the most to them to stand by their side.

The ceremony was brief but very meaningful to Charles and Edie for it was the climax of their life as two for from this point they would be one.

The ushers and bridesmaid stood in the receiving line and later sat at the brides table.  Later they would have their hands full taking the gifts to Edie's mother's place to stay until they returned from their honeymoon.
Charles had rented a small house to live in until they were sure where they wanted to live. The main thing was to have a place to come home to when they returned.  One thing they didn't want to do was to stay at either of the parent's homes; they were sure of that.

There was plenty of food and drink and soon everybody's attention was turned to the reception. Everything went well; people ate, drank, danced and wished Charles and Edie good fortune.

Charley’s father started to have a few last words with him but decided not to, but Edie's mother took her aside and had some final words with her.

When Charles asked her what her mother told her, Edie blushed and said, “Never mind.”

Just making it to the train station in time they were able to catch their train. Although it was only a five hour trip from where they lived, neither had ever been to the falls before, although they had heard much about them.

They arrived at their hotel around eight in the evening tired and hungry. After a light supper they returned to their room to get ready for bed. They each felt a little strange being married for they expected it to feel a lot different.

But they decided to act like married people, and tonight they would sleep together for the first time.
As they started to remove their clothes Charles thought it doesn't seem to bother Edie at all to undress right in front of me while she talked all the time about seeing the falls tomorrow.

He realized they had been comfortable up at the lake before, but this was still new to him and he felt a little inhibited while she was perfectly at ease.

Then a thought went through his mind which he tried to fight off, but it overpowered him, and he wondered about something he had never asked her before.

He knew she was very popular before they began to date, and had gone out on dates with many guys, and it just now occurred to him that he never asked her about whether she might have slipped and made a mistake with one of them or - - -

He caught himself and thought this is a fine time to be worrying about that, for the die had been cast, and whatever the case, she was and would be his wife and lover for life.

He finished getting ready for bed and was ready to get in when Edie said, "Just leave the light on.”    
To be Continued

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