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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, March 1, 2013


High Society

Ellie kept a close check on Kathryn for she knew FiFi and her zest for life, and she didn't want too much of her frivolity to rub off on her.

On the other hand she was hoping that some of FiFi’s spontaneity would put a little more excitement in Kathryn’s outward expressions.  She was far too reserved and "matter of fact" when engaging in conversation.

Few young men were interested in that, for they were looking for someone to excite them, and make them feel special.

Kathryn had mastered most of the preliminary things pertaining to education, speaking and manners.  It was time to master control of the opposite sex.

When FiFi suggested to Kathryn that she needed to learn all about men she replied. “Oh, I already know about men. While in Nome I got a pretty good education of what men are all about.”

FiFi laughed and said, “Men in the wild are like animals in the wild but they are different in a controlled environment. Those are the ones I'm talking about.

Two things will serve you well, first and foremost is independence. As long as you maintain your independence you are a whole person.

The second thing is desirability. Almost every woman can be desirable if she is willing to be so.

It requires one to strip away what some would call ‘bitchiness,’ which is a type of abuse and an attempt to bully someone.

Anyone who would respond to this kind of treatment is a person who will be weak, insecure and unable to give you the kind of support you may need in time of stress.

Then you must understand who you are and have complete confidence in that person. This will keep other people from defining who you are.”
First Kathryn had to attract young men and then order their behavior.  She had accomplished the first part by her dress and walk.

The second would take a little more time.

After a couple more months FiFi thought it was time to begin to move among society and after it was known she was the Ward of Ellie and the close friend of FiFi she gained acceptance rather quickly.

Then one day FiFi announced that she, Ellie and Kathryn were going to New York City.  She said, “Think of this as your finishing school where you will put all you have been taught to the test. First we will go shopping and then attend many of the social events that are always going on.”

FiFi said, “I have many friends I want you to meet and there will be a lot of young bachelors who will want to meet you.”

She went on to say, “One thing you must understand about young men is they are trying to grow up, and an important part of that process is to achieve mastery over women. They will be clumsy in their attempts, and resort to the lie as their chief weapon, so do not believe anything they say.

You should just be kind and pretend they are making some progress but do not listen with your ears but with your intelligence knowing what they are trying to accomplish which is to make you their play toy.

Some will be so distressed that they will lie about their success with you to others.”

Kathryn asked, “Why should I even bother with them and play their game?” 

FiFi answered, “This is part of growing up, and will eliminate you questioning in later life about: 'Why did I fall for that?'  One more thing NOT to do is to try to be their problem solver.

If they present themselves as weak, and needing help don't fall for that tactic that is used by men as they mature.

Like it or not women all have the mothering instinct and men like to use that for their successes.”     
To be Continued    

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