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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Studying for the Exam
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In one week Charles was to take the bar exam, and with some of the students it was time to cram all week long.  

He felt sure he was ready for the examination, for he had scheduled himself preparing ahead of time and didn't wait until the last moment.

Charles decided to let his mind dwell on something else, namely his old girl friend named Edie.   
He knew it might be short lived because she may be vested in someone else to the extent she might not be interested in renewing an old acquaintance with him.

He was busy considering what would be the best approach to her. First he thought it shouldn't be that complicated, and then he came up with a myriad of plans.  He finally decided to just meet her by what would seem to be happenstance, and later if things went okay then he could tell her the truth.

He found out when she would get out of school and planned to causally approach her. He managed to get a recent picture of her but it wasn't very clear and then the thought struck him. "What if she turned out to be ugly?"

He couldn't tell from the picture as it had been taken at a distance and was with some other people. Then he wondered if he could recognize her in the crowd of students piling out at the same time. It was too late now for the bell rang and here they all came rushing out.

He grabbed a skinny boy, and asked if he knew Edie and he said, “Yes.”

Charles then asked him to point her out as she exited which he did.  Then he began to get cold feet for the girl the boy directed him to was a pretty fine looking woman, and she was beyond the girlish stage in his eyes.

At that moment he decided to be a little bold, so he walked up to her and said. “You remind me of the girl who gave me my first kiss.”  

She was taken aback by this move and after a second or two she said, "If I did it didn't make much of an impression on me for I don't remember it."

Charles quickly thought, “Wow, how do I answer that?”

“Well,” said Charles, “That surprises me for I remember it very well even though I was only five.”

At first she looked puzzled but then said. “You are not little Charlie are you?”  He answered by saying, “Well yes and no, I was little Charlie, but now I am grown up Charles.”

He could see she was responsive, so he suggested they have a soda at the drug store fountain nearby which she accepted.

They spent the next hour catching up when she said, “I have to go home or mother will send the police out looking for me. Living with her is almost like living in a convent.”

He then asked if he could walk her home and say hello to her mother for he had not seen her for many years, to which she said, “Sure, c'mon she would be glad to see you.
Although your mother she has been keeping her posted on what you have been doing.”

On the way to her home which was just a few blocks away Charles asked when the senior prom was going to be and she said, “It is coming up this weekend.”

Of course his next question was, “Do you have a date yet?” knowing she should have one by now.

Her answer was, “Well I suppose you might say I do.” to which Charles said, “You mean it isn't for sure yet?”

“There is this guy who assumes that I am going with him, but I haven't said I would.”

Without thinking, Charles just blurted out, “Then I'm taking you, and he can get someone else or go by himself, that is - - if you are willing.”

She hesitated for a moment and then said. “Sure, I would love to go with you but there is one problem.”     
To be Continued   

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