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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, March 10, 2013


HoneyMoon Beach
Kathryn or Katie as Leon began to call her said, “I think we should go on a honeymoon. Things are running smoothly, and they can do without us for at least three weeks.

I'm not sure where I would like to go. I have been to New York and San Francisco, Alaska and a lot of what is in between. Maybe we could go to Florida. It should be warm and we could spend time on the beaches.”

Reluctantly Leon agreed to go and began to make arrangements for the trip.

Kathryn went and sent a telegram to both FiFi and Ellie telling them that they were married. This came as a complete surprise to both of them for it was something they had never expected.

The two ladies met for lunch to talk about it, and they just couldn't see how Leon and Kathryn could feel that way about each other having been together so long almost like brother and sister.

Ellie and FiFi both thought they knew Kathryn well, and had made certain that she met and dated many eligible young men, so she should have known what she wanted in a husband. In the end they were thrilled for both of them because they loved the two of them equally.

Leon and Kathryn went by train to Miami and found some decent rooms in a small hotel. The beach wasn't far away so they spent some of their time there but most of their time was spent in their room just being newlyweds.

After a few days they began to unwind and their busy life seemed far away.

They also began to relax around one another and were no longer inhibited about seeing each other without being fully dressed.

Leon said I could get used to this lifestyle and not want to go home.

The days passed quickly and it was time to get back to Tulsa and the responsibilities waiting there for them.
One thing that came out of the honeymoon was a complete release where there had once been restraint.   Leon found himself wanting to touch her.  It didn't matter whether it was her hand, arm or her waist a new desire had been loosen that would last until they passed on.

There was a wire waiting saying Ellie was coming for a visit. They were both glad to hear from her and were looking forward to seeing her. It was April 1906 and the weather had began to warm up and the humidity wasn't high as of yet so the timing was good.

The purpose was two fold, first Ellie wanted to see them and find out why they decided all a sudden that they were in love.

Second she wanted to see where all the new money was coming from. She wasn't sure how this oil business worked. She had invested a lot of her own money in it, based upon Leon's assurance that it would pay off  big.

Ellie had to admit those two were definitely in love for Leon wouldn't leave Katie alone. When Ellie was alone with Kathryn she asked for her version of what had happened and how it came about.

Kathryn laughed and said, “Well unbeknown to him I had decided that he was the one I wanted for a husband. It wasn't an exciting love I felt but a feeling that I never wanted to be parted from him. When I would think of him it was like a jolt of passion going through me. The months we were in New York were torturous though I never let on. I knew I would have to bide my time for he always tried to keep his distance.

Then when I was sure he truly wanted me it was just a matter of waiting for the right moment. That night when he was a little tipsy, and got in my bed by mistake I knew I had him.

To me he is so predictable, I knew he would think the worst about being there with a naked woman, and he would agree to anything I suggested.  As it turned out he ran and got a preacher and the deed was done.

If I had waited for him to get up enough nerve to start courting me we would be too old to enjoy each other.”    
To be Continued     

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