New FREE e-book: The Old Man and the Widow

New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Billy was an innocent boy from the country who left home to find his fortune in the big city.  There he met Logan a scam artist who led him into a life of crime.  Finally Logan had to catch a freight train out of town, due to a problem with a local farmer over the farmer's daughter.  Billy took his share of their profits and decided to become a business man.  Join Billy in his adventures!

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Life On the Mississippi  only 99 cents
Adventures of an orphan boy learning the ropes
of piloting the boat, catching cheaters at cards and all
the excitement of the River Boat life. 

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An Old Man down on his luck meets a nice Widow

Oh Lawd  only 99 cents

Oh Lawd:  At Smashwords:  The setting is from the late 1920’s through the early 1950’s.  A young man’s father won a poker game and moved his family to Gulf Port, where they now owned a large home, a dock, and a Cajun Restaurant on the wharf.  During his formative years, there were crusty men at the restaurant that had lived life in the raw, and they taught him about life and how to rise above his circumstances.  Detailed are his adventures and misadventures including romance along the way as he tried to make something out of himself. 

A Young Boy and His
Adventures at Sea
99 cents
New Free E-book
A true Story

Country Girls Adventures
99 cents
Four Young Ladies
need husbands
99 cents

Shy Boy Overcomes His Fears
99 cents
 FREE book Adventures
of a Writer

Free E-Book
How to Receive Answers
to Your Prayers 

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Bible Heros tell their story      

Free E-Book
Young Deserted Boy finds a new home



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