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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 19

We had discussed a name for a boy and a name for a girl. I was going to have a little more influence if it was a boy. Since it was a girl Lesley had her way and named her Charlotte Rose and said, “I will call her Lottie.” So Lottie it was and she came with a problem we had to deal with.

The problem was four visiting and doting grand parents. They spent more time with Lottie than I did. My dad the hard boiled stevedore was under Lottie’s spell from her first yawn. This big tough and sometimes mean man was completely captivated by this little piece of humanity.

The rest of the grand parents were just as bad. Lesley had to protect her from them wanting to handle her too much.

Finally they all cleared out and just the three of us remained. Lesley was able to get around but the doctor told her to take it easy for a few days. We hired a nanny to come during the day to help Lesley care for Lottie. The woman has had several children of her and taking care of Lottie is just old hat to her.

There is something that I’m having some difficulty with and that is changing her diapers.

I can get by the smell okay but the cleaning her up bothers me a bit. It’s the cleansing of the cracks and spreading the folds to make sure she is clean that seems somewhat intrusive and embarrasses me.

When it really gets to me I have found myself thinking, “Why couldn’t have been a boy and I would have no trouble doing this.” Then after finishing this chore and she was all powered up I would think, “What a magnificent specimen of womanhood you’re going to be when you grow up.”

Lesley was still showing a little bit of extra tummy and I thought of the image I had of her in my mind. A shapely, perfect, example of a woman as she should be but Lottie has made a few changes in mom.

Outside of seeing her breasts when she nursed Lottie I didn’t get to see Lesley undressed.  She told me that in three months she would be almost the same as she was before.

I tried to convince her it didn’t make any difference but she said it made a difference to her.

During those three months Lottie was changing everyday. And she seemed to recognize different people. Maybe it was their voices, I don’t know but she responded differently to members of the family.

Then one Saturday Lesley said, “Let’s go swimming and take Lottie with us.”

There was a private pool at the club we had been enrolled in by the company and I said, “Fine with me.”

We loaded up Lottie’s stuff which was a chore and headed to the club. Lesley said I’ll see you in a few as she and Lottie went into the ladies dressing room.

I put on my suit and waited for the grand entrance of my slimmed down wife. I don’t know how she did it but she looked as she always did since I first met her.

I told her I couldn’t believe my eyes the last time I had seen her was when she went into labor and now she was a completely different woman.

She saw I was pleased and she asked, “How do you like me?”

I said, “Same as always only maybe a little bit more. You know I’m completely in love with you and whatever shape you’re in my love for you are unchanging.

She said, “Lottie has made a couple of changes in me; one is I have some stretch marks that look like they are going to stay and my breasts have sagged a little with all this breast feeding.”

We had a nice time swimming and dipped Lottie in just to let her feel the water. We were the only in this large pool except for the exercise class for the older members.

Our suits had dried out so we wore them home and showered and changed there.  

She was right about a few stretch marks though they were faint and her breasts were not quite as perky as before, but were beautiful from an artist point of view… who am I kidding, from her husband’s point of view.

The grandparents had been asking me when we were going to have a boy now that we have a girl. I said it isn’t up to me for I don’t have to go through nine months of discomfort and the delivery.

I decided to put the question to Lesley if she had thought about having another baby, maybe a boy.

She said, “I have maybe fifteen more years where I could get pregnant so I’m in no hurry. I’m going to enjoy Lottie as she grows up at least for a few years. We were very close for nine months and we are going to continue to be as close as we can be for the next few years.”

I guess that answered that question.

To be Continued

Monday, September 29, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 18

Lesley and I are passionate people. I am low keyed and so is Lesley. Out in public we believe that private stuff should be kept private. This being said we are totally into each other.

This is one reason why we don’t go out as much as some of our friends. Things are more entertaining at home than at some of the scenes that people flock to that are promoted for bored people.

Something happened a few months ago that is very private but Lesley and I agreed that it would be alright to share it with everyone we know or at least our close friends.

I had been cooped up in my office and was needing to get out and do something different. As I went out to the lobby I saw Lesley coming out of the elevator and it was as if it was the first time I had ever seen her. There were women (some of them very pretty) around her on their way home but my eyes were fixed on her.

The artist in me could see her beautiful lines beneath clothes and it caused a warm feeling to come over me. The fact I had breakfast with her this morning and she was wearing that old bath robe I have been trying to get her to throw away (but she wouldn’t) was a lost memory.

Everything was fresh and new and I had a strong desire for her that almost overwhelmed me.

I could hardly control myself even as I kept saying; “Stop it fool she’s your wife and you shouldn’t feel like this.”  

It was barely enough keep me from rushing over to her and smothering her with kisses.

She saw me staring at her and she came over and kissed me on the cheek, and then she said; “Are you alright?”

I couldn’t help myself; it just came out; “Will you marry me and go on a honeymoon right now.”

She smiled but looked at me quizzically and said, “Why not, but let’s go out to dinner first for I’m famished.”

Completely out of character I kissed her, really kissed her right there in the lobby.

She said, “Okay lover boy what’s going on, have you been doing something you shouldn’t have?”

I said, “No, you know better than that. Maybe we should go eat and then get a room.”

“Get a room?” she asked, “What’s wrong with going home?”

Again it just came out; “We don’t have time for that.”

By this time she was giggling at me and said, “You know I think we better get the room before we eat don’t you?”

I said, “If you insist.”

To which she said; “I do, I do.”

It was just a block to a nice hotel so we walked there and registered. The concierge asked if we had baggage and I said, “No I just need the key.”

Lesley was giggling at me and said loud enough to be heard: “I get paid in advance,” and skipped to the elevator.

I thought, “Hmmm, she’s getting in the spirit of the thing.”

We found our room and I started removing my clothes and she said, “You are serious aren’t you.”

I answered, “C’mon my Lesley girl it’s your wedding night, the shower awaits.”

After a couple hours things returned to normal and I said, “I’m hungry would you like to eat?”

She looked at me with the eyes of a woman who understood her man and said, “Yes my lover, let’s eat, and then go home for I don’t want to show up for work with the same clothes on today, what will people think.”

As we went to the restaurant in the hotel I felt a stronger love for her than ever, what a woman who was willing to go along with me even though it might be a little crazy, according to our norm.

We had a leisurely dinner and mostly just looked at each other. We are in love and it sure feels good.

We went the desk to check out and pay our bill and the concierge said “Leaving so soon?”

I said, “We got to get back to the kids for they are all alone.”

Lesley smiled as we walked out and said you know I wasn’t prepared for a night like this and I didn’t want to spoil your fun … It could be we will be going home to a kid sometime in about nine months.

All of a sudden it dawned on me, there wasn’t any protection used.

The passion of the moment ruled and I never even thought …

Lesley said, “Don’t sweat it. It’s about time for us to get down to business and start our family.”

All I could think about was her beautiful body, so perfect suddenly swelling up and out of shape.

She looked at me and said, “What are you thinking about?”

I wouldn’t look at her in the eye for she would know I was lying and said, “I was thinking how wonderful it’s going to be having a child.

That brings us up to date and I’m on my way to bring the little mother and child home.

I suppose you would like to know what she had … wouldn’t you?

It’s a girl and if I’m not mistaken she is going to grow up to be every bit as pretty as her mom.


To be Continued


Sunday, September 28, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 17

The ladies had to sell their jewelry to pay those blackmailers
A week later Julie came to Josh and said, “I’m so glad you were discreet in the handling this debacle I was involved in and once I was drawn into this mess I didn’t know how to get out of it.

Morley has settled down and has gotten back into business. He seems to have put all this mess behind him and everything has got back to normal around home.

He (the guy) was blackmailing all of us ladies once we were involved with him and pretty well had us under his control.

There are still a few unsavory things Morley hasn’t found out and I hope he never does. The only reason I’m telling you this is so if things start to get worse then perhaps you can help me.

There was more than the one guy involved and I don’t know what to do about them. They may be hard to deal with and the women are scared to death. Some of the have already had to sell some of their jewelry to pay the men off.”

Josh asked, “Do you know the names of all the men?”

Julie said, “The names and addresses of most of them.”

Josh said, “Give me the names and whatever details you can remember without hiding anything and I’ll see what I can do.”

A week later Josh called Julie and told her, “We had a long talk with the aforementioned and they gave us what they considered to be incriminating evidence against you and the ladies and also returned some of the money they had gotten from you girls.  
Most of them are in pretty bad shape but will live. They have all left the state and I don’t expect they will ever want to return.

If I were you, I would find my stimulation in another way instead of getting a gigolo.

There is one more thing and if I were you I would come up with a big bonus for the security boys around here for they did you a great service.”

She said, “Just give me their names and we girls will show our gratitude in the form of cash.
Make sure it is a Cash Thank you !

Josh said, “Make sure it is only cash for I don’t want another problem to be started because I’m not helping you out again.”

At home Lesley cornered Josh and wanted to know what was going on for he had been occupied with something the last few nights.
She could always tell when something serious was going on because he wasn’t being as attentive to her as normal.

He said, “There was something that needed to be taken care of so I took care of it.  It could have had serious consequences if left unattended.

She said, “Okay but tell me this; did it have to do with the guy that was bothering me?”

He said, “Yes and a few other guys.”

“Did it have to do with some of the of the exec’s wives?”

“Well possibly but why are you asking me these particular questions?”

She smiled and said, “There are some rumors floating around the office and from hearing most of them I came to the conclusion that some of the wives might be playing around.”

Josh said, “My but aren’t you the analytical little detective? You can take a rumor and build a case.”

She said, “Now honeyyyy you better tell me all or you will be sorry.”

“It could be there is some truth in what you have heard but don’t go repeating it,
I think I need to take you to bed and get your mind off of other people’s doings.”

To be Continued


Friday, September 26, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 16

Josh thought long and hard about Lesley’s portrait and he said, “I will never do another picture with that technique; at least not until we have children.”

 Lesley said she didn’t know what all the fuss was about.  She said the only reason it was special to her was where they stood in their relationship at the time.

She remembered the fact Josh had become so personal so quickly and she had yielded to his charms. She said the emotions of those moments are still as real as they were then.  
Those feelings were hard to understand yet she wasn’t able to resist them.

They were against all of her mother’s training and yet it seemed right. Josh made everything seem rational and he didn’t try to take advantage of feelings generated by the moment.

Her only interest in the portrait was the feelings seeing it brought back.

Over the last few weeks Lesley had gained more responsibilities and had an office with glass walls that were open to the rest of the department.

The problem of guys flirting with her was not on issue any longer for none of the guys wanted to tangle with Josh.

Several guys would spar with him just for the exercise, but they he was just toying with them.

The exception would be if someone new was hired and they couldn’t keep their distance from Lesley.

She would tell them if you want to keep working here you will not come into my office unless you’re invited (which will never happen) or have urgent business.

One newly hired guy who fancied himself a Romeo walked in on her without permission, and made his move.  He refused to leave saying things like: “You know you want me baby.”

She called security and had him escorted out of her office and told him my husband isn’t going to take this kindly.

She called Josh and told him what happened and he said I’ll see that it doesn’t happen again.

He went up to the man’s cubicle and said, “I think you and I have an appointment in the gym.”

The guy looked mystified and said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Josh said, “Sure you do, it’s either the gym or the door. Which is it going to be?”

“Well I’m against this for if I hurt you then I will be fired and if I don’t let you beat me then I’m fired. In either case I lose.”

Josh said, “That won’t be the case but just to ease your mind you will still be on salary while you are healing.”

The guy said, “What kind of company is this?”

Josh said, “The kind that doesn’t allow their women to be harassed and treated like tramps by a jerk like you.”

The guy started to put his stuff in his brief case and said, “I won’t work for a firm like this,” and headed out the door.

Josh buzzed for security and had them accompany the man out.

Josh went down to Lesley’s office and said, “How about some lunch?”

She said, “Fine.”  On the way to the cafeteria she asked, “What about the guy?”

“He quit.”

Lesley seemed surprised, “He didn’t want to go to the gym?”

“I guess not; let’s see what they have for lunch that sounds good.”

The next morning Morley called Josh into his office and asked what happened yesterday?

Josh said, “Nothing, what do you mean what happened?”

Morley said, “Now come on you know what I’m talking about.”

“Oh you’re talking about the new guy resigning.”

Morley said, “Yes and a lot more.”

Josh answered, “As best I can figure he was confused as to what his job was. He thought it included hitting on the women in the office and I had to straighten him out on a few things. Looks like he didn’t like the way things are run around here.”

Morley said, “Now Josh you know I hired the guy personally and he came with impeccable references.”

Josh said, “Are you sure you want to get into this now? It might be better to let things lie.”

Morley said, “If you have something to say, out with it.”

“Well just remember you asked for it. You say he came with excellent references. May I ask who gave him those great references?  May I ask, was it your wife Julie?”

“Well yes, her, and others.”

“And those others. Might they be members of the club Julie belongs to?” “Yes but…”

“And he hung around the women at the club making risqué remarks that they loved to hear, and then he proceeded to hit on the ladies making them feel sexy and wanted didn’t he?”

Morley said, “I don’t know but I will shortly.”

Morley didn’t ask his wife but instead he went to the club and talked to the waiters who served the club meetings and observed everything.

When he returned to the office he was fuming and said, “Josh you were right and a whole lot more.”

The waiters gave him (for a price) the names of the ladies the guy took to a room and luckily his wife wasn’t among them.

Josh said, “Is there anything else you want to know about yesterday?”

“Morley said, “No, I will take it from here.  Did you already know this about the guy?”

Josh said, “Yes.”

“Well, why didn’t you tell me?”

“For the simple reason this was something between you and Julie for she was the one who got you to hire the guy and I didn’t want to get in the middle of your personal business. When it became my business I took care of it. He should have had some further education but I let him off easy.”

Morley said, “I’m not finished with him and I know some husbands who aren’t going to be finished with him either. First I have some things to clear up with Julie and then I’ll settle the rest of this business.” 

To be Continued

Thursday, September 25, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 15


Josh came in and said, “Put on a nice party dress. We are going to a party at Morley’s house.

He asked me about the incident the other day. I said it was just a misunderstanding but we worked it out.  He told me he had that fellow transferred out of here because he was nothing but trouble.”

That evening there were a lot of the key men in the company present with their wives.

When we arrived they were standing looking at Lesley’s painting. The women took Lesley in the other room commenting on how pretty she was.

Morley’s wife said, “My husband says nice things about your husband and you must be proud of him. You make a nice couple together.”

One of the ladies said, “Yes you are about the same height.”

Lesley said, “Almost the same but I’m a half inch taller.”

The lady said, “Oh, that’s nice.”

As the party progressed the people mingled and Morley said, “You know when I first saw this painting of Lesley I was so taken by it that I had to have it, but somehow it seems to have lost it’s luster. It is still a picture of a beautiful woman but I don’t know; it just doesn’t have the same effect now when I look at it.”

“Well the reason is because it isn’t the portrait I painted. It is a copy.  I saw it the minute I entered the room.”

As anger rose up in Morley he said, “Do you mean he pulled a fast one on me?”

I said, “No he wouldn’t do that but something is going on and I think we should find out what happened.”

Morley said, “I will be on it tomorrow.”

The next morning he called Charles, Lesley’s father and lit into him with a litany of threats all the while Charles was dumbfound not knowing what to say.  

Charles explained that he knew the painting he had was a copy but couldn’t believe that the one Morley had was also a copy.  He went on to say that he wanted a copy of the picture for his office wall so he loaned it to a well known artist with the instructions to make a copy for me.

After further discussion they finally figured it out that the other artist painted more than one and sent a copy to Morley, keeping the original.

Charles said, “I knew something was missing but thought it was just not as good a job as Josh had done.”  

Charles said he would straighten it out and hire a detective to find the painter.

A week later the detective said he found the guy. They called the police and raided his home.
In a hidden room there the picture hung with lights illuminating it.
There was a comfortable chair directly in front of it where one could have the best view of the lovely woman.

In his studio there were several copies he made and he was trying to sell them. He billed them as the most beautiful woman in the world.

The police brought the original painting to me and asked if it was the real one and I confirmed that it was.

The picture didn’t excite me as much as when I first painted it and I wondered why.

On the way home it struck me; the reason was I have the woman the picture could only represent.

Yes that is it. I had the reality of what the image was trying to live up to, and for me the painting came up short.

To be Continued
Josh had the real woman

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 14

Lesley asked, “What about your business and all...”

I sold our photo shop to the guy who was working for me and I was free to leave anytime I wanted to.”

She said, “Wow, and I thought you were only a pretty face. Why didn’t you tell me this before I agreed to marry you?”

“Well I’m tempted to say ‘It was a need to know basis’ but things were moving too fast and certain outcomes unsure.

I had to make some decisions and your mother wouldn’t let me talk to you about the future we might have together.  So I went on the premise that you were mine and here we are, ready for our new adventure.”

Our new home was furnished but Lesley just had to go shopping with one of the exec’s wife and add her touch to our surroundings.

Her new friend Mary said, “Now there is one of the bosses that you need to watch out for. He is big and has most of the guys in the office are afraid of him.

Since you have decided to work there he will be coming around hitting on you especially because you are young and by far the prettiest woman there. He kowtows the husbands and they are afraid of losing their jobs or him beating them up so they don’t usually say anything about his advances on their wives.”

“Did he try that on you?”

“No for goodness sake! My husband is over him and he would fire him in an instant and he knows it.”

Lesley said, “Well there are two things, he will not intimidate my husband, and if he makes a move on me he will wish he didn’t.”

“You mean he will fight the big bully even though he is a big boss?”

“In a word yes. He will use whatever means necessary.”

Everything went well for a week until this would be Romeo saunters in eyeballing all the women who averted their eyes except a couple who apparently were receptive to his advances.

He came over to Lesley and started his pitch when Josh came in and saw and heard what he was doing.

Lesley saw Josh and she smiled and winked at him. She was just ignoring the guy and he started coming on stronger.

Josh had heard enough and came over and stood by Lesley. He had to look up at the big bruiser but he just stared at his eyes.

The guy didn’t see any fear like he did in the other guys whose wives he hit on.

Josh was still looking him in the eyes and said, “My name is Josh and this is my wife who you are disrespecting and I’m waiting for an apology.”

The guy with all the scorn he could muster said; “Listen shorty I will talk to her anyway I please and if you are her husband it’s time she had a real man.”

Josh said, “I see. It looks like we need to go down to the gym and settle this. I prefer bare knuckles but if you are a sissy we can use gloves.  But one thing there will be no rules; anything goes, is that okay with you?”

The bully looked petrified. No one had ever stood up to him like that and he was speechless.

Josh said, “I’m waiting and I hope you have a good dentist for you will need him afterward.”

The guy just stood there not saying anything.

Josh said, “Let’s go unless you are a coward.  C’mon show me what a real man you are.”

Josh poked him in the chest with one finger and it made the guy wince.

Josh kept on goading him until he said, “Alright let’s go.”

Several guys were following them when suddenly the dude ducked out a side door and took off running.

Josh yelled after him; “You forgot to apologize.”

Josh went back and said to Lesley, “Sweetheart, it’s lunch time, let’s go get something to eat.”

As they left there was a murmuring of unbelief throughout the office that spread through the building.

Lesley was giggling and said, “Looks like you whipped him with one finger.”

Josh replied, I bet he will have a bruise the size of your hand and will be sore fore a month from that one finger poke.”

She giggled again and said, “It looks like I don’t get to have a real man after all,” as they went off arm in arm.
 To be Continued

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 13


At first I didn’t have a clue as to why I would need paints and brushes so I asked, “Why would I do that?”

She said, “Don’t you remember telling me I would be the perfect nude model to paint?”  She went on saying, “Well now is your chance.”

I had to laugh at that and said, “I wasn’t serious I just wanted to see you naked.”

She said, “Okay here’s your first look so enjoy.”

We stayed in Reno for a week and it was time to head to our new home.

I purchased our tickets for our flight and she said, “It just occurred to me where are we going to live?”

I said, “How about living in your folk’s house its vacant isn’t it?”

She said, “I don’t think so, I called mother and told her how happy I was and between her yelling and screaming she said she and my father were leaving Paris and coming home.”

“Well my beautiful bride I suppose I should tell you where we stand. We are going to the west coast to live and I have our tickets in my hand.

I hope that will be far enough away from your mother until she accepts the situation as it is. She needs to come to grips with the fact that she can’t live your life for you.

If there is anything you want from your used to be home then we will call your folks and ask them to pack it up and send it to us. We are starting out fresh and are leaving most of the past in the past.

If you had chosen to become a Nun you would have left everything behind and that is kind of what we are doing.

This all came about in a strange way. A highly placed executive was in your father’s office and saw your portrait.  There was something about the picture that captured his attention and he couldn’t figure out what it was.

Outside of the fact that you are absolutely beautiful there was something else. He never got over the experience and tried to buy the portrait from your dad. Of course your father didn’t want to sell it but the guy insisted that it be included as part of the deal they were working on.

Your dad commissioned another artist to try to duplicate my painting but he couldn’t do it, yet his version hangs in your father’s office and my painting now is somewhere in the executive’s home where he is still confused by what he is looking at.”

Lesley asked, “Do you know what he is confused about?”

“Now stop and think.  I showed you the picture before I painted your clothes on it and you were nude to the waist.  The paints I used for the clothes allow your nude image almost imperceptibly to show through.

It emanates from the portrait and while the eyes see it the mind can’t figure it out.  If the mind could they would see your naked form. I can see it but it isn’t clearly seen by virtually anyone else. I can point out every curve of your body. I painted it this way on purpose.”

She said, “Maybe it is your imagination and you just remember what you painted.”

I said, “No I can see it and the man that bought it senses it but can’t make it out. The more he looks at it the more he will be captured by it much like the Mona Lisa affects some people.

What I am getting at is Morley, the man who now has your portrait was so taken by the work he looked me up and as executives do, vetted me, and he actually checked my entire history.  
After talking to me he hired me to work at his architectural firm. He is paying all my college fees and supplying us a house not far from the campus.
I will work part time to gain experience until I graduate then it will be full time.

As far as you are concerned, you can do what ever you want; attend school, work, or volunteer at something, your choice.”

To be Continued

Sunday, September 21, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 12

France to New York

The call was long distance, and I hesitated for a moment because the next few moments would be crucial to my future.

I just blurted it out, “Are you going to marry me or not! I’ve had enough of this foolishness and I want your answer.

You have had enough time to make up your mind and it’s either yes or no. If you don’t know your own mind by now; then when will you?”

She said, “If you will let me get a word in edgewise I will answer you.”

It is amazing how long fifteen seconds of silence can be when your future depends on the answer you’re waiting for.

She started to explain how she arrived at her answer when I broke in and said, “That stuff can wait. Is it yes or no, don’t say anything else; yes or no.”

She said, “Well it’s yes but I want to tell how I came to that conclusion.”

I didn’t want to hear anything else but I listened to her while my mind was making plans for the future.

I asked her if she had enough money for a flight ticket.

She said, “I think so, I’ll have to check.”

I stopped her and said, “Are you ready to become my wife?”

She said, “Yes, right now, yes.”

“Go to the airport and there will be a ticket waiting for you. Get on the plane and I will meet you in New York.”

She said, “I don’t have any clothes.”

I told her, “The clothes you have on will do fine and you have clothes at your home here. We’ll go there and get what you need temporarily and then we will go shopping.  We will send a wire to your folks telling them of your decision when you arrive in New York.”

I made her reservation and one for me to fly to meet her. I did it that way because I knew how her parents held sway over her and I didn’t want them to get control of her before the wedding.

I also knew her mother will try to get the marriage annulled but that wasn’t going to happen.

When Lesley didn’t come home her parents went after the guy she was suppose to be with but he hid out.

Later he will deny knowing anything about what happened.

The next eight hours were the longest of my life. I arrived in New York three hours before she did.

I had time to prepare a wire to her parents and had it ready to send as soon as Lesley got off the plane.  The wire told them we would be married shortly and be on our honeymoon by the time they read the wire.

When she deplaned and came into the airport I just wanted to hold her. It was hard to talk even though we had a lot to say to each other.

She was tired but I had to hold her face in my hands and look at her.

We went in the lounge and had a sandwich and got ready for our flight to Reno.

She said, “What about my clothes?”

I said, “We will get everything you need after we get married but you becoming my wife will be the first order of business.”

She gave me a sly look and said, “You are in a hurry aren’t you?”

I said, “Yes but you know with school and all…”

What was first and foremost in my thinking was her mother trying to stop the wedding.
That wasn’t going to happen if I could help it. She had made one last effort to stop us by calling the police and saying I was forcing Lesley to go with me against her will. As we were boarding the plane I heard the police enquiring about a flight we might be taking.  

Being one step ahead of her mom, I had purchased the tickets to Reno in my mother’s maiden name and registered as Mr. and Mrs.  They were going to have a hard time figuring that out.  

We landed in Reno and went shopping for all the necessities Lesley needed and then we registered at the hotel as Mr. and Mrs. and put our stuff in the room.  Lesley showered and got dressed for the wedding.

We got our license and thirty minutes later we were wed.

I was thinking a lot has happened in the last twenty four hours and I couldn’t be more happy.

We went out for dinner and then went to our room and lay on the bed with our clothes on and just talked.

Now I was willing to listen to all of her experiences. After relaxing for an hour she got up and began to undress.

She smiled and asked if I brought my paints and brushes.

To be Continued

Friday, September 19, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 11

We're going to be in France for Six months
I hadn’t heard from Lesley’s mother since the first call I got telling me Lesley was in a convent in France. Then she called me again.

She said she was going to France to join Lesley and they were going to be there for six months. She being candid said.  “I didn’t want to call you but Lesley made me promise to do it.”

I was taken aback by what she said but asked her if Lesley had sent any message for me. 

Her mother hesitated but finally she said, “Tell Josh I have made up my mind and I will see him when I get back.” 

“Is that all,” I asked, and she said, “That’s it.”

“Can I have the address where you are staying.”

Abruptly she said, “No you may not, goodbye.”

I thought that wasn’t very nice, I wonder what I have ever done to deserve the treatment she continues to give me.

Against her mothers wishes Lesley wrote me but her mother intercepted the letter and destroyed it.

Later when of course I didn’t answer her letter, she told Lesley I was dating another girl and didn’t write back because I wasn’t interested in her any longer.

Of course I didn’t find this out until later.

I'm getting ready to leave for France said her Dad
The six months passed and no word so I called her father and asked when she was going to return. 
He said he was joining them in France and they would be there another six months.

I was finally getting the message; her parents didn’t like me and certainly didn’t want me for a son-in-law.

A month went by and suddenly it occurred to me that I knew a guy who was in Paris and he knew some of Leslie’s friends.

They might know where she lived in Paris. It took some doing but he found out what Lesley’s address was.

Since he also knew Lesley I asked him to call her and find out what was going on.

She was glad to talk to someone from home and she told him that I had more or less dumped her.

He told her that wasn’t the way he heard it. He said she should come to his house and phone me from there.

My friend knew Leslie’s family and when he contacted them they were glad to have him over. When he arrived they insisted the he and Lesley see the sights together.

They hoped something would develop and she would completely forget me. My friend and Lesley made plans to go to the Louvre which the parents approved of but instead they went to his house and phoned me.

Hello was all she could say !
They reversed the charges on the call to me and I answered on the third ring. It had been over a year and a half since I had heard her voice on the other end of the line.

Her voice seemed to quiver when she first started to talk to me.
She spent the first couple of minutes saying hello and asking about how I was.

I broke in on her and said, “There is something I want to know, and I want to know it right now.”

To be Continued

Thursday, September 18, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 10

I don't want her to become a nun, but I don't like the idea of her marrying you !!
A month went by and no word from Lesley. I figured that I had my answer; she had entered into a Nunnery.

Later I received a call from her mother who said Lesley had entered a convent and planned to stay there for a year. At the end of which she would have time to make her decision.

Her mother added she didn’t want Lesley to become a Nun but she wasn’t too keen on her marrying me either. She thought there were better options for her than me.

I didn’t like that but I appreciated her honesty.

As near as I could tell her father didn’t care one way or the other what she did.

I had my hands full and didn’t have time to worry about Lesley. My two majors and running my business was keeping me occupied.

At the end of the year I was near the top of my classes which made me feel good.
Maggie and Jiggs ?
I had made some friends one of which was a young lady who was six foot tall. She was really pleasant to be with so we went out when ever I could manage the time.

There was a comic strip that featured two characters named Maggie and Jiggs. He was short and she was tall which was about the way Shirley and I looked. People would smile when we went by which just amused us.

We became good friends and enjoyed each other’s company even though there was nothing romantic going on.

I was so busy the year passed before I knew it and I had signed up for a summer art class which would be beneficial later on. This was the time to get educated or at least it was the way I saw it.

The year had passed and there was no word from Lesley and I was ready to call it quits, when her mother called me once again. I was sure she was stonewalling me for she must have heard from Lesley during the year but it was going to be interesting to hear what she was going to come up with.

I knew it was not going to be the truth because she wanted to control the situation and I was in the way.

To be Continued

Wednesday, September 17, 2014



I should say she wasn’t very popular and was a little chunky but that was of no mind to me. I did the whole thing and hired a car to take us to the prom and pick us up when it was over.

Some how she managed to get into a nice dress that was tight on her and I gave her a pretty corsage. We did the whole evening and I was surprised at how well she could dance.
She could boogie with the best of them. I made sure I paid attention to her and I think she had the best time of her life.

There was something I tried to ignore and that was, Lesley was there.
I found out her cousin’s date cancelled out at the last minute so he convinced her to go with him.
I avoided her for I didn’t think I should get started with her while I was with a date.

A week later she came by to see me and I didn’t want to admit it to myself but I was glad to see her.

She said I saw you at the prom and I was glad to see you have a girl. I started to say she isn’t my girl and explain what happened or how it happened I was with her but I decided to let it slide.

I changed the subject by asking how her father and her mother were and also her answer was curt and to the point. “They are fine.”

Then she asked, how long I had been dating the girl I was with and I said not long.

She said, “She seems nice and she could really dance well.”

I said, “Yes she can do that.”

After a few more stabs at conversation I decided I had enough of this nonsense so I came out and said; “What’s going on.  Do you have something you want to say or ask? If you do then come on out with it.”

She just sat there and to break the silence I said; “Are you going to strip to the waist for me again?”

She laughed at that and said, “No I don’t think I’ll do that.”

I said; “Aw shucks I were a hoping.”

She said, “I’m going to the Nunnery and become a Nun.”

I said; “What! Have you lost your mind?”

Then I could see that she was serious and I apologized for my hasty remark. She said, “I have been planning this for a long time. That is the reason I said I had a boy friend and wouldn’t go with you.

I wavered a bit but when the Sisters came to see me and told of the needs the church, and that they were unable to meet them because of the lack of Nuns it got me back on track.

I wanted you to know this for in the short time we knew each other I had developed strong feeling for you and it caused a conflict in my soul. Even now I am struggling with my decision and if you have as strong feelings for me then I don’t know if I could go through with it.”

Hearing this strongly affected me for I had been resisting the feelings for her in order to have some peace, but this knowledge was to be too much for me.

It was as if my heart had melted within me and now I don’t know what to say or do. I certainly didn’t want to be the cause of her not doing what she thought she should do but I have suffered enough by not having her.

I couldn’t live, only exist without her. What to do?

“It wouldn’t be fair not to tell you how I feel.” I told her, “Without you I will just go through the motions of living. Putting it simple I want you, I want you, I want you. But you must make your decision exclusive of me and do what you want to do without any outside influence except the obvious.”

I told her my plans are set.

“I will finish college so I can take care of the one I love. I hope it will be you but I don’t want a wife coming to me with a lot of baggage of unresolved issues that will haunt us the rest of our lives. It will eventually tear us apart even though we love each other.

A question you must answer on the other side is how much can you give to a cause when you are in love with me. My best advice is to take some time for yourself and work it out alone.

The either go into the Nunnery or come to me but whichever, I want you to know you have made the right decision with absolutely no regrets and plan to live life to it’s fullest.

Once you have hashed it out and made your decision (meaning you have decided the other one was wrong) you will have escaped a life of misery.”

She said alright I will do it for it sounds like the right thing to do.

At that moment I wanted to hold her and never let go but the die was cast and it was something she had to sort out for herself. I didn’t want her to come to me with unresolved issues hanging on.

To be Continued