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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, March 4, 2013


New York City
As soon as they arrived in New York they went to a hotel for the night and the next day FiFi wanted to rent an apartment that was furnished.

She said hotels were too expensive for long term stays, and besides they kept track of every thing you did. They found a suitable place with a bath and three bedrooms so each could have their privacy.

These weeks were for shopping for the latest fashions and to see the sights.

Number one on the list was the Statue of Liberty. They were gone from morning to night just plain having fun.

Attendance at several theaters was enjoyed in the evenings and it was exciting to use the newly opened subway system.

The older women began to line up parties for the next week for this was the best place to meet business people as well as available men.

Ellie and FiFi knew several well off people in the New York area and were invited to their parties where they met new people who in turn invited them to more parties.

For the next three months it was a whirlwind ride.

Kathryn began to date some of the sons of the rich or well to do people, and after a month of going with several different young men she told FiFi, "I think all of these guys must have read the same book on courting. 
They all come on to you the same way.  It is all about them, and it becomes boring after the first hour. The best part of the date is when it is over.”

FiFi suggested she go out with guys that are older for it was obvious that she was too mature for these precollege fellows.  Kathryn agreed to try that and shortly she had some dates with guys who had graduated from college.

Kathryn said they were a little more interesting, but they expected more from me.
Ellie chimed in and said, “We have met most of the eligible young men and I agree that most aren't worth wasting your time with.  However there are four or five you might consider a little further.”

Kathryn said, “Do you think they may be husband material, is that what you are talking about?”

Ellie said, “Not exactly, what I mean is down the road you might find that there is more to them than might be on the surface. Here is a list of those I think have some potential.”

Meanwhile as all this was going on in New York, Leon had been busy with his life.

It hadn't all been work.  Many of the women he came into contact with had shown more than a little interest in him.  Added to that, several young men his age had been after him to go with them to some of the hot spots in San Francisco.

Leon went to several places with them; they even talked him into going to the Barbary Coast where he didn't stay very long.  

Later he told them, “Even in the dives in Nome where the low caste men hung out, they were not as rotten as these people are.”

His friends started to laugh at him, but they soon stopped for their laughing was hollow.

Leon had not told them, but he had recently attended a local church a few times, and the preaching had some effect on him.  Every now and then he would think about Ellie and Kathryn and wondered how they were doing.

Even though Kathryn was grown, he had promised her father he would watch over her, but now it seemed he was no longer in the picture.

To be Continued.

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