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Sunday, June 30, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 32

Special Forces
Archie was glad to put this week behind him.

His boss, Lester and he sat down on Monday and discussed last week's events.

Archie said, “I never could have accomplished what we did had it not been for the security guards, they were marvelous. Who are these guys anyway?”

Archie continued, “I never discussed anything personal with them as to who they are or their family or anything.”

Lester said, “It wouldn't have done much good to try for they are very private and perhaps you can understand that after being with them last week.

I can tell you this much and that were in Special Forces for much of their military career and they are rock hard in every way whether it is in the physical or the mental area.”

Archie said, “They sure were what I needed, for they even scared me I can't imagine how those guys they intimated felt.  All I know is they wanted to tell everything they knew after a few minutes with them.

One thing I noticed was that one of them did all of the man handling of those crooks and the other just watched.”

Lester said, “Yes it only took the one to scare them, the other was there to tell him to stop when they had enough for the first one would kind of lose it when he got serious.”

Archie said, “Wow they are sure handy to keep around.”

Lester said, “Yea you sure got that right.”

Archie returned to the task at hand for this last week had been taken up with the problems he had to deal with.

The merger was proceeding smoothly although it would take several weeks to put everything into place.

At least their competition had been removed.

The firm in question were in the process of losing their licenses, their good standing and facing jail time for what they had done.

Even several who had nothing with the offense were also going to suffer because of losing their jobs.

Archie had one more thing to deal with and that was Alice.  It wasn't just a simple forgive and forget circumstance.

He realized it wasn't entirely her fault that she got caught up in what just happened for she was just a pawn they tried to use.

The problem was she had put her self in the position to be used that way.

These friends of hers are leading her down the wrong path and Archie had enough of her not being home and staying out all night.

He was too angry at her to deal with it at present so he went on as if nothing had happened.

There was a coldness creeping in that couldn't be hidden, and it was causing their relationship to be intolerable.

He was content to let things come to a head naturally instead of rushing into something that he couldn't control.

One thing that bothered him was he had grown up, and Alice had remained a teenage in conduct.

She was on the verge of losing her job, and she would have to go into another field if that happened.

With both of them working they had hired a Filipino girl to clean and cook their meals and Alice had been very short with her for no reason and the girl quit.
Archie lit into Alice for causing the girl to quit, and it appeared to be near the time when they would have it out.

A short while later Archie came home a few minutes early for they were eating out since the maid quit. 

Alice was on the phone and didn't notice Archie come in. 

He overheard her saying; "Go ahead and set it up for I can handle ole Arch...

She went on saying; "What he don't know won't hurt him.  Make sure the guys know we can spend the night, and to be prepared to spend some big money on us.”

It was then she realized that Archie was home, and had heard her conversation.

She lashed out at him and said, “If you didn't want to hear that you shouldn't have been listening.”

He calmly said to her, “I don't want to interfere with your plans but I want you out of here by the weekend.”

Then he added I would leave, but I can't let you have the apartment since it belongs to the firm and they wouldn't allow it.

To be Continued   


Saturday, June 29, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 31

Archie and his security Guards
courtesy Shutterstock
Just as the man who was shouting at Archie took a long breath and was getting ready to continue his tirade - -one of the security men with Archie reached out and grabbed the man by the throat and shut off his air.

He struggled more than the clerk at the hotel, but it was all to no avail.

Just as he was about to pass out, the security man, released his hold enough for the man to gasp for air.

Archie was amazed at how well he could use that hold even when they were trying to free themselves from his grip.

Archie could see bruise marks starting to appear already.

As the man started to curse again, the body guard clamped down with both hands and shook the man like a rag doll.

This time when he allowed him to get a little air until he was begging for mercy.

Archie said, “I have a few questions for you, if you are ready to give me the answers I want, otherwise the treatment will continue until you are ready!!

SO what say you?”

He answered, “I will tell you anything you want if I know it.”

Archie had a small recorder and asked him if it would be alright if he recorded his answers to which he agreed.

Archie said, “If it would help you to talk we can choke you some more, what do you think?”

He cried out, “No more, please, no more.

Archie said, “I want you to start from the beginning and don't leave anything out or once again we will have to motivate you.”

He started to say, “I'm not sure what we are to talk about!”  Then he quickly changed his mind as the security guard shifted his feet.

He went through everything and told of all the meetings, and who was involved and who made the decisions.

Then Archie specifically wanted to know who was involved in abusing Alice.

Again he started to hesitate so he could make up a lie when the security guard placed his hand on his shoulder.

He then laid out the whole plan and who ordered it. They knew Alice partied a lot and who she hung out with.

They had attended the party that night, and put a drug in her drink.

When she started to pass out they offered to take her home and instead took her to the hotel.

Archie asked where the photos were along with the negatives.  

The man said, “I have them here, and you can have them all.”  Archie told him if any pictures get out then you will never breathe again do you understand me.

He answered an emphatic, “Yes,” and ran to get the photos for Archie.

As they were leaving Archie told him, “I think it would be best if you left town and was not seen again unless I need you, to which he agreed.

Security Man
courtesy Shutterstock
Archie said to the security guards, “Do you have the hoods I asked you to get?”  They answered, “Yes right here.”  

Archie remarked, “Well then we have a few more calls to make tonight.”

Some hours later they had visited the men whose names were on the list they had been given.

For some strange reason all these scheming men ended up in the hospital that night with severe injuries.

Archie turned the tape over to the S.E.C. and shortly, (after the offenders were released from the hospital) they were stripped of their ability to do any business pertaining to stock issues.

The security guards were well rewarded for their efforts because Archie had all the money he had taken as an advance, and gave it to them to split.

One thing all of the perpetrators of this dastardly deed swore was that Alice had never been touched, other than being stripped of her clothes and the photos taken.

They convinced Archie of that, otherwise they would have been done away with permanently.

What was left to do was to heal the rift between Archie and Alice because of what this circumstance had brought about.

Archie marveled at how smoothly it was to resolve this situation outside the law.

As it turned out, the law could never have dealt with it.

To be Continued   

Friday, June 28, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 30

Security Will Assist Archie

Archie took the contents of the package and went directly to his boss and threw them down on the desk where his boss was sitting.  The letter was on top and his boss read it with unbelief.

He saw the picture on top of the stack and then politely turned them over for he didn't want to see anymore.

Archie said, “I wanted you to know how far our competition will go to get this deal.”

His boss was speechless for a few moments and said, “I would never have believed they would go this far. I will call a meeting immediately and will go over this with the partners.

He told Archie to take the pictures and don't let anyone else see them.

His boss said, “I can briefly explain to the partners what I saw, and I will read the demand letter to them.”

He asked Archie if there was anything he could do for him and Alice.

Archie said, “I want at least ten thousand dollars advance, and I would like to have two of your best security men work with me for the next few days.

I prefer men that are not squeamish about roughing up some guys if necessary and I don't think I should tell you any further of my plans.”

Lester his boss said, “I know just the men you need, and for sure I don't want to know any more.”

An hour later two men walked by Marcy saying we know our way in.  When Archie saw them he was completely satisfied that they were just what he needed.

For the next hour he went over the whole scenario and told them his plan.

He then asked if they had some ideas of how to improve on what he laid out.

They made a few suggestions and they were ready to go.

“One last thing,” Archie said, “If you want out - - now is the time to say so and I trust you won't ever say anything about what we have discussed here.”

They looked at each other and smiled then said, “Let’s go.”

The first step was to go to the hotel and get the evening clerk's attention.

Archie and the two men saw the night clerk and said, “I want all the information concerning last evening's happenings at room 223.”

The guy tried to flip them off by saying, “I can't give out that kind of information.”

Archie pulled out several one hundred dollar bills and said, “Perhaps this will change you mind.”

He looked hungrily at the money but said, “No way now just leave before I call the cops.”

He no sooner said those words when one of the men with Archie reached over and took the desk clerk by the neck and cut off his breath and said; “If I turn you loose will you tell us everything we want to know?”

The clerk did the best he could to nod yes.  The clerk drew in deep breaths as the hand around his neck eased enough for him to get some air.

This must have been just what the doctor ordered, for he told them the whole story about how he was paid to forget about what they were doing, and then they threatened him if he talked.  

He then gave Archie the tape from the surveillance tape of last evening.

As Archie and company viewed the tape; Archie recognized one of the men, it was the one who paid the clerk and then left.

As they left, one of the security men reminded the clerk to remember how it was not being able to take a breath, and a warning not to do anything that would cause them to have to return.

They copied the pictures of all who were involved and Archie told the two men to get a good night's rest, for tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

Archie called up one of Alice's friends and went over to her house.

She was leaving for the night, but Archie managed to catch her before she left. 

He asked her who the guys in the pictures were.  

She said she only knew two of them and gave Archie their names and addresses.

The next day before the rooster crowed, Archie and his security men knocked on the door of the money man on the tape.

After some persistence he finally came to the door and immediately began to shout curses at Archie.

To be Continued


Thursday, June 27, 2013

MILLSOP Chapter 29

A Sheet was wrapped around Alice
Archie recognized the voice on the line as being Alice. He said; “Alice where are you?”  In between her incoherent statements he understood her to say; "Archie, come and get me."
His mind was filled with confusion and fear for he didn't understand what was going on.

After some time she repeated; come and get me Archie and bring me some clothes.

He asked, “What do you need?” because he thought she wanted a coat or something.  

Instead she said, "I need everything".  

He still didn't know where she was so he asked; “Where are you?”

She said, “I don't know, it’s some room like a hotel room.”  He told her, “Look on the door and see if the name and number of the room where you are is listed there.”

She said, “Okay I will try.”  After a couple of minutes she came back to the phone and gave him the name of the hotel and the room number.

As it turned out it was a cheap hotel in a bad part of town. Archie entered the lobby of what at one time had been a decent establishment.  Now it was occupied mostly by men who were having a hard time making ends meet, and the smell of liquor was present.

Archie went over to the elevator which had a sign on it, "Out of order use the stairs."  
He climbed the stairs to the second floor and found the room number.  When he tried the door it opened as it was not locked.
Entering the room, he saw Alice huddled in the corner with a sheet wrapped around her, and a man sitting on the bed with a half empty bottle in his hand.

The man looked at Archie and said, “What you want?”  Archie told the man he could leave now or he would help him out. The guy decided to leave and stumbled unsteadily down the hall.

Archie then turned his attention to Alice who had dropped the sheet, and was standing there completely naked.

Before, Archie always enjoyed seeing his wife without clothes on, but in this situation he was repulsed by what he saw.
He helped her dress, and kept her steady as they left the premises. By the time they reached their apartment Alice was a little more coherent and said, “I want to take a shower,”  to which Archie said, “Go ahead no one is stopping you.”
Archie was numb as he sat down in a chair. The whole series of events had stunned him. He decided he needed some coffee to calm himself down for he didn't know what he might do when Alice finished her shower.

He had his coffee and was sitting on the couch when Alice came out. Neither said anything but she sat next to him and put her head in his lap. Having her next to him changed the whole mood of the moment, because he was so glad to have her back safe he couldn't think about anything else.

They sat there holding each other until it was time for Archie to go to work and he slipped out and dressed. When he came back she was asleep, so he covered her with a blanket and left her there asleep after kissing her on the forehead.

When he arrived at work Marcy said, “A package had just arrived by messenger,” and she placed it on his desk.  He set it aside for the moment even though it said urgent on it.

An hour later he opened the package and inside there were photographs of Alice completely nude with a man lying next to her on the bed.

There were several pictures of her in several lewd positions. The accompanying letter said these pictures would be sent out to the news papers and T.V. stations unless he cooperated with them.

They wanted to know about the work he was doing on the big merger the firm was working on.

Archie figured if he did what they wanted his firm would lose millions of dollars by losing the deal.

As Archie looked at the pictures anger rose up in him that he had never experienced before, and just that quick he decided what he must do.

To be Continued   


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 28

New York Covers a lot of Territory
Archie couldn't get over the city of New York (when I say New York I mean all the environs including Jersey).

It had everything you could want as far as entertainment goes.  There were parties every weekend and several during the week.  On Broadway and off Broadway there were so many shows, you would go broke going to all of them.  The many neighborhoods each had their own unique atmosphere.

Alice was also caught up with the excitement, and was making many new friends, most of which Archie didn't approve.

Six months went by and Archie was considered to be ready for handling some of the smaller legal problems a firm this size had to deal with.

After the first year he was called into the office of the Partner who was over him and during the conversation he was told, “Perhaps you have been wondering why you have been assigned the tasks we have been giving you?”

Archie said, “I thought there must be a good reason although I must admit it escaped me as to what it was.”   

The Partner said, “We wanted you to see some of the mistakes that can happen, and how you must exercise great care in preparing the contracts especially for mergers. 
Sometimes a small mistake can cost millions to correct.”

Archie said, “This past year has taught me a lot about what it takes to resolve these errors, and how easy it is to make them.”

“The board feels it is time for you to move up, and start being part of the team working on projects as they come up.” 
Archie was elated and couldn't wait to get home and tell Alice the good news.

When he arrived home he looked for Alice, but she wasn't there.  In fact more and more she wasn't home when he got there.  It wasn't uncommon for her not to show up until after midnight.

Then on the weekends very often she would be invited to spend the weekend at some vacation place her new friends had access to, and of course there were those who liked to sail with their boat.

 As a rule he was also invited, but most of the time he declined for he didn't like to be away from home so much.  Archie viewed what was going on as something these people should have gotten out of their system during high school and college.

Alice seemed to like that atmosphere and the men liked having her around for she exuded a possible promise of a one night stand without any permanent attachment.

When Archie would ask her about her conduct she would brush it off with, "We're just having harmless fun." Archie knew all about the so called "harmless fun."

When Alice started staying out all night things were coming to a climax where Archie felt he had to make a mandate for her to stop all this nonsense and start living like she should.

He still trusted her but knew that she was drinking much more than she should and wasn't sure what she was doing when she was out of his sight.  
He knew the reputation of some of her friends, and felt they would eventually try to get her to act like them.

While Archie was putting much effort into his job, Alice was taking fewer and fewer assignments and she missed several of them prompting her boss to call her in and read her the riot act.

Her boss had heard about her late night flings and he said she couldn't work for him if she continued doing what she was doing.  He had called Archie and told him where she stood with him and for Archie to talk to her about getting her act together or she was out.

Archie had already talked to her about her conduct but she wouldn't pay any attention to him.

Archie's firm was in the midst of negotiation for a large merger and everything was hush, hush.
Everyone was warned not to let any information slip out for there were others try for the same deal.

Then one night about four in the morning Archie was surprised by a phone call which shocked him wide awake.    
To be Continued

Days of Wine and Deception

Todays post is a rant against Laws being passed without representation of the people!  My continued story will follow


ROMANS 10:3  For ignoring the righteousness that comes from God, and seeking instead to establish their own righteousness, they did not submit to God's righteousness.

This scripture was never more evident than today. On every hand men are rejecting God's rule over them and establishing their righteousness for His.

Proverbs 16:25 There is a road that seems right for a man to travel, but in the end it's the road to death.

It is crucial at this stage of rebellion against God's rule for man to try to maintain a form of self-righteousness for to do otherwise would cause the movement to sink into chaos.

This effort on the natural man's part is in the acceleration stage and is why it is making such strong gains at present.

The lawmakers of this country are falling in line with this rejection of God's rule over man, and laws supporting this movement will continue to flow forth.

As time passes and chaos looms before the purveyors of this doctrine, loss of control will be one of the results and the need to slow the ever present changing standards will demand subjection of all peoples.

This will require a dictator to come forth and control the people's mind set. Shall I suggest that he is in the wings waiting to be revealed at the prudent time?

The loss of gender distinction and right relationship between sexes are but one sign of the calamitous future that lies ahead.

The wise man who could utter words of wisdom the masses would heed has no relevance to this generation. 

It seems their agenda of total rejection of God is now out of their control; and has a driving force of its own much like the fabled movie "Juggernaut" which travels through space and absorbs everything in its path; so also is the wholesale rejection of the Almighty.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

Perhaps this needs to be repeated, 

Be NOT deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 27

Catching a Flight Home

Archie woke Alice up by shouting New York, New York and said, “Get up and get dressed, because we have to catch a plane at eleven for home.

She sleepily got up and went to check on Celia.  After getting dressed they packed, and headed to the airport for the return trip home.  The limo had picked them up, and it made it a lot simpler to get to their plane.

Archie was scheduled to be at work in two weeks so they had to pack and get ready for the move.

Their apartment in New York was furnished so all they needed to move was their personal things.  

Aunt Celia was moping around the house for she was going to miss them so very much.

Alice was both excited and apprehensive at the same time, for she would need to make new friends when she settled in their new diggings.  There was also the task for her to find a job.

Moving to New York was quick and smooth.

For Alice, there was always the process of getting State certified and taking tests to show you are proficient enough to do your job.  Finally that being done she was ready for an assignment. Soon after getting her first case she realized it was going to be much harder than back where they came from.

The people who live in the city are a mixture of locals and imports from other states; and in many cases from other countries. While all were speaking English their accent made it difficult to understand especially when they spoke rather fast.

Luckily there were recordings made that she could use as a reference, but even then it was sometimes difficult to get it right.

The New Mrs Allen
courtesy free clip art
Meanwhile Archie was getting settled in and Mrs. Allen had accepted the offer to work for Archie again, and was totally moved in to her new apartment.

One of the first things she said to Archie was from now on please call me Marcy for that is my name.  Mrs. Allen makes me sound so old. 

Since none of the people I will now associate with know me as Marcy, it would be hard to change it later if they get used to calling me Mrs. Allen.  Archie agreed it would be so much better to be more informal.

He asked her about her husband, and to his surprise she said, “I don't have a husband, and have never been married.  I only said that to keep the men at arms length from me.

While it didn't stop all of them from trying to have one night stands with me most were held at bay by me having a supposed husband. I didn't have any interest in the lifestyle they offered at all.”

Archie had never seen her with her hair down, makeup on and without her horn rimmed glasses.  Along with her new surroundings she had decided to join the social set, and do a make over.  She had her hair cut and styled which eliminated the old fashioned look. 

The office had an informal gathering of the staff so they could get acquainted with Archie and Marcy (Mrs. Allen). Archie noticed that they had a large pool of secretaries, and hoped that they weren't used outside of the office like his former employers had done.

Marcy got to know a couple of the secretaries that she would use working with her as needed.

Archie was hoping that he wouldn't be working as a defending attorney very long. He sure didn't feel comfortable doing that because of his limited experience in court proceedings.

Over lunch he expressed his concerns with his immediate superior, but he told Archie that he would do just fine and not to worry.

“You will be either second or third chair to start out with and won't have to say anything at all. It will be important for you to know all about the case and how the lead attorney will proceed.”

This made Archie feel much better for he knew he could handle the second position with ease.      
To be Continued

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Hand Repost from 2010

This post is an extra Musing by Robert, and will be shared at Tell Me a StoryMy continued stories will follow this post.

There is a story in the Bible about a hand.  It was not just any hand, but was a particular hand.

This hand was the hand of the Most High GOD.  It only went forth at the command of GOD.  In Daniel 5:5 we find the hand was sent out to write a message of doom for a king and kingdom.

There was only one man who could read the message.  Daniel the prophet was this man. What he saw written, was final and soon to come to pass.

The King wanted Daniel to tell him what was said, and what it meant.  

Daniel read and explained the writing to the King saying; MENE, GOD has numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. TEKEL, thou are weighed in the balances and found wanting. PERES, thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

This hand of GOD is the hand of judgment falling upon nations who reject GOD.
America has been blessed by GOD more than any other country before, and therefore more is required of it. Today we find that this country is well on the way of rejecting the Only True GOD.

Our present President has openly declared this nation is not a Christian nation.  Many Christian leaders are being chastised and ridiculed, for standing up and saying there is no other GOD Save Jehovah.

The enemies of the Christians are growing in numbers.  They are in positions of authority: political, legal, and also in the secular world.  The Words from the Bible are being slowly erased from government buildings, just because they are found in the Bible.

The former President would conclude his speeches with, “GOD Bless America.”  

I would think, “For what reason should God bless America?  Does America love GOD?  DO the people serve Him?  Do they claim Him as Lord and Savior?”  

The current President would not dare to say those words, and I for one miss hearing them.
In Sodom and Gomorrah, the Hand of God went forth and destroyed those cities, because of their unrighteousness.
The question today is, “How long will GOD allow this country to escape his wrath? “

The strength of America, contrary to poplar belief is not its military, its financial domain nor its economic power, but rather it is in its belief in the Almighty GOD.  It is in our worship, and dedication to HIM.  

How long will GOD restrain his Hand from going forth, and to what degree will its strength be shown?  I fear we may soon find out!

Psalms 33:12  Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom He hath chosen for his own inheritance.

Proverbs 14:34  Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to all people.

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MILKSOP Chapter 26

New York Offices
Archie decided to travel to New York and check out the offer for employment there.

Since Celia and Alice had never been there they decided to go with him.

When he advised the law firm he was coming, they said they would arrange accommodations for all three of them.

Upon arriving they were met by a member of the firm, and were taken by limo to their lodging.  The host said he would pick Archie up in the morning and they would meet the partners and get acquainted.

Meanwhile he said the limo would be available and a hostess would take them wherever they wished to go.  The ladies were quite eager to accept that offer for they had a list of things to do that Archie would not be interested in.

The next morning after meeting with the board the discussion got to the business at hand.  

They asked Archie a series of questions which he answered.  They finally were satisfied and wanted to know if he had any questions about the job he was considered for.

He asked many of the same questions they asked him like where do you see yourself ten years from now.

Their answers were very much like his concerning the future and relating to their goals and hopes.

One pertinent question was where would we live? They assured him that they had a large (by N.Y. standards) apartment in a building the company owned that would be part of the package they would offer him if they got that far.

The salary was also of interest and they assured him that it would be commensurate with his value to the company.

It was important to Archie and he wanted the specifics of his job laid out so there would be no confusion about what was expected of him. 

He did not want them making up new responsibilities as they went on.
After some three hours they all decided to have lunch at the cafeteria on the bottom floor.

After lunch the senior partners met to discuss the offer they would or would not present to Archie.

During that period one of the junior partners gave Archie a tour of the offices and introduced him to the staff.  Then the time came to get down to the final business at hand.

There were a few more questions one of which was if Celia would be staying in New York with him.

Archie said I don't think so, because she is perfectly happy in her home town but he hoped she would visit them often.

He told them that if he accepted the job he had one request and was that he be allowed to hire his former secretary.  She would need a place to live with a salary that would allow her to live in the City without having to do without.

They agreed to that stipulation, and said he could set her salary along with their finance officer.
The offer they made him was more than he had hoped for but he said, “I will need to discuss this matter with my wife for she will want to continue to work in her chosen profession as a court reporter.”

Having said that Archie agreed to meet them again in the morning

Alice was all for moving to the big city for she was enthralled with the idea.

It was like a dream come true for her, while Aunt Celia had enough and was ready to return home.

Archie felt comfortable with the job offer and responsibilities except he would need to appear in court and settle disputes from time to time.

This was something he had never done before, and it would be a new experience.

The next day he met with the partners, accepted their offer and signed an agreement with them.     
To be Continued

Sunday, June 23, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 25

Businessmen Arguing
Come Thursday Archie was summoned up to the senior partner's office. He didn't know what to expect but was prepared to explain his reasons for quitting on short notice.

The secretary told him to sit down and after waiting for a half hour Archie said, “When he is ready to see me, he knows where my office is and he can come down there.”

The secretary was taken aback and said, “Wait, he can see you now.”

Archie asked, “Can you explain why you kept me waiting out here without informing him I was here, and then he went back to his office?”

Archie was usually easy going, but he had enough of this disrespect and wasn't going to put up with it anymore.

It was lunch time and he had arranged to have lunch with Alice.

He had waited to tell her that tomorrow was going to be his last day at the law office, and they would have a bit less to get by on until he was employed again.

He briefly went over the whole scenario and she agreed totally with him.

She suggested, “Let’s take a few days off and have some fun, O.K?

Archie said, “That sounds good to me we need some time together.”

Shortly after he got back to the office the senior partner came in and lit into Archie about being ungrateful and not coming up to his office like he had been requested.

Archie kept his cool and told him to have a seat and he would answer any questions he wanted to ask him.

Then Archie said, “But I don't want any more of this tirade of yours.  If you can't talk to me respectively then please leave.”
The partner was surprised by Archie's attitude but sat down and cooled off.

Archie said, “First of all you have my resignation, and after tomorrow I will no longer be employed by this firm unless you want to fire me today.

That would be alright with me for all my work is caught up and Mrs. Allen knows all about what we have been working on.”

The partner wanted to know why he was quitting!

Archie answered, “It is because I am not qualified to do the work you demand of me, and I will not accept pay for not being able to do what I'm paid for.”

The partner wanted to know why he thought he wasn't qualified for he had checked his credentials and Archie had all the degrees he needed.

Archie said, “It would seem that I need a Pimp's degree and that is one I don't have.”

The partner didn't understand what Archie was talking about so Archie spelled it out in detail.

He said, “This wasn't what I thought I was hired for. He went on and said you can dock me for tomorrow's pay for I won't be back anymore.”

The partner spent the next hour trying to get Archie to change his mind but to no avail.

Archie said, “While it isn't any of my business but it might be worthwhile for you to find out what is going on in your company for much of it is disgusting.”  

He went on to say, “I will honor my nondisclosure agreement, and will not discuss this with anyone, at the same time you might consider writing a letter of recommendation to whom it might concern for my future references.”

After agreeing to do that the partner left and Archie took his briefcase and coat and headed to the door.

He gave Mrs. Allen a hug and said perhaps we will work together again someday for you have been a loyal friend.

As he left for home he thought a week ago I thought I would work here until I retired but now I am looking for work.

He and Alice took a week vacation of sorts, and just enjoyed themselves.

When they returned he had several offers for a job.

A couple of the offers were local, but he didn't want to work in the same location he had worked in, because it might end up as a conflict of interest; due to him knowing all about how the firm he had worked for did business.

There was one offer in New York which sounded interesting.

To be Continued

Saturday, June 22, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 24

Mrs. Allen was an Awesome Secretary
It had been several months since Alice selected Mrs. Allen as the secretary for Archie and she was working out very well.

She was all business and systematic in the way she did things, as was Archie.

He never had to tell her twice, and she always did what she was told.  If there was a problem she reported to him, so he could deal with it with her.

It had come to the place where he was putting together the packages for negotiation with the parties involved.

Or another way to put it was; he was doing all the work, and someone else was getting the credit.

While he understood how the game was being played, he ignored the inequity of the situation, because he figured he was being paid for putting in the hours and what happened after that was someone else's issue.

Then one day a junior partner came to him and said, “You are doing a good job, but now you are going to have to put in a little more time occasionally.

If you do well in this venture you will eventually move up, and some day you might be considered as a junior partner.”

The way the office was structured was there was the main man who started the business and was the chairman of the board.

Then under him were several partners (most of which were relatives) who were also board members.

Next were the junior partners, several of which were also members of the family.

Finally were the underlings of which Archie was one of them.

Archie thought to himself, “I am already putting in twice the hours than most of the junior partners, and it doesn't seem right that I should be expected to do even more than that.”

At times he would get home late, and need to get there early to get the extra work cone they had heaped upon him.

The junior partner said, “There is more to getting a merger put together than just laying out the particulars.”

Archie said, “Such as what?”

“Well you know there is a certain amount of wining and dining that has to be done.

Once you have done your part then there are lower level people of the other company who have to approve it before it is presented to the upper level people.

These lower level people expect as a perk some special entertainment and that is where you will be coming in.”

Archie asked, “Just what kind of entertainment are we talking about?”

The Junior Partner answered; “Well you know the usual stuff.”

Archie replied, “What kind of usual stuff?”

The Junion Partner went on and said, “It will be your responsibility to supply them with escorts and take them to the finest restaurants and clubs, and of course make sure they have their reservations at their hotel.

This is usually done over the weekend so you will have time to handle this and do your regular work, also you can party along with the guests free of charge; consider it one of the perks of your job.”

Archie said. “I think I understand what you need, but there is just a couple of questions. 

One question is how do I pay for all this, and the second is, where do I find the escorts that will be suitable for the task they are expected to perform?”
The junior executive said, “You will receive a credit card on which you can add a little something for your self, and you can get the girls from the secretary pool.”

 Archie said, “Very well, I believe that I know what I must do.”

After the Junior Partner left, Archie decided it was time for him to move on.

He wrote out his resignation stating he would be leaving as soon as he finished the case he was working on.  He further stated it would be finished by Friday.”

He went up to the partner's office that hired him and requested to see him.

This was a bit unusual for he didn't normally do that.  The secretary said he was busy and couldn't be disturbed.

So Archie told her. “Be sure you give this letter to him, ‘unopened’ because there are things inside for ‘his eyes only,’ and you will be in big trouble if you open it.

To be Continued


Friday, June 21, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 23

Tending to Business
"Biography is a very definite region bounded on the north by history, on the south by fiction, on the east by obituary, and on the west by tedium."  Philip Guedalla

Archie often read and mused about the quote by Guedalla and tried to fit himself within its boundaries. Since the East was the last place he wished to visit due to its permanence, he focused upon the other three.

His was a short history; still he had arrived at a point where he had a good wife, graduated from Law School, and had a good job where he could pay his bills with some left over.

It was in that setting that the daily grind was beginning to wear on him.

Had he been the helmsman it would have been less tedious, but he was an oarsman, and it was his job to help move the ship forward.

The days for Alice were more exciting although not incredibly exciting.

She was in a pool of court reporters that arrived just before eight and waited to see if they were given an assignment for the day. If they were assigned to a criminal case they might be there for a long time.

Each case was different, and their duties varied with the case, so they had to stay on their toes ready for whatever came their way.

The office pool was an interesting place because if they were without assignment they just sat around and gossiped about other women who were in the legal profession.

Each large law office also had a secretarial pool to draw from.  Some of the attorneys had a private secretary while others used them on an "as needed" regimen.

Archie was to have his own secretary, he just had to select one from the pool but he hadn't decided on one yet.
The girls in the pool were competing for the job with Archie, and he was enjoying watching each of them do their thing.

Meanwhile back to the court secretarial pool the gossips were in full swing.

Then one spoke up and said, “Have you heard about the young attorney over at M & A. the girls are competing to see who gets to be his private secretary.”

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“It looks like he is leaning toward, ‘Lusty Lena’ according to the girls over there.  That gal can turn a man's head when others can't get the time of day.”

“The word is she plans to take him away from the wife for it looks like he has a great future.”

“She is about ten years older than him but that is a non issue for Lena.  If she wants him - - he is her man because she exudes, Come hither."  

So far Alice had not entered into any of their conversations but this one interested her.  

She asked, “Does anyone know the name of the poor unsuspecting guy for he sure sounds like a babe in the woods?”

One of the girls spoke up and said, “His name is something like Arly or Albert, something like that.”

Alice spoke and said, “It wouldn't be Archie would it?”  They all said, “Yes, that is it.  Do you know him?”

Alice answered, “I think I may have met him once or twice.”

Outwardly Alice was calm looking, but inwardly she was fuming and couldn't wait to get to the phone.  

When she reached Archie on the phone she said, “Honey I'm off today so let's have lunch together.”
He sounded excited and said, “That will be great.”

Alice met him at the restaurant and she said, “Have you selected a secretary yet?”

He said, “No but a couple of them seem to be alright.” 

Alice said, “I know what you need so I will help you pick out one after lunch,” to which he said, “That would be good for I can't make up my mind.”

After they arrived back at the office he said, “I have to get back to work but come to my office, and bring your choice with you when you decide.”

A half an hour later Alice knocked on Archie’s door where Lena was taking dictation. Alice said, “He won't need you any longer, because Mrs. Allen will take over from now on.”

Mrs. Allen had been married for twenty years, and was very experienced with life. 
She also was a top notch secretary with excellent skills, but she was used as a fill in because most of the men wanted a younger girl.

During Alice's interview with Mrs. Allen, she explained what she wanted her to do, one of the things was to keep the rest of the girls away from the naive Mr. Archie.

To be Continued