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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Constitution - courtesy

After the first year in law school, Charles had to make a decision that he knew would be at logger heads with his father.

His father wanted him to study corporation law while Charles was interested in Maritime law.
It involved a broader spectrum than what his father wanted.

Maritime or Admiralty law was where his interest was along with the Law of the Sea.  
Part of his argument with his father was that Alexander Hamilton and John Adams were both admiralty lawyers as well as Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

He especially was interested in the distinctions the constitution placed upon it such as trial by jury in all matters.

Just about the time he had made the decision to go for Maritime law he realized he needed a full understanding of Constitutional law along with it and he wondered what he had been doing this last year not to have seen that.

He felt something that would be emphasized somewhere down the road would be civil liberties, and he hoped that civil responsibilities would get equal emphasis.

He especially liked John Locke's tenet that; "The fundamental constitutional principle is that the individual can do anything, but that which is forbidden by law, while the State may do nothing but that which is authorized by law."   Hummm !

He at this time wondered if he had not bitten off more than he could chew.

For the next three years he was going to give his entire attention to study and research. It was to be class time and library time for the moment as well as working in the law office.

It was goodbye to his social life just when some of the older girls began to forget about him being a couple of years younger than them.

The time was passing rather fast and Charles was absorbing a lot of information which led him to ask many questions at the law office he was working at.

This went fairly well until Charles began to question the viewpoint they had on several points of law and that was the end of the help he got from the partners working there.

This was a big move on Charles part for he had now begun to form his own opinion on different phases of the law. He researched each and every question that came to mind whether from the class or something that occurred to him.

He figured if he wanted to stay at the law office where he was working after he had taken the bar exam he had better shut up and just listen.

The time was approaching when his schooling would be finished and his mind began to think about something that had been pushed to the back of his mind these last three years and that was the opposite sex.

Charles wondered what had ever happened to the girl his sisters had picked out for a friend for him. He remembered that they had argued about a lot of things but they had a lot of fun anyhow.  

He tried to remember her name but it just wouldn't come to him so he asked one of the sisters and they told him it was Edith or Edie as she was called.

He then asked his sister if she knew what ever happened to her and she said; the last she heard was she was still in school and would be graduating this year.

He had some free time coming up so he decided to try to find her and see how she was doing.

He was especially interested in finding if she was available.

To be Continued 

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