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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Old Man Chapter 6 Meeting the Girls

Meeting the Girls
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It was early morning when he woke up and immediately his mind went to last night’s phone call.  He wondered what was going on.

He felt whatever it was he was in the middle of it and it made him feel unsure of himself.  He had dealt with business men at the highest level but this woman was something else and she had him confused.

He made a list of possibilities and the one that stood out was the possibility that she was building him up and showing interest to make another possible suitor jealous.

He hadn’t checked it out but he thought the widow had a large interest in the company otherwise he wouldn’t be working there, and it just so happened that she brought her husbands clothes to the mission when he was in need and standing outside the mission.

He couldn’t figure it out for it was too complex for his mind.  The one thing that stood out was he felt like a fish on a hook being slowly reeled in and he couldn’t help himself.

He had to put this aside and get to work.  A shower, breakfast, and he was ready for the day.  The one thing he was sure of was his job.  With his experience it was easy.

At first the Veep wasn’t certain about the new man whether he was aiming for his job or what.  Yet there was no evidence of him trying to undermining him.

Something he really appreciated was when a client dropped in unexpectedly the new man would call him by his name and would bring him into the Veep’s office and say something like “Look who’s here!” and call him by his name in case I couldn’t remember it.

It was like that all the time.  By the time the client got to my office they felt like they were privileged to get to see me.  At this point I don’t see how I could get along without him.

The new man never asked for it but he had gotten two hefty raises already for his boss’s dept had increased in profits greatly.  Most everyone gave the credit to the new man.

The weekend was coming up and the widow invited him to spend the weekend with her and her daughters.  He kinda wanted to go but he felt he didn’t want to be alone with her.  He felt foolish thinking that way but that was the way it came out.  Naturally he said yes, he would be glad to go.

She told him that she would pick him up after work and to pack a suitcase for they would stop on the way for dinner and then go straight there. 

It was still daylight when they arrived and as she parked her car two young ladies came bouncing out of the house.  They gave her a kiss on the cheek and then began looking New Man over.  They walked around him, giggling all the while.

The widow said for them to stop and behave themselves.  While walking to the front door one of the girls said Mom can we keep him?

New man thought; this is going to be worse than I thought.  Daughter number one took his suitcase while daughter number two took his arm and walked him into the house. 

The widow told number one to take New Man to his room for the week end.  The daughter led him to a large room with a view.  After showing him the bath she said my room is just next door.  If you need anything during the night just come over and come in for the door will be unlocked.

New Man thought I’m spending the week end with a house full of loose women and I can’t get away from here.

Having eaten an early dinner the new man was getting a little hungry but he didn’t want to ask where something to eat was.  If he was home he would have been in the fridge by now and relieving that hunger pain.

There was a firm rap at his door.  He wondered if it was safe to open it.  That number one daughter might be there and ready to attack him.  After the second knock a voice said; we are serving a snack in the kitchen so if you are hungry you can come down and join us.

Upon hearing there was food to be had, he swung the door open and there stood a woman in a maid’s uniform who said; follow me this way to the kitchen.  It was a short cut from the upstairs and he followed her on her heels so to speak.

When he got to the kitchen there was no one in there which brought him relief.  He didn’t ask where everyone was but just began to help himself to some delicious Hors d'œuvres.  He felt silly sitting there stuffing himself but continued anyway.  He looked for something to drink but all that was served was wine.  He didn’t want that so he looked for some water.

The kitchen sink was in view, but he couldn’t find a glass anywhere.  Finally he decided to drink from the faucet on the sink.  Turning it on, he leaned over to drink when the widow came in.  She burst out laughing and said let me see if I can find you a glass.

He stood there with water dripping from his chin and said that dried fish was very salty and I couldn’t find a glass.  There wasn’t even a wine glass; does every one drink from the bottle?

She continued laughing saying; the maid just washed the dishes and hasn’t put everything away.  She said you can drink from my faucet anytime you want.  He said I’ll remember that. 

The girls came in with several other guests and New Man was glad to get off the subject about his drinking habits.  He was introduced as Ma’s new boy friend to everyone which he didn’t deny for he didn’t want to stutter and sputter trying to explain he wasn’t her boy friend just a guest like them.

He thought they were having a lot of fun at his expense.  He actually enjoyed it for it was fun for him also.  Over the years he had grown into a somewhat staid condition and there was no fun for him.

He was getting the idea that their teasing was just all in fun and being a target wasn’t so bad once he relaxed.  After some time the guests either left or retired to their bedrooms leaving only the two girls and the maid putting things back in order for breakfast the next morning and leaving the New Man with the widow sitting in the living room.

She said, “I hope the girls aren’t too much for you.  They are totally unrepressed.”

“Like their mother,” he added, she agreed, “Like their mother but they wouldn’t tease you if they hadn’t taken a liking to you right off.”

He said, “I admit I was taken aback at first but now I really like both of them.”

The two girls came in and said, “Its time for you to go to bed now, and added ‘separately’ that is.”

The widow said alright that’s enough for tonight. I’ll be right up.

New Man watched them go up the stairs and then said, “My face has been red every since I have been here.  Those gals are too much!”

She said you better turn in for that’s what I’m going to do.

The next morning New Man had a quiet breakfast for everyone except he and the cook were still in bed.  After eating he decided to look the place over.  It was quite large with what once were stables and a coach house.

There was a large pool and patio area with a place for food preparation. He thought about his two room apartment he shared with roommate for a while and the larger one he now lived in and said I’m really out of place here.

All the people who were there last night were rich and lived like this all the time.  He thought about his good salary and said it would pay for about an hour a month for this place. 

While he was feeling small the widow came out and found him.  She took his arm and pulled herself close to him as they walked.  This was difficult for him to be with her like this.

The things he went through with his wife and being depressed about losing his job and barely getting along had taken its toll on him.  Though he was coming out of it he still wasn’t ready for all this luxury.  She led him over to a private sitting area and said, “I’m glad you are here.”
He said, “What about all your guests?” for he could hear them in the background.

She said, “They are my girl’s friends mostly and if I knew you would be here they wouldn’t have been invited.”

She said, “The girls have been urging me to get married again and I must confess that I am giving it some thought.  There are men from all over wanting to become my dream man but I fear the dream would turn into a nightmare shortly after the wedding.  It’s interesting that the smell of money can put romance in the air quicker than anything else I know of.”

As he sat there his demeanor was a combination of being pleased with a measure of skepticism.

She looked at him and said, “I hope I haven’t shocked you… no, you aren’t shocked for you have known where my interest was leading to.”

For a moment he dared not to speak for all that would come out would have been; I uh, I uh, I uh.  So he kept quiet.

She said I guess that answers any questions and misgivings I might have had and stood to leave.  He leaped up and grabbed her arm and the pulled her close to him in a gentle embrace.  He still couldn’t speak but his actions told her all she needed to know.  

They stood there for what seemed like an eternity until daughter number one came and stood there while observing them.   At first they were unaware she was there until she started coughing to get their attention.

She said, “Mom our guests are leaving and you should say goodbye unless you are too busy with other things.”

The widow left number one daughter with New Man and went to say goodbye to the guests.  “So,” said the daughter, “What are your intentions New Man as if I didn’t know?”

Once again he found himself without words and she spoke up and said “Cat got your tongue?”

As he looked away from her she said, “Listen, you keep it clean until after the wedding, you get my meaning?”

He managed a, “Got ya.”

The widow came back and one look at New Man told her that daughter number one had done a job on him.  She motioned with her head for number one to scat and as number one left she said, “Don’t you get Mom pregnant.”

He almost collapsed when she said that.  The widow took new man and hugged him close and said, “Now, now, everything is alright. You don’t pay her any attention to her for she can be mean sometimes.”

He thought she wasn’t mean she just said some of the things I wanted to hear and would like to hear some more.  

For the rest of the weekend they enjoyed each others company and the widow said, “Let’s give it a little time and see where it leads to while thinking; to the altar I hope.” 

To be Continued


Friday, November 29, 2013

Old Man Chapter 5 Getting Acquainted

"How Was Your Day?"
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The first day at work was spent in getting acquainted with all the staff and setting up his office.

His name was on the door as the assistant to one of the vice presidents.  He had yet to meet the Veep and figured he might as well get it over with.  Knocking on his door he went in after hearing “Entrée.”

He sat across from the Veep and met his stare with a piercing look he had learned from dealing with people who felt they were superior to everyone else.   For a while neither of them blinked, it was then the Veep knew he had met his match.

He then moved on past the theatrics and began to lay out the New man’s (as he now called himself) portfolio.  He had a large file he wanted New Man to get acquainted with and said he expected him to perform at the level he was told he could.  After a while things began to ease up and the atmosphere became cordial.

New man thought this isn’t going to be so bad after all.  With the day all but behind him he started asking questions about the widow.

The secretaries were more than happy to tell him every thing they knew and add some speculations about things they didn’t know.

That evening he thought he would have dinner before he went home and went in a restaurant near the office.  As he entered he heard a familiar voice.

One he didn’t know if he wanted to listen to.  It was too late for she had him in her sights.  It was his ex-roommate and she was in the mood for conversation.  At first it was all about her and her conquests.

Then it shifted to our New man.  The first thing she wanted to know was how far he had got along with her.  He acted as if he didn’t know what she was talking about but due to her incessant razzing he told her how things had developed so far.

She said, “This isn’t the stuff I want to hear about.  Have you visited her bed yet?”

He said, “That’s enough.  If you don’t cut it out I will leave.”

She said, “Are you in the dark as to what is happening?”

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“She has her cap set for you and she intends to have you.”

“Maybe she can have me … is that what you want to hear?”

He was getting a little perplexed at her implications , so he left and went home to his new apartment. 
The apartment he now had was bigger than his old one and his chair fit right in with the rather plain décor. 

Around seven, he received a phone call wanting to know how his day went.  He recognized the voice as belonging to the widow.

Out of fun he said. “I was just thinking about you, wondering how you were doing.”

She was surprised at first for he had never been that forward with her.

Being experienced at the “tit for tat” game so she said, “Just how would you like me to be?”

That was all it took for the wind to go out of his sails and all he could think of was the word “Okay.”

She said well you will be happy to know I’m okay.  Then there was a great silence between them until she laughed and said, “I’m just teasing, you know that don’t you?”

Being somewhat unsure he said “Yea sure.”

She said, “Now c’mon don’t go clamming up on me I wanted to chat with you.”

He said, “Okay.” And again silence.

She said, “Say something, something sweet.” 

That unnerved him and he said, “I have to go,” and hung up.  It was going to be a restless night for him.

She was ecstatic for she had him just where she wanted him.  She would reel him as he regained his composure and began to feel sure of himself again.

 To be Continued


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Old Man Chapter 4 The Interview

The Interview
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It was the next day and almost ten o’clock.  He had showered even though the shower hardily worked.  Emerging with one of the fine suits, he looked very respectable. 

He felt a little naked without a briefcase when he addressed the secretary and told her he had an appointment.  After the obligatory wait of fifteen minutes the secretary told him, the head man would see him now.  He felt like he did when he went for his first interview as a young man. 

He was told to have a seat and the head man asked for a resume to which the old man replied, “Ask me any thing you want to know for I can answer you in more detail while looking directly at you.”  

The head man said; “Well then what can you do?”

The old man said, “Anything a CEO can do and more.”

This took the head man aback for a minute, but then he asked a litany of questions that the old man answered fully and then said, “What job was I being interviewing for?” 

The head man said, “That was to be decided by his skill.”

The old man said, “My skill area starts at the top that is with your job, although I wouldn’t take your job if it was offered because I know what you have to put up with each day.  Then I could handle any of the jobs from your level down to the messenger boy.  It only remains for you to decide on how I could help you do your job knowing all the time your job is safe.”

The head man had never interviewed any one like the old man.  The old man said let me ask you a question if I may.  “Have you been ordered to hire me by someone?”

The head man said, “Yes.  As a matter of fact I have been told not to let you out of here without offering you employment of some kind.”

The old man said, “I thought so.  If you don’t feel comfortable hiring me, just tell whoever ordered you to do that - - tell them that I refused the job offer and went on my way.  I would never contradict you and it would be your way out.”

The head man said, “You are hired.  You start tomorrow.  Just come in at eight thirty and you will be given a list of jobs that are open and you can select the one you want. If there isn’t any thing on the list you want then we will create the job you want to have.”

The old man said, “I’ll see you in the morning.”  

On the way out the old man saw the woman who gave him the new suits and told him to come here for a job.  He said, “It was you who ordered the head man to hire me wasn’t it?”

She pretended to deny it for a while but then said, “Yes it was me.”

She went on and said, ‘When I first saw you I thought you were a bum.  Then I got curious and wondered if you were a bum or like so many had fallen on hard times. That is why I had the head man offer you a job.  I wasn’t sure you would turn up and I made a bet with myself that you would and you did.  What job did you take?”

He said, “I don’t know.  He gave me a list of jobs to choose from here it is.”

She took the list and read it over.  She then penciled in another position which was Assistant Vice President.  She said, “This makes the list more interesting.  Its lunch time so let’s eat.”

They went to a reasonable priced restaurant she liked and she quickly ordered a petite steak or that was what they called it.

He said, “I would like the same thing only bigger.”  With the trimmings it was more like dinner than lunch.  Strangely enough she didn’t talk too much during their meal, but consecrated on eating as if she was hungry.  He thought her husband dying hasn’t hurt her appetite any.

While they had an after lunch coffee she began talking with questions galore.

He tried to limit his answers to a couple of words which only caused a barrage of follow up questions.  After his evasion and limited answers she said, “You know I have had you investigated don’t you?”

He was genuinely surprised by that and said, “Why on earth would you do a thing like that?”

She said, “Think about it.  The way you answered my questions, I knew you must be a very private person and I wanted to know all about you.  

He said, “All you could find out was things of record I may have things hidden that you don’t want to know about.”

She laughed and said, “I spotted you before you ejected your room-mate and her friend and then began to enquire as to your status.”

He said, “Well what is your conclusion about me.  Do I pass your test or am I found wanting?”

She answered and said, “It wasn’t anything like that, it was I felt you quit living far too soon and I was right about that, wasn’t I?”

He took a long time before answering her and then said, “Yes, you were right.”

She took a long breath and then said, “My situation seemed to parallel yours somewhat and after watching you I didn’t want to follow the same pattern of life that you did.  I purposed not to withdraw into oblivion feeling that life was over.  

I thought it was over for you until your roommate moved in and she had quite an effect on you.  You changed while around her and you owe her a lot.  
You are still a young man in your early sixties and watching you was important for if you could change then so could I.”

Upon that note they said goodbye and he had a lot of thinking to do.

The first thing was to tell that mirror on the wall to shut up, “I’m no longer an old man and from now on just reflect the new man, or your reflecting days will be over in a hurry.”

“Tomorrow,” he thought, “They will be getting a new Assistant Vice President and they don’t know what a bargain they are getting.”

To be Continued  

Old Man Chapter 3 Fire in the Old Bones

I Just Need to Get Cleaned Up said Old Man
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He swore he would never talk to any woman again but after thinking over all of what his Ex-room mate had said, he decided to take back that vow. 

He couldn’t bring himself to think that he might not be without some passion left buried somewhere down in his loins.  The very thought repulsed him and once again he rebuked her for her audacity. 

She had no right to try to plant such ideas in his head, ideas he now couldn’t expel from his thinking.

“If I was a drinking man I would drink until the thoughts disappeared from me for if I don’t get over her suggestions - - - she will have me chasing after every widow in town.”

He went to the nearest pharmacy and asked for something to make him sleep.  When he arrived home he took a double dose and slept till noon the next day.  When he awoke and came to himself he felt different somehow.

It was like he not only awoke from his sleep but from the doldrums that had all but disabled him.  He didn’t have much money but decided to splurge and get his hair trimmed and get rid of that hang dog look that he had become used to. 

He then went down to where they gave away used clothes and met a newly widowed woman who was on her way to the mission.  Her husband had just died and she wanted to get rid of his clothes for they reminded her of him. 

The old man found that they were not only his size but were almost new and stylish. 

He told her he would take them from her and save her having to answer a lot of questions that would only cause her pain and grief.  She had several boxes and asked him how he was going to get them to his house.  He said, “Don’t worry I’ll manage somehow.”

She said, “Nonsense get in my car and I will drop them off where you live.”

Reluctantly he got in and a few minutes later they were at his apartment. 

They unloaded the goods and she said, “Thank you for helping me get rid of these clothes.  I hope you will wear them well.”

The man who lived next to him was a big help to get his bounty into his apartment.  He spent the rest of the day hanging his suits up and putting everything in order. 
As he hung them up he looked in the pockets and found several dollars the widow had forgotten to take out.  He thought I can make good use of these.  There were several other things including a wallet with some phone numbers and pictures of scantily dressed women. 

He thought, “I think I see why she wanted to get rid of his clothes.”

The next morning there was a knock at his door.  He opened the door and it was the woman who gave him the clothes.  He said, “I hope you don’t want the clothes back for I have just put them in order.”

She said, “No, no, I just wondered if you found a wallet in one of the coats?”

The old man thought, “Here goes my money.”  He started to lie but when he looked at her he said, “Yes do you want it?”

She said, “Yes if you don’t mind.  I think there is some information in it I don’t want to get around for our children’s sake.  It wouldn’t do if they found out what a rounder he was.”

The old man said, “Here it is except for a few dollars which I have here.”

She took the wallet and said, “You keep the money.”   She went through the wallet and took everything out of it.  She then handed it back to the old man and said, “Here, I hope you can get some use out of it.”

She then asked him where he worked, to which he answered, “No where, I can’t seem to get a job.”

She told him to dress up in one of the suits and shoes and go to the place on the card she gave him.  She said, “Don’t go until tomorrow but be there around ten in the morning.  Ask for Sims and he will give you whatever job you are qualified for.”

The old man thought, “My life is turning around.  It had been a long time since he had gone to church but he decided he should beat it down there and thank God for his deliverance.  He spent some time down at the altar. 

He didn’t have to spend much confessing for he hadn’t done anything bad just mostly a few bad thoughts but he gave thanks for the turn a round he was experiencing. 

The next day the old man decided to go to the restaurant and get a good meal.  When he got there, coming out of the café was his former room mate prancing out with her arm around a man.  She didn’t say anything but winked as she passed him.

While he could have had many thoughts the only that went through was, “I wish her well.”

To be Continued - - -


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Old Man Chapter 2 The Room Mate

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His new room mate contributed to their cost of living and he enjoyed her company. Then one day he got a temporary job for a few days for which he was grateful.

They let him off early one day and when he got home he saw a fellow sitting in his chair with her on his lap.

He watched for a while and then went into the bedroom and saw his bed all mussed up.  He pulled the sheets off and went down to the wash room to wash his sheets as there were some stains that weren’t there when he left that morning.

He knocked on the door next to his place and asked if he could borrow their kid’s baseball bat and they said, “Yes but bring it back.”  

He left the bat just outside his door and asked for an explanation for what they had been doing.  

She spoke up and said he will be staying here and you might as well get used to it. Then the boy friend got in his face and said the same thing.  From now on you will sleep on the couch if I let you.  He went on saying a lot of threatening things that weren’t very nice.

The old man didn’t say anything but went into the bedroom and closed the door behind him.  The woman said to the boy friend; “I guess we scared him so bad we won’t have any trouble out of him.”

After an hour he came out with her suitcase packed and sat it down where she was sitting on the boy friend's lap.  They didn’t pay any attention to the old man at first but watched as he went out side and got the bat which he held behind him so it couldn’t be seen and said, “There’s your suit case and I want you and your boy friend out of here and don’t come back.”

They didn’t move but instead told the old man he couldn’t sleep there tonight so blow.

She was still on the boy friend's lap and hugging him when the old man swung the bat with all his might and almost broke the boy friend's legs.  She fell off his lap while the old man threw her bag out the door.

The boy friend was on his knees when the old man gave him a couple more licks on his buttocks and shoulders.  He was hollering for her to help him get out of there.  The old man took him by his collar and dragged him out the door and said, “If you don’t get out of here I am going to call the police.”

The old man tapped the railing on the walk way and said, “I’m coming to give you some more if you don’t hurry.”  This speeded them up only a little for the boy friend was hobbling the best he could.  

The old man wiped his chair off with a damp cloth and when it was dry he started watching TV.  Little later he went down and got his sheets from the dryer and remade his bed.

That was the last he saw of her boy friend, but a week later the woman came over to where he was eating his free meal and asked if she could ask him something.  He said, “I guess so.”

She said, “Was it because you really cared for me you got so upset at me and the new fellow?"

He laughed like he hadn’t laughed for some time and said, “No it wasn’t.”

She said, “Well why did - - was it because we messed up the sheets?”

He said, ‘No although I didn’t care for that I thought it was uncouth to do that and leave it.”

She said, “Please tell me why you got so mad.”

He said, “It was because he sat in my chair and nothing else.  Of course I didn’t want him there, but it was the chair.  I couldn’t stand the fact that the two of you were in MY chair!”

She said, “I miss being with you.”

He said, “You are nice to say that but maybe you are missing the boy friend also.”

She said, “I never want to see him again for he was a no good.  It just took me a while to realize it but there’s nothing worse than a phony Romeo.”

The old man said, “I’m glad you figured that out for you could do better.”

She said, “What about you?  Maybe you need to find a widow woman that you can grow old with.”

He said, “According to the mirror I’m already old.”

She laughed and said, “You’re only as old as you feel.  The problem is you aren’t feeling anything but unless I’m wrong the right widow could change all that.”

He tried to keep a straight face but finally he had to give in and started to laugh with her.  He said almost under his breath; “Do you think…” he then regained his composure and said “No way.  I’ve had my turn at wedded bliss and didn’t do very well at it.”

As she left she turned and said, “If I get the chance I’m going to give it another whirl for I still have a little fire left in my bosom.”

He swallowed hard and said; “Good luck on that.”
To be Continued

Monday, November 25, 2013

THE OLD MAN Chapter 1 A Sensible Wife is Hard to Find

Today begins a new very short but continued story.  To NOT miss any of the chapters please sign the follow by e-mail box and click submit.

Old Man Worried

The old man story is one that you can read about in part in your daily news paper or other media every day.  I call him the old man for I don’t want to identify him or the other people in the story.

As you might guess he wasn’t always old for he started out like most all of us with a mom, a dad, and an opportunity to make something out of him self.

As it happened he fiddled away a lot of his time and had to play make up in order to amount to something.  Upon entering the work force he struggled to find his niche but after a couple false starts he found his place in the world and prospered.

He wooed and won his mate who was only half of what he needed accordingly to some but “they” always have something negative to say about everybody.

Personally I don’t know if he could have done any better or not but they could have managed their life better especially at the latter stages.

At least they had some kids to help them when they got old and for that they were thankful.  The old man worked his way up the ladder and was a success.  He in one sense was too successful for he didn’t have time to do everything he should have.

He finally gave the responsibility of handling their finances over to his wife who wasn’t up to the task.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t smart enough but her failings were in the social area. 

The people that gravitated toward her were those who felt destined to solve the world’s problems with other people’s money.  They thrived on problems that didn’t exist or even needed solving.  They insisted in involving her in every cause they could dream up and eventually telling her how much she could contribute to the cause. 

In order to keep favor with her crowd she would have to meet their expectation when they would say, “Can we depend on you for a thousand dollars or can we put you down for five hundred each month”?

The old man was too busy to pay attention to her social calendar which amounted to going out with her friends two or three times a week which had a new “Fix it agenda” each time.

The mistake she made was she thought that since her husband made a lot of money and his pay went directly into the bank she could write as many checks as she wished.  When her balance was low she would urge him to go to the higher ups and demand more money.  The time came when he asked one time too often and they let him go.

His wife couldn’t understand how the company could get along without her husband and felt he would get rehired when they realized the mistake they had made.  But that never happened for they were in a downsize mode.

She exacerbated the condition by continued her association with her friends and writing checks.  The day came when her so called friends realized the old man had got fired and her checks began to bounce.  They needed to separate themselves from her. This still left a lot of people wanting to be paid in cash for the bad checks.

With an empty bank account The Old Man had no other option than to with draw funds from his retirement account and pay her debts.  He was able to keep their health insurance but they now had to pay for it themselves.

The doctor said the decline in her health and the stroke had been brought on by all the stress she had been under.  They had all different kinds of treatments they wanted to try on her but when the health insurance ran out they had no more ideas to try.

When she passed on the kids insisted that she have the most expensive funeral the mortuary could provide.  This just about emptied his retirement fund but the kids felt good about it even though they considered it was their inheritance that was paying for it.  The old man tried to get a job but he learned to hate the words “Over qualified” with a passion.

All he wanted was to put food on his table not to make a million a year.  He had to sell his twelve room house and buy a small two bedroom one.  After he paid all his fees and taxes he had enough money to get along for a while until he spent enough of it so he could qualify for the government’s free stuff.

When he was close to the amount he could have and get assistance he put his house in his kid’s name who promptly sold it and he had to move.  It was just a case of them needing the money for vacations and such.  He got a small room because his kids didn’t have space for him and besides they couldn’t afford to care for him.

One line of reasoning that made that more reasonable was “He should have planned for his old age.”

After learning to play the government’s freebie game he ended up in a two bedroom apartment and enough to barely get along.  He got free meals from different charitable groups which helped him greatly.  He saved enough money to buy a used overstuffed chair and a small TV.  
At last life was good until he met a woman at one of the free food places.  She seemed to fill a lonely spot in his existence and after some time she moved in with him.

To be Continued

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Well Yes and No


Some of the old hymns challenge us to think over our position in Christ and the value of our salvation.   One such hymn is; “Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid.”

In those days the study of the sacrificial system was well known from the study of the tabernacle.  We learned how it was the precursor of that which was to be fulfilled in Christ’s life and sacrifice. 

We read in Hebrews 10:5 Therefore, when Christ came into the world, he said: "Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a body you prepared for me; 

Hebrews 10:10 By that pleasure we have been made holy, by the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for ever.

Sacrifice is the heart and soul of Christianity, by GOD in sending his son, in Jesus dying for our sins and now in the sacrifices of His followers.

Until you become serious about becoming a servant of GOD the thought of laying yourself on an altar of sacrifice is far from your agenda.

Read and think about the words of this Old Hymn “Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid?”

You have longed for sweet peace, and for faith to increase,
And have earnestly, fervently prayed;
But you cannot have rest, or be perfectly blest,
Until all on the altar is laid.

Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid?
Your heart, does the Spirit control?
You can only be blest and have peace and sweet rest,
As you yield Him your body and soul.

Would you walk with the Lord in the light of His Word,
And have peace and contentment always;
You must do His sweet will to be free from all ill;
On the altar your all you must lay.

Oh, we never can know what the Lord will bestow
Of the blessings for which we have prayed,
Till our body and soul He doth fully control,
And our all on the altar is laid.

Who can tell all the love He will send from above!
Oh, how happy our heart will be made!
Oh, what fellowship sweet we shall share at His feet,
When our all on the altar is laid!

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Our Family had Grown
courtesy free clip art
 New Orleans came into sight and after they docked, the lower deck passengers moved on to shore first, because the upper deck didn’t want to mingle with the common folk.

Jean asked one of the stewards to help him get his stuff he traded for during the trip onto the shore.  Most of the goods he traded were gold and jewelry and he sold them all on the docks in less than half an hour.

Jean thought a good trader could make a living just trading if they had the knack of making good deals.  

Elisa waited until Jean had finished his trading business before embarking off the ferry.

Jean wanted to get Elisa settled in the home his family had purchased for them so he hired a teamster and wagon to haul their belongings to their new home and a coach to ride in for themselves.

It wasn’t long before the family knew of their arrival and began to congregate to greet them at their new home.  

His mother and father came, and Jean and Elisa paid their respects to them.  It was obvious that even though longevity was a family trait the older members didn’t have much longer to live.  

The family had grown since we first landed in New Orleans.  Even though my father had several wives without the benefit of clergy and I had more cousins than I could count my mother was still the number one wife and everyone knew and respected her as such.

When the cousins began to have children the Famille grew into more than two hundred souls.

My folks had a huge house with many rooms that were usually filled with children, grand children and great grand children and it got so you couldn’t remember which part of the family they belonged to only that they were one of us.

Underlying the whole thing was the idea promulgated by my father that we were “La Famille” and that was almost sacred in father’s eyes.

Elise turned out to be very fruitful and we have kids running everywhere around here that are one eighth Indian.  At first we added on to our house but in the end we had to build a larger place.

My father would talk to me from time to time and the conversation would always come around to the subject of me only having one wife.  He would say, ‘You can afford several wives and you only have one, I don’t understand it.”

I would always tell him, ‘My little Indian girl was more than I needed.”

I made sure Elise never heard our conversations otherwise she would have put up a big disagreement with Dad.

There were several women that were very nice and willing, but I knew Elise would see right through my being unfaithful and she would never forgive me.

Since what is called the Louisiana Purchase occurred; many changes have been made but still there are some rumblings on this slavery issue.

That brings us up to date but I’m looking forward to the next chapter in the life of “LA FAMILLE.”

The End  “so far.”

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River Boat

Without telling anyone, Jean and Elise were planning to make a move of their own.  

It would be six months before they felt secure in leaving Jean2 and Levine in charge of the Post.  They also had to see to it that the Westward Inn Out Post was kept supplied.

This had been a very successful venture although some of the outposts in Canada weren’t too happy.  

Jean felt as long as they could count on Lucas everything would be alright.  Of course there would be Doc and his wives.  Then some of the workers had been there almost from the start and didn’t give any indication of leaving.  

Since they had been doing very well, Jean gave Moses and Mary an increase in their salary.  They seem to have a knack for dealing with the trappers and Indians.  

One thing that wasn’t profitable was the Clinic.  Usually the people who were sick didn’t have any money and Doc wouldn’t push them for money.  Elaina was better at get something out of them than the Doc was.  

The bottom line was jean had to pay all the expenses for keeping the clinic open.  He kept the Doc and the two wives along with their kids.  He paid the Doc a small amount and they helped themselves to the store room goods.
Jean was determined to keep the Clinic open for there were getting to be a large number of people in the area the needed help from time to time.

During the last three months before Jean and Elise were to leave they made some trips to St. Louis and tried to make a decision where they wanted to stay.  

It was going to be either St. Louis or New Orleans.  Elise hadn’t lived in New Orleans only visited for a short time and they had a good setup at St. Louis but with a cold winter coming on the decision was made to head for New Orleans.

The night before the ferry arrived they pitched a big party for Jean and Elise for they didn’t know if they would ever see them again.  

Everything was in place with Jean2 and Lesley at the North Out Post, Moses and Mary at the Wayward Inn, Phillip running the ferry and Monet handling the business at St. Louis.

St. Louis being the hub with the base for the ferry and the Main Outpost along with the several hundreds of acres the farmers farmed had become a large enterprise.  Jean could have sold the holding for a huge amount of money rivaling some of the Eastern Moguls but he chose to be fair and share everything with those who earned it.

Jean knew he probably would never go back and see any of the people past St. Louis for his interests lie elsewhere.  

They booked the best cabin on the ferry south and just for the fun of it Jean made several swaps on the trip south and had a lot of expensive items to sell when they arrived.

Their plans were to spend a year or more depending on how things went in New Orleans and enjoy being with his family.  It had increased greatly since he saw them last.

Of all the brothers and cousins he and Elise were the only ones without children.  They talked to Doc Adams about it and he said it was because of all the stress they were under so when they got to New Orleans to relax and let nature take its course.  

Normally any trip Jean took was about business, but this time he wasn’t doing business and he and Elise were thoroughly enjoying this journey.

Sitting on the upper deck they were checking out the view hour after hour.

There was one incident that happened; a couple of ruffians came upon the upper deck where they had no business, and began to speak crudely to Elise.
The Captain saw them and signaled for the crew to come and deal with them.  Before the crew came they tried to put their hands on Elise while still talking vulgar to her.

Jean hit the one nearest to him and stunned him.  At the same time he had his knife at the other one’s throat and backed him to the rail and pushed him over.

The crew arrived and the Captain told them to throw the other one overboard also.  The Captain apologized profusely but Jean said don’t worry; it just added a little excitement to our trip.

The rest of the trip was without incident. On the upper deck where Jean’s cabin was the Captain placed a guard at the stairs that led to the upper deck.

Down below there were several fights but that was normal where booze and gambling were going on.

When ever the ferry had to stop for loading and unloading passengers and freight, Jean and Elise would visit the popular spots and stretch their legs for a while.

To be Continued

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LA FAMILLE Chapter 21 The Surprise

A Ferry Boat to Carry Goods
It was a week later when Jean said to Jean2 and Phillip, “You have had a week’s honeymoon so it is time to get back to work.
You men look worn out and so do your wives so you need to rest up by getting back to work.”

Elise and the new wives finally got a chance to sit down and do some talking.  

Lesley asked Elise, “Will marriage always be this much fun?”

Elise said, “No, but it can be pretty good if you both work at it.”

The carpenter was busy making furniture for the two houses.  They still didn’t have tables and chairs.  

Early one morning, about ten days after Jean and Lucas got back from their trip, everyone heard a horn blow several times.  Jean said, “Let’s everybody go down to the river.”

Almost everyone went to the river even the Indians on the other side where Lucas was.
As they watched; a small ferry pulled up to the river bank and dropped the gang plank. The captain got off and greeted the people and said, “Are you ready to unload me.”

Jean said, “Yes, in a little while.”

He sent Phillip and Jean to the post for a couple of wagons and teams of horses.  As the wagons were being loaded Elise said, “Now then I want to know what is going on and no more delaying for I want to know now.”

Jean said, “Well it’s like this.  For many months Monet and I have been talking about the time it takes to get our goods here and the only way to save time is to come by water.  You remember the ferry that ferried people back and forth from St. Louis to the western bank was smaller than the big ferries.

A company started to run one of the large ferries duplicating what the small one was doing and did it for less money.  
This is the ferry that was put out of business.  The owner just had it fixed up when the other ferry ran him out of business.  Monet made him an offer and he took it so from now on we will bring our goods by boat.  The boat will bring more than twelve wagons and do it quicker.
Lucas and I were checking to make sure the river was deep enough to handle this boat. The good thing about it is this ferry is a shallow-draft river boat and can go where there is shallow water.”

She said, “That is all well and good but who is going to pilot it?”

Jean answered, “The captain is willing to continue to sail it and although he doesn’t know it Phillip is going to learn everything there is to know about this vessel and how to sail it in the rivers.  
When it isn’t bringing us goods it will be used for moving men and machinery up and down the river for others.”

She being a little miffed said, “Why didn’t you let me in on what was going on.”

He said. “The best way to keep things secret is to not tell anyone.  If I told you then you would have to tell anyone who asked what I was doing.  You would have tell them about it or just come out and lie to them about it.  
If anyone knew what we were planning someone else would have bought the ferry.  As it was no one wanted it so we got it for far less than it was worth.”

She said, “I guess that makes sense but I still don’t like it and I don’t want you to do it again.  I would rather lie about something than to be kept in the dark.”

He said, “Humm… and you a girl from the catholic school.”

She said, “I’ll humm you if you pull this again.”

He answered. “Okay nuff said.”

Jean invited the Captain up for supper and told Phillip to get acquainted with his new boss.  

Phillip tried to object but Jean would have none of it.  
Jean said, “I know what your trouble is and you can take Lesley with you on each trip for there are four nice cabins on the ferry.  When you are working out of St. Louis she can stay at Monet’s place with his wife and help out with the post there.  Eventually you will become the Captain and run the Ferry yourself.”  
This pleased Phillip for as long as he had Lesley with him everything was alright.

To be Continued