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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, March 11, 2013



Oil Derricks Courtesy Free Clip art
Ellie wanted to see the oil fields in action so she and Kathryn got in the car Leon had bought and they were off.

Some distance away Ellie said. “What is that awful smell?”  

Kathryn said, “That is what money smells like in Oklahoma sweetie.”

Seeing all the derricks and the drilling made Ellie understand what a large undertaking this was. There were acres and acres of oil derricks everywhere.

Ellie said after seeing this I can't help but wonder what the future holds for this country.

Upon arriving home there was a telegram waiting for Ellie.
It seems the unimaginable had happened.

San Francisco in Ruins 1906
courtesy photobucket
San Francisco had been hit by a giant earthquake, and the city was in flames. The expectation was that her home was no more than a pile of ashes.

Ellie couldn't believe the whole city had been destroyed by an earthquake and fire.  It was just unbelievable.

After the shock of the news began to settle in, they wondered how Oakland had fared, because Ellie had many investments there.
There was also some concern for the new home Leon had built in Oakland which was vacant except for a caretaker and his wife.

Leon sent a wire to the caretaker inquiring as to the condition of the home. Two days later he received a reply stating although they had a strong shaking but the house was fine and almost no damage.

Ellie, Leon and Kathryn made arrangements to return to the West coast. It took a couple of days to get reservations but finally they were on their way.

Ellie had been informed that her house was a total loss with nothing saved.

She could hardly believe that all of her keep sakes were lost.

Leon asked her about her financial loss and she told him that when she was in New York while making a deal with one of the large companies they insisted that she insure all her holding in San Francisco against loss of any kind.
Ellie said, "At this point, the money isn't the main thing I'm most concerned about."

When they arrived in Oakland they went straight to Leon's house and got settled in. 
People by the thousands were coming to Oakland to escape the after shocks and the fire. Leon managed to find some food stuffs and they were in pretty good shape.  

He armed the caretaker for there was some pretty mean people coming to Oakland, and it was just for protection.

Mr. Hughes made it over to Oakland and said that martial law was in effect in San Francisco, and he wasn't able to check on what was left.

Leon said for Ellie to take up residence in his house for he and Kathryn were going back to Tulsa. There was nothing he could do in Oakland and Mr. Hughes could watch over the investments there.

Once again they boarded the train east, and were glad to be leaving the mayhem they had just witnessed.

Upon arriving home Leon fell back into the old routine and was glad to be back home.

The two black men that helped build his house showed up one day and wanted to speak with him.
They told him that they had brought their families out here and the one room houses were simply too crowded for them. They wondered if Leon would sell them a little land so they could add on to their homes.

Leon said, I think we can work out something that will beneficial for both of us.
I want to build a storm cellar and add a couple of rooms to the rear of my house. If you will help do that then I will give you an acre down where your houses are and you can add some rooms to accommodate your families.

To be Continued   

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