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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sad News
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The last thing Kathryn and Leon wanted to hear was bad news, but it is something you can't hide from so they asked, “What happened?”

Ellie told them that it appears that FiFi was lost in the quake and fire. They thought at first that she had gone back east to be with friends, but after contacting her loved ones they said that they haven't heard from her.

This is something FiFi wouldn't do for she was always in touch with them. Leon and Katie were sorrowful at hearing this bad news.  Kathryn was especially sad for she had become very fond of FiFi.

The atmosphere and mood changed when they started talking about Kathryn's pregnancy and the child she was carrying. Leon left the women to discuss the baby, and he got their bags to their rooms and started to unpack.

It was going to be good, living in style with everything they needed at hand instead of having it to be ordered and then waiting for it.

Kathryn said I don't think I will ever leave here again.

Leon met Mr. Hughes in San Francisco and together they made plans for the future. While waiting for the city fathers to lay out a master plan they made repairs to the buildings that were salvageable.

Days passed quickly and Kathryn presented Leon with a fine son which was his pride and joy. Two years later they were blessed with a girl child. In the next four years they had two more children, two more boys.

Meanwhile Hughes lost his wife after a short illness which was quite a blow to him. 
He began to visit the children and playing with them now that they were big enough to respond to him, and as they began to talk they called him uncle Hughee.

Kathryn always knew him as a stern all business man, and she couldn't believe that below that austere facade there was a tenderness just waiting to be manifested.  She thought the fact that he had no children may have contributed to his interest in them, but whatever the case he saw them almost every day.
Time marched on and Mr. Hughes passed away and the family took his passing with a lot of sorrow.  He had become a close member of the group.

Ellie spent even more time with them to help get over the hurts brought on by his death. Mr. Hughes had no heirs and he left a sizeable fortune to the children. The details of how and when they would receive their money was stipulated in the will

Leon began to Write
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During this time Leon's mind went over his life and he wrote it out in detail.

Then one day the whole family was called together and Leon began to read to them, starting back to his childhood he went through his entire life.

Leon told how his father left him and his mother and they moved in to live with Uncle Jack, until he went prospecting.   How he headed west and his meeting with Ellie on the train and how she helped him.  He told about his chance meeting with Kathryn when she was called Nellie.  
He let Kathryn relate about her time with Ellie and FiFi, and how they came to be married.

As they related everything in detail it was like reliving it all over again.
When they were finished telling their life story Leon gave each of the children a copy of the book he had written about his life's journey so far, and said, - - -

"We have just started, and there is a lot more to come. "  

 The End


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