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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, March 25, 2013


Bar Exam
Charles and Edie had expressed their love for one another and the parents had given their approval on their up coming marriage even though it will be put off for at least a year.

Charles needed to head to the university where the bar exam was to be held under the watchful eye of the state. Since he had to travel several miles by train he would be gone for three days. 

Because his plans were to be working in more than one area of law he would need to take the exams on more than one day.

Many students fail the exam on the first try, and are required to wait months before they can be retested.

Charles had been able to focus on the issue at hand throughout all the years of schooling,  and his ability to do this had gotten him good grades, so much so at times his teachers had been suspicious of him cheating.

The first day of testing went very well, and the second was on Maritime Law and was somewhat tougher, but he felt satisfied as to how things went and was glad to be on his way home.

After arriving home the first thing he wanted to do was to see Edie and kiss her warm lips. He didn't realize that he could miss anyone so much.

He spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with her at her folks place and at his parent's home.  

Edie knew Charles's mother from social events she and her mother attended, but she had never set down and had a conversation with her.

Now that she was going to be part of his family she planned to spend time with Charles mother and get better acquainted for after all she was going to take her “baby” away from her.

On Monday Charles returned to the law office he worked at part time, and announced that since he had finished his formal studies he could work full time if they needed him to do so.

It would be two or three months before he would know if he had passed the bar.

Charles also spoke to the partners about setting up a division which could handle Maritime Law cases since he had specialized in that.

Apparently they had already decided they weren't interested in working with Maritime Law cases. 

The Senior Partner told him if he passed the bar exam he could work as a law clerk and handle much of the necessary paper work needed for handling things related to corporations.

They assured him he would make a little more money than he presently did.

This didn't set too well with Charles for he had spent five years studying all phases of the law, had received his degrees and soon would pass the bar. 

He could have handled that job after the first year of school, and no degree was required for what they wanted him to do.

He thought to himself, “Was this all they think of me to offer me a clerk's job.”

While he was disappointed he wasn't altogether surprised because from the time he had questioned one of the Partners about their handling of a case the attorney had shut him off, and would scarcely speak to him.

He hesitantly told Edie what happened for he wanted to share everything with her whether good or bad.

She asked what he was going to do and he said, “It looks like we go to plan B,” and she wanted to know what plan B was.  
To be Continued   

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