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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, March 17, 2013


My fictional continued Story will be posted next.
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Shoe Shine

 Herbie wasn’t exactly in our gang but he went to the same school I did.

Herbie wasn’t exactly dumb nor was he smart, maybe just slow.

Herbie had freckles and black hair; his brother had freckles and red hair.

Herbie couldn’t fight very well even the smaller boys could beat him up.

Herbie could do one thing very well, and that was to cuss a blue streak.

Herbie was the one I would look up when I wanted to make some money.

Herbie could always find a job such as washing cars at the car lot.

Herbie got, us a job cleaning windows on a new house, we made $5.00

Herbie had a shoeshine box, and we would make money shining shoes.

Herbie didn’t have any friends’ just acquaintances that he knew.

Herbie didn’t have a girlfriend, and never went on a date.

Herbie had many handicaps but he always did the best he could.

Herbie and I were not close, but after 70 years I have forgotten many of the guys on the Avenue, but I still remember Herbie.

Herbie would have loved to hear someone say, ”You got friend in me!”

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