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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 11

Race Car

While Lucas was pretending to be a race car driver, Mason talked to Abel and John, Lucas's father.

A few days later he came back and had some plans for an engine driven small race car.  

After some discussion they made some changes in the plans, and Mason said, “I will draw up a new set of plans reflecting the changes we decided on.”

The next time they met they made a couple of minor modifications.  The biggest problem was the steering and the brakes.

Mason never showed up for a week and when he did, he had the frame, axels and steering in place.  He used light weight channel for the basic frame that was reinforced at the crucial points.

He told Abel, “We can use the engine from the mower, but it will have to be rebuild it for it is getting old.”

Abel said, “I checked and a rebuild kit will run twenty dollars, which I don't have.” Mason said, “I have some connections and will take care of that.”

The next consideration was the tires and wheels.  Mason managed to get some pneumatic wheels off of some old heavy hand trucks.  The wheels had roller bearings (Which Mason replaced with new) and could be greased with a grease gun.

Now they had to figure out how to put brakes on them. As it turned out that was the hardest thing to fix on the race car.

Abel rebuilt the engine and had it running so it was ready to be mounted in the car. Next came the shaping of the sheet metal to make it look like a racer.

Mason cut the top out of a couple of junk cars and used that metal for body. It took a lot of cutting and shaping but it was finally ready for paint.

Abel had made the seat and padded it with some soft padding.

They both stood there looking at the car when Lucas came over and was looking for the old mower when he saw the new racer.
He had not been allowed to come over to Abel's for a week, and now he was ready to take the mower for a spin.

He first looked at the car and then over at Abel and Mason and back and forth.  Mason said, “What do you think?”

Lucas began to tear up and finally started to cry.  He never dreamed that they were building this machine.  It was bright red and had the number one on it.

After he settled down he slowly walked over to the car and began to check out each and every part.  He said, “Can I drive it?”

Abel said, “Sure, on Saturday we will take it to the track and you can do the test drive. For now you can sit in it and see if it will start.”

Lucas easily slipped into the seat and figured out how to start it up. When he started it the rebuilt motor was much smoother running than before and sounded great.

He examined the pedals and it had a real transmission so he could change gears.  Lucas said, “The only thing it doesn't have is a horn!”

He shut it down and they explained everything about the car and how to drive it.  
Lucas could hardly wait for Saturday to come around.

Over the years Mason had done some work for the owner of the track, and had gotten permission to use the track when it wasn't busy.

Lucas found what was left of the old mower out back in the junk yard and thought about how much different his new race car was than the old mower.

It was hard to find a helmet for Lucas but they found a small one they stuffed paper in so it would fit tight and not fall off.

Lucas was familiar with the track for his father had taken him to see the midget cars race, but now he was going to drive around at a speed a lot slower that they went.     

To be Continued


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

THE RACER Chapter10

Riding Mower
courtesy free clip art
Abel had been watching Lucas out of the corner of his eye, and wondered what he was thinking.

Lukas took off running at a fast pace and disappeared.
About ten minutes later he returned with John his father, and he pulled him over to the mower and said "Ain't it a beaut?"

John looked at the mower and said, “It sure is a beaut all right.  It has rust all over it, the steering wheel is cracked, the seat is worn out, and it won't run.”

Lucas said, “I can have it running in five minutes.”

His dad said, “You do that, but I have to get to work.”

With that Lucas completely ignored Abel and started to work on the motor. He did all the stuff that Abel had taught him to do with a motor that hadn't ran for sometime.
With the spark plug out, he put a little oil in the two cylinders and the turned it over by hand, not trying to start it.

He proudly told his father that the oil would keep the cylinder from scaring when he tried to get it running.

His dad left and after two hours Lucas said, “I will have to take it completely apart to find out what is wrong with it.”

Abel had been watching Lucas, and had let him try to get it to run, but when he said he was going to take it apart, he decided it was time to help him.

Able took some sand paper and cleaned the flywheel, spark plug, and carburetor and after that he put some gas in it.  He said, “You forgot the gas, you know it does run on gas don't you.”

Lucas just ignored Abel's joshing him and said, “Let's hear it run.”

After a couple of tries the engine started and Lucas said, “Let me take it for a test run.”

Abel said, “Shut it down and we will take the drive belt off so you don't damage anything you run over with the mower blade.”
For the next hour Lucas drove the mower all around Abel's property going faster and faster.  Finally he drove it into the shop and sat there smiling and once again he softly said, “I'm a racer.”

After his stint driving the mower, it reinforced his determination to become a race car driver.  

He just sat in the mower and started and stopped the small engine. It was an historic moment for him and he couldn't wait until his father came home that night so he could tell him about his great adventure.

He was so excited that he forgot to help Charley work out in the junk yard.

That night at supper Lucas's mother finally had to make him stop talking with his mouth full telling his dad about his exciting day.  
As soon as they had finished supper he insisted his dad go over and listen to the engine run.

John greeted Abel and said, “If he gets to be too much of a nuisance then let me know and I will keep him out of your way.”  
Abel assured him that he enjoyed having Lucas around for he was always excited about something.

The old man Mason came by and saw Lucas driving the old mower and said, “He has really got the hang of handling that machine.”

Abel said, “Yeah, he thinks he is better than he is and acts like it.”

Mason went over and talked to Lucas and listened tolerantly while Lucas explained everything about his new race car.  

Mason patiently listened to Lucas who all of a sudden had become an expert on race cars.  Lucas made it clear to Mason, how it was just a matter of time before he would be running with the best race drivers and his plan was to become the best among them.

Mason said it looks like you are well on your way and I will be watching.

To be Continued

Monday, July 29, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 9

Roll Up Door
The next morning Abel was up early and went out to the road to just look and admire his new building.

It was something he never expected to have.  The roll up door made it very accessible and easy to get into even with a truck.  His volunteer helpers had dug a pit in the back corner so he could standup under a car and work on it from under there.

Much more needed to be done, but all that took was time and money, and as time went by it would be finished inside like he wanted.

An old man named Mason who had been a bridge builder came by and said he had a good welder machine that he would trade for a set of tires.

Abel had stacks of still good tires, and told him to pick out what he wanted and to take one for a spare.
With the help of Charley, the old man Mason found a good set and it pleased him to no end.  In fact he was so happy, he said he would teach Abel how to weld with the machine, and if he had some special job he would do it for him at a reasonable price.

The old man was a good electrician and helped Abel and Charley put in the wiring.  
Once the power was hooked it up they were ready to do some welding if it was needed.  
Someone gave Abel an almost new vice and he bolted it to the first work bench he built.

The boy Lucas’ mother thought he was spending too much time over at Abel's but she gave in to his whining about being needed over there.

His dad told her that Lucas would get tired of the dirt and grime sooner or later so leave him be.  
The one thing his mother was displeased about was his clothes and how dirty and greasy they were getting.  

Abel realized that this was a real problem so he took Lucas down to the dry goods store and bought him a pair of coveralls to wear instead of his regular stuff.  

Lucas felt like a real mechanic and the only thing that would have made it better was if the coveralls had a name tag on them.  
Charley had plenty to do for people were always bringing old cars they wanted to get rid of and they would either give them to Abel or sell them for very little.  

As time went on Abel was making money from selling used parts and the scrap metal so he could begin to pay Charley wages.  

This was something new for Charley because he had never had any spending money before.  He had always worked for his upkeep and his mother took what money he made for herself.  
He had always worn hand-me-down clothes and when he had his own money he bought his first pair of new pants and shirts.
Old but Good
courtesy free clipart
As the days went by the shop was being put in order with benches and shelves. Then one day a guy came by with an old riding mower he wanted to get rid of and Abel told him to put it in the shop.
The guy wanted to know if it had any value or if Abel would pay him anything for it.

Abel said look out back at all the stuff that has been given to me because people had no place for it and I took it as a favor to them.  
There is certainly some value in those things but only if someone needs them.  Unless it is something I need I can't afford to pay for anything just to own it.

Perhaps you should keep your mower and use it to make money cutting grass for people. The guy said I can't get it to run so you can have it if you want.

Abel said, like I said you can put it in the shop and I will look it over and see if anything is salvageable on it and will sell the metal for about ten cents.

That is all it will bring if that much. The man agreed to leave it and said how about giving me a nickel for a cup of coffee. Abel said okay here a dime buy yourself a donut to go with it.

The man drove off just about the time Lucas showed up.

When Lucas saw the lawn mower he just stared at it for a long time. It was as if he was mesmerized at the sight of it.
He went over to it and looked it over front and back and said under his breathe, "I'm a racer." 

To be Continued    


This true story post is extra so it can be entered in Hazel's True Story Site.  My continued story will follow soon.

Best Friends
courtesy Photobucket.
Can you remember who was - - or now is your best friend?

Usually we don’t think about why they are our friends, it’s just a case of simpatico, a connection, and a comfort zone where trust is assumed and expected.

The teenage years could be called the trauma years for the teens experience trauma weekly.  
In order to be accepted they have to be vulnerable and receptive to a great deal of idiocy.  
Their lack of experience (the best teacher) causes them to depend on their, “Know nothing” peers.

I can still remember some of the expert advice and information I received from some of my friends. 
Even now I empathize with their ignorance. They would look extremely proud as they explained the facts of life to the uninitiated.

Love and hate was flying in all directions, as each week some girl or boy was dumped and left broken hearted.

Then the phenomena of the support groups would take place. 

Last weeks darling was this weeks Ba - - - - (illegitimate child) and all would join the “I the hate fest.

The kid whose parents were getting a divorce; their feelings would run the whole gamut of emotions.  The one thing they thought could be depended on, no longer existed. 

Next “enter” the new step dad or mom.  Being put upon to look down inside and find some unused love to heap on the new step parent is enough to cause one to join “Trauma anonymous.”

Then the worst one of all, your best friend, one you would die for, betrays you.  You have shared all your secrets with them, your very inner being has been exposed to them, and now the one you trusted has turned on you.  It is an act of treason.

This is the one you never get over, years later the pain is still there.

While many friends fall by the wayside, there are a precious few that last for a lifetime. They will number three or four at most but they are like pure gold.  

I don’t know how any of us made it through those traumatic years but here we are battered but not bowed.  Wounded and scarred but you wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of it, because those years made you what you are today - - A survivor

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 7

Alice helped Abel Clean House
Alice under the guise of cleaning up Abel's house began to be more acquainted with Abel, and they both began to relax around each other.

She didn't want him to get too comfortable with her for that would defeat her purpose of drawing him out.  Skipping a day or two would cause him to look forward to her coming.

Lottie would come with Alice on occasion but their visit would be shorter on those days.

The boy Lucas was becoming fond of Alice and hung around her quite a bit. On Saturdays the three of them would go to the movie house and the three of them became close during the summer.

Then it was time for Alice to return home and to college. Abel wasn't looking forward to her leaving for they had become friends.  There wasn't any romance involved it was just two people learning to like each other though they were entirely different.

Lucas didn't want Alice to leave and shed a tear or two upon her going. Alice knew that her leaving was going to leave a hole that needed to be filled and not a romantic one at this stage.

She, Lucas and Abel went out for a final dinner and show to say their goodbyes. She said, “I probably won't ever see you two again for after college I will be going to New York. I will always remember our time together, especially you Lucas.”

They took Lucas home and then Abel walked Alice home to Lottie's place.

She said, “I hate to say goodbye but we both must get on with our lives.”

For the next thirty minutes she made suggestions of things Able could do, things that would help him become the man Millie would want him to be.

With that she gave him a friendship hug and went into the house.

Like she said he never saw her again and didn't inquire after her for that seemed to be the right thing to do.

It wasn't until sometime later he realized how much she had helped him and got him back on the right track.  
The one thing she helped him with was the part Millie should play in his future.

Looking back he realized that fear of losing her had caused him to withdraw into a dark depression where he was keeping her memory alive. It was as if he could maintain her reality as long as he did that.

Alice had helped him understand he didn't lose everything for he would always have his memories of Millie and that part of her would never leave him.  Little by little he accepted that and was moving on.

Lucas was still planning on being a race car driver and was constantly talking to Abel about his plans which changed each day.  

One day Abel saw Lucas talking to a young man out on the road out front. He had seen the man and Lucas talking several times. Abel asked Lucas who the man was and he said, “He told me his name was Charlie.”

“What were you talking about for some of your conversations were quite animated.”

Lucas said, “We were talking about racing.  He didn't know anything about it so I explained everything to him.” Lucas went on saying, “I don't think he has any place to stay or to eat. I gave him one of my sandwiches and he ate it right down.”

Abel saw the man that afternoon and decided it was time for him to move on. He went out and grabbed the man and asked him what he was doing hanging around the front of his place. He told Abel he didn't have any other place to go, but he would leave if Able wanted him to.

Abel thought this guy is going to get sick sleeping out in the weather and he sure looks hungry. When asked if he was hungry he said he was starving.

Abel called Lucas over and said for him take the man back to the kitchen and give him some food.

He was looking much better after a good meal and Abel said he could sleep in the shed out back if he wanted otherwise he should go some place where no one would harm him.   
To be Continued

THE RACER chapter 8

A Free Metal Building - One Catch
It Needs to be Moved
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It was difficult trying to work under the conditions Abel labored under.

Without a building to store his tools, he spent more time looking for what he needed than actually working on the vehicles.

One of his old acquaintances came by and told him he knew where he could get a large building for free if he would remove it from where it was.

Abel was interested but somewhat skeptical.  He went down to the plant where the building was and the supervisor said that whoever agreed to remove it could have it free.  

There was only one catch and that was once started he would only have two weeks to remove it and it had to be started soon.  

Abel saw that the metal building was nearly new but the plant was expanding they needed a larger storage facility.

The supervisor said Abel could use some of their equipment if he needed it.

Abel set the starting date and let it be known that he could use some voluntary help in removing the building.

Over the years Abel had made a lot of friends and come the stating date on Saturday there was a small crowd there to help.

During the next two days the metal building was down and hauled over to Abel’s place. They had saved virtually everything including the screws and laid it out in order.

Helpers and a Cement Floor
courtesy photobucket,com
He had to go to the bank and borrow enough money for the concrete slab but the next Saturday they poured the cement floor.

His helpers had dug a pit where Able could get under and work on the bottom of the cars while standing up. The next day the building started to rise and the following day it was finished with a rollup door.

The whole project had been a lot of fun for the people with the ladies bringing food and drinks and every time someone saw the building it made them feel good about helping someone who had in past time had helped them.

There was still much more to do on the inside but at least now Abel could work in the dry and not under his tree.  Charley had been active during the whole process and Abel fixed him a room of his own in the rear of this large building where it was dry and secure.

The shed he had been living in wasn’t dry for the roof leaked and the wind blew through.

Abel needed to get back to work and catch up for there were several cars that needed attention and some of them belonged to people who had helped him work on the new building.

The supervisor at the plant came by and couldn’t believe that he had the building up and useable. He said there were several work benches Abel could have for the plant managers wanted to have everything new in their new building.

Abel went directly over and got the benches and also a lot of equipment he needed. As he stood back and looked, he was so thankful for the new building and for friends who cared enough to donate their time.

The preacher wasn’t too happy about people missing church and working on the building project.
One of the deacons said, "Isn’t this exactly what being a Christian is all about?  It reminds me of the story of the donkey in the ditch, kinda."

The preacher said, "Yes, you’re right as long as you don’t make it a habit to miss church."

The deacon said, "No we won’t do that." The story went around about the whole project.

How the company gave the building to Abel and how the people pitched in and reconstructed.
Some didn’t believe it and went out to see it for themselves.

The next Sunday Abel was in church and the preacher’s text was Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Abel said, "Amen" many times during that message for it was true in his case.
To be Continued

Saturday, July 27, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 6

Working on Lottie's Car
After Abel adjusted the carburetor on Lottie's car it was running pretty good.

Abel said come on in out of the sun and we can have something cool to drink.

As they started to open the door the hound ran into the house and laid in one of the chairs. Abel made him go outside and invited the ladies to come in and find a seat.

Abel went to the ice box and brought out a cold pitcher of iced tea.
As they sat, Lottie did most of the talking while Abel mostly nodded or gave short answers to questions by her.

Alice just observed - -Abel not saying much to either of them.  As she looked around the house she thought, "This place sure needs a woman's touch."

After a half hour Lottie said, “Come on Alice we have things to do.”  Then as they left, Lottie said, “Able, don't you wait so long before you come to see me”  

“Of course,” Abel assured her that he would come over soon.

Neither Alice nor Lottie said anything for several minutes till Lottie spoke up and said, “Well what do you think of him?”

Alice laughed and said, “What do you mean what do I think?”  She quickly went on and said, “What I am thinking while using only one word is: "Pathetic.
I can't believe that Millie was ever married to that man.  Assuming that there is a lot more to him than what is apparent, he is still Pathetic."

Lottie asked, “Why would you say that?”  

Alice said, “He is completely void of personality, actually his dog evokes more interest than he does.”

Lottie went on and asked, “Don't you think he in well mannered and polite?”

Alice said, “I don't know, because all he did was to sit there as if he wasn't aware there was anyone else in the room.”
Lottie said, “That is just his way.”  To which Alice replied, "Exactly.  If you are trying to get that guy married, you sure have your work cut out for you.”

Lottie had a plan and she spoke again, “That is what I'm afraid of and why I invited you to come and spend the summer.  Do you think you could help him?”

Alice answered, “Help him? I'm afraid he is beyond help by me or anyone,”

Lottie said, “I think you are up to the challenge and I believe you would like to try for you are a lot like your mother.”

Alice said, “I think it would be better for me to get back to the city where problems much simpler but let me think on it for a day or two.”

The next morning Alice said, “Do you think you could get him to come over for dinner?”  Lottie said, “Well he likes to eat so I guess I can.”

The next evening Abel and his dog showed up on time and he made his dog stay in the truck for Lottie didn't like a dog in the house, especially one as rambunctious as Silo.

Alice looked at Abel in a different light than before. A while ago she had just seen his shortcomings, but now she was looking for some redeeming traits.

Alice forced him to express himself with longer answers, and began to see the damage the hurts he experienced had done.  She probed as deep as she dared to see what his response would be and after which she judged that he needed a reason to move on past the past.

After a good meal and what appeared to be small talk Abel left for home and felt better than he had for a long time.  
Silo his dog joined him in the front seat of the truck and Able give him a couple of biscuits which were thankfully received.

As he drove along he thought about the evening and that he had talked more with Alice than he had with anyone since  his wife Millie died.

To be continued

Friday, July 26, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 5

Pot Luck dinner
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Abel sat quietly eating, and the young woman did the same.

When he was almost finished he felt he should exchange some words and not continue to ignore her.  

As he tried to think of something to say a man approached her and engaged her in a conversation.

For some reason Abel became embarrassed though he didn't know why, he hadn't done anything.

The man invited her to come and meet some people she didn't know, and she willingly went with him.  

Abel felt like the man was interfering with some plan that he had even though the only contact he had with the young lady was to sit next to her without speaking.

He thought, “I must be losing my mind, all the sudden I'm fantasying about nothing or something that doesn't exist.” 

All this caused him to lose his appetite and he decided to leave and head for home.  

He found his mother-in-law to tell her he was leaving and she said, "I'm glad you got acquainted with Alice."  Abel said, “I don't know what you mean.”

She said, “You know, the girl you ate with.”  

Turning red he said; "I didn't talk to her and I don't know who she is". 

His mother-in-law said, “She is Millie's cousin, my sister's daughter.  Come on I want you to meet her before you leave.”  She had to almost drag him through the crowd of people but finally made it.
Meet Alice
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Alice was talking to some guy but her aunt pulled her away and said, "Alice I want you to meet Abel, Millie's husband.”

Alice gave him her hand and said, “So, you are the one Millie was always writing to me about?”  

He answered, “I suppose I am.”  

She answered, “Well it's nice to meet you at last and see if you measure up to all Millie's braggadocio.”

He said, “I can tell you now that I can't, because she saw me through eyes that were clouded by love.”

Alice laughed at that and said, “I figured that to be the case.”

His mother-in-law walked him to the door and asked, “What do you think about her?”

Abel playing dumb said, “I don't know what you mean.”

“Do you think she is nice?”

He said. “I guess so, but you had better ask one of the other guys that were hanging around her all evening.”

On the drive home Abel's thoughts from time to time included Alice and he didn't know why.

The next afternoon Abel's hound announced the arrival of Abel's mother-in-law Lottie and Millie's cousin Alice.  

He told the dog “Sit down and stay,” as the ladies got out of their car and came over to where Abel was working on a customer's car.  

Abel hastily tried to wipe the grease from his hands as they approached him and said, “Watch where you are walking for its a little muddy around here.”

Lottie said, “You remember Millie's cousin Alice from last night don't you?”

Abel said, “Yes although we never got acquainted.”

Alice said, “Yes, there were a lot of people there and it was hard to meet someone new because old friends wanted to catch up with each others lives.
Abel said, “Is there something I can do for you, or are you just here for a visit?”

Lottie said, “A little of both I suppose.  My car has been acting up a little and I wanted to see how things were going here with you. We didn't have as much time to talk last night as I wished so I, that is we are for a visit.”

Abel was embarrassed for no reason; basically he was just easily embarrassed.  

He said, “Let me adjust your carburetor, and then we can go in the house for some iced tea.   
To be Continued  


Give Me the Facts - NOT your Lies

Give Me the Facts Ma'am!

You could expect to hear those words sometime during every episode of Dragnet the detective series.  Just the facts.

I wouldn’t recognize the facts if I heard them anymore.  If my memory serves me well there was a time when it had something to do with the truth.

That is when the truth was the totally true expression of a given life situation.

Today’s truth is a living statement that changes with the politics of the moment.

You would have to go back beyond the framing of the Constitution to find anything resembling the truth out of what we now call Washington.

Starting at the top, the President is the second biggest liar in the nation. Not only does he, lie he doesn’t know or care that he is lying.  Lying for the politician is merely a tool to deceive the constituency and the more expertise one has the further they are liable to go.

Speaking of the constituency I am amused and amazed at the people Obama surrounds himself with when he gives a speech.

They remind one of baby birds with mouths wide open waiting for some “Obama droppings”. They know they are going to get the same old lies (Obama truth) and they revel in it chirping for more.

The greatest sin the American people could commit would be to elect a true statesman and America isn’t about to commit that sin.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 4

Special Wheels may Help Lucas Win

Even though the car they had built looked a tad rough, the boy Lucas was unfazed and he thought it was a great car until he arrived at the race site.

There he saw cars that people had spent a small fortune on building for they were determined to win at all costs.  

At this point both Abel and John were feeling more than amateurish, because they were totally out classed in every department.

Sitting along side the smoothly painted and polished cars made their hand brushed paint job look even worse than before.  While lamenting the fact they were there, Char, an old friend of Abel’s came over to him and they reminisced about the school days.

He finally got around to looking at the car Lucas was going to drive and Abel's friend said honestly, "You are going to get steamrolled!"

Abel said, “I think you are right.  We are way over our head.”

Char his friend said, “I think I can help you and help myself at the same time if you are interested.”  He continued, “My Company has developed some new wheels for these cars and they are fast but nobody will try them.

Everyone is afraid to use them and are sticking to the old style just to be safe.  I'm not saying you can win with them but they will sure make the car go faster.”

John and Abel took a look at them and saw the difference in them. They both said, “Let's give them a try for we have nothing to lose.”

An hour later the elimination runs began and after two runs Lucas was still in the mix.  
By now no one was laughing at the raggedy machine but each driver was worrying about their own situation.

When the afternoon was over Lucas was disappointed with his fourth place finish but without the special wheels it would have been a lot worse.  

What hurt most was a girl came in second, and that didn't set well with Lucas.
Abel sensed that the fourth place finished wasn't the only thing bothering Lucas, so he asked him what the trouble was.

Girl Racer
courtesy photobucket
 He said, “Just wait until I go to school and they find out I was beaten by a girl. I've been telling everyone I'm a racer and I'll never be able to live it down.”

Abel could see that might be a problem but he said you know those cars don't know who is driving them and they won't slow down if it is a female in the driver's seat. All they want to do is win.

One thing that surprised Abel was that one so young could be so sensitive and in tune to his own feelings and what others thought.

He would have to learn that life was going to be a series of events that would shape his assessment of life as he must live it. Though he might wish to avoid it his own introspection and the contemplation of his own thoughts will dog him unmercifully if he let them.

Abel until now hadn’t been ready to expose his own feelings to self scrutiny but after over two years of digging out of his depression, he began to see clearly that it was time to move on.

He had been putting off going to see his mother-in- law for he knew she would be trying to get him to meet someone he might get to be interested in, but finally he ran out of excuses and said he would come over Saturday afternoon when he finished work on a car.

She told him plan on having dinner with me and some other guests. When he arrived he realized that he knew most of the people there and as it turned out they were having a pot luck feed.

After some time he began to warm up and talked to those who came over and greeted him. He found out that he had a lot of catching up with life in their small town.

The call to come to dinner went out and people lined up and filled their plates. Then it was a task to find a seat, and the only one Able could find was next to a young woman he had never seen before.  
To be Continued 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It Could have been me

It should be over since the trial for Zimmerman found him NOT Guilty. Yet black protestors in our small town along with black church representation stood on our county steps and sang and chanted their disapproval of the verdict.  Hate continues as black Leaders spew their "hate the White and Mexican races."
Not Guilty said the Jury
courtesy news report

Obama says, "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago."

Obama could also have been “Cordell Lamar Jude and murdered Daniel Adkins (who is White/Hispanic).

He could have been on top of Zimmerman and busted his skull open had he not been stopped.

Trayvon was trying to kill Zimmerman or at least that was the way it seem to him.

Your viewpoint is governed by who is getting pummeled. When your head is being split open by force with no end in sight you do what you have to do to stop it. It wasn’t a case where he slammed his head into the concrete and stopped and walked away.

There was no indication that he would ever stop until he had killed the “creepy white cracker”.
If it was my head getting smashed no amount of rhetoric after the fact could justify it happening to me at the time.

The question to ask and answer is “if my skull was in danger of being split open would I stop it if I could’?

While I can’t answer for anyone else but my answer would be “yes I would stop before I was killed.”

So what of Al Sharpton’s doctrine, it goes something like this; Martin pummels Zimmerman, good Martin. Zimmerman stops Martin, bad Zimmerman.” Black” Cordell Lamar Jude murders Daniel Adkins “Hispanic”, good Jude.

The bottom line is Hispanics have little value and should be attacked and/or killed with or without reason because Obama couldn’t be Zimmerman or Daniel Adkins but he could be Trayvon Martin.

The president they helped elect agrees with Sharpton’s doctrine for nowhere has he identified with the Hispanic people only those who are black.

As the white house tries to prosecute Zimmerman for a hate crime we remember who it was with a racist remark “creepy, white, kill-my-neighbors cracker”, and a “creepy-ass cracker”.

The president doesn’t buy into the old white folks belief “innocent until proven guilty” or innocent after being found “not guilty”.

In Zimmerman’s case he wants justice after the fact even though the legal system found no evidence to show him to be guilty.

When Obama starts to value the Hispanic people to be equal to the black community maybe he will then have some credibility among the people not of his color. There is no cry from the White House for justice for Daniel Adkins!


THE RACER Chapter 3

Young Widow Consoling Widower
Over the last few months Millie's mother would bring over some food for Abel and would hold a one sided conversation with him.  She did all the talking, and him just sitting there.  

She didn't know if he heard anything she said or not but she acted as if he did and was answering her.  
She though to herself, “Just sitting and being with someone should help heal their broken heart.”

Many people had lost love ones, had buried them and moved on, but Abel seemed to be sinking deeper into a state of hopelessness.  Only now and then did a glimmer of light seem to appear when visitor would show up.

Once the word got out that Abel might be making some improvement other people began to come by and leave some food for him.

As it happened there were some new young widows available due to the influenza sickness that went through the area. 
However if Abel saw the young widows coming, and he had time, he would retreat back into the woods behind his house and stay there until they had left.

The younger widows finally gave up on him and quit coming for it was plain that he wasn't interested in getting a new wife.  But several of the older ones shall we say - - kept their options open somewhat longer.

Finally the only widows who came by were what was referred to as being, “A Mother in Israel.”  These women were pious faithful women who ministered to the needs of hurting people out of kindness.

The man, John who had the place next to Abel came by one day and spoke to him saying, "I need some work done on my car.  I don't have any money but will give you one of my small pigs in exchange for fixing it.”

Abel didn't answer but raised the hood, and after staring at the motor he asked, “What won't it do?”  

John said, “It won’t start."

Abel got in the car and after some time he said, “It is the switch that needs replacing.”  

Abel went out back and found an old switch that he thought would work and soon had the car up and running.”

While working on the car he noticed a small boy about three years old in the back seat watching him.

It surprised Abel, when the boy spoke up and said, “I'm a racer.”

Abel just stared at the boy when the father said, “Don't pay him, no mind for he says that to everyone.”  He went on to say, “My boy, Lucas saw some cars racing down at the picture show and ever since then, he says he wants to be a race car driver.

As Abel looked at the young boy he had a wave of emotion come over him as he thought back to the time when he and Millie had talked about having children, and the reality once again set in that it would never happen.

Able started the car and went back into his house without answering John.

courtesy free clip art
That evening John and Lucas (his boy) brought the pig over and put it the pen out back.  They gave it some water, a little food and went home.

The next morning Abel saw the pig and it reminded him of last year when he and Millie had filled their smoke house with the hogs they had raised and killed.  The hams were still hanging for he had not used them.

Abel had run out of money and by now people quit coming by leaving him food and things so he had to do something to earn some money.

Going back to work at the mill was not an option he wanted to consider, at least not yet so he began to work on more cars when people would come by.

The boy, Lucas would come over when there was a car being worked on and watch.

He would always introduce himself as being, Lucas, the racer.

Since Abel didn't have a regular garage to work on the cars, people began to call him "Shade tree" for he worked on the cars under a large tree out back.

As the year wore on Abel began to get a collection of old cars that he parked in the rear.  
Either people didn't have the money to fix them or it was cheaper to buy another car and they would just give it to Abel.
Every so often Abel would have enough odd parts to put together a car, and he would sell the car for some extra cash.

Just about every day now Lucas would come over and spend time with Abel. His mother always knew where to find him and as time went by he became a lot of company for Abel.

Lucas liked to get in the old cars and pretend he was racing them.  Abel would tease him by saying, “Watch out for snakes,” and Lucas would say back to him, “Watch for snakes,” and they would laugh.

Actually they had only found one snake in the field back there and it was a Gopher snake which they left alone to catch small varmints.

Over the next couple of years Abel had made some new friends as well as renewing relationships with old people he knew.  
While he was getting back to his old self he still couldn't get pass the point where he lost Millie and it appeared he was what was called, “A one woman man for life.”  

His former mother-in-law talked to him about that and tried to get him to seek out a new wife and even went so far as to suggest some available girls

But Abel still felt bonded to Millie, and it seemed that was the way it was going to continue.

Able and his Mother- in law had remained the best of friends.  She considered him to be her boy for she always wanted a son.  He had been around so much with Millie as they grew up it was hard not to feel he was hers.

People were always dropping off unwanted possessions for Abel; furniture that needed fixing, some canned goods they had made extra for him, chickens and about anything else you could mention.

Then one day there showed up a hound dog pup that the boy Lucas took a liking to.

If it hadn't been for little Lucas, Abel would of found another home for it but it looked like the hound was there to stay.
It had been a long trip out of the depression Abel had sank into, and if it hadn't been for the way things turned out, he might never have recovered.

Who could stay in that depressed mental state with the boy Lucas around and his optimistic outlook on life at his tender age?

One welcome piece of equipment that showed up one day, was a truck that had been replaced with a new one, by a local company and they had no use for the old one.

Abel had done the owner a favor and they never forgot it and that was the reason he gave it to Abel.

Time had passed and Lucas was almost six years old now. In the fall he would go to school.

Racer for Lucas
Meanwhile Lucas had found out about kids racing un-powered cars, and that was all he could think of.

He urged his dad to find out all the particulars and was sure if he could enter, he would win.  
As it turned out it was called “The soap box derby.”

In order to stop his whining, his dad John and Abel said they would try to build him a "Race Car" for the event if he would shut up the belly aching.

The last Christmas Lucas got a set of wrenches of his own and was bound and determined to take everything on Abel's place apart.

They gave him a list of things to strip off the cars, and that kept him out of Abel's way as he worked during the day.

By using the sheet metal and other parts they gleaned from the old autos they finally built a poor representation of what a soap box racer should be.

To be Continued