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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Going on a Trip

In a few days the trip to New York would begin.  

Kathryn asked Ellie, “How long will we be gone?” and she replied, “It depends on how long it takes us to tire of the hustle and bustle of the big city life.”

Kathryn said, “But San Francisco is a big city.”  Ellie said, “New York is much bigger, and life is lived at a different pace there than it is here.”

Leon heard about their trip and their extended stay. It upset him for some reason. He was so used to being around them or at least being just an hour away by public transportation.

He couldn't imagine them being 3500 miles absent from him. Of course he could send letters by mail train or try to contact them by telegraph, but for the most part this took too much time.

Leon tried to put the business to the forefront and spent the rest of the day thinking through remedies for any problems he might confront while they were gone.  

He decided to go over to San Francisco and talk to Ellie about the troubles he might face and she assured him he was capable of handling any situation.

Then he turned to the personal aspect of their leaving and how he was going to miss them.

Kathryn returned from the morning session with FiFi and they enjoyed lunch together.  
Leon suggested they all go to Golden Gate Park for the afternoon but Ellie declined, saying for him and Kathryn to go and enjoy themselves.

Leon suggested they to go to The Conservatory of Flowers for the afternoon and then perhaps to a restaurant for supper. They were going to use public transportation, and walking to make the rounds in the afternoon.

Leon wanted to discover just how much she had changed these last few months.  Of course her new name from Nellie to Kathryn, but the first thing that was very noticeable was she looked completely different in part due to her clothes, hair style, and she was now wearing a little makeup.
Another thing was something she never did before was to wear some perfume that gave off a pleasant fragrance. The way she walked and carried herself, in fact just about everything you could see was different.
Even the way she spoke was not the same as before. She had picked up a little of the French accent from FiFi, and had learned many French expressions.

He talked to her as he always had, and as the day wore on it was plain that underneath she was still the same girl he had known for these several years.

Leon asked her what were her plans for the future, and what they were going to do while in New York City.

Kathryn laughingly said, “Oh, I'm going to find a husband.” Leon said, “Couldn't you find a husband here?”

She teasingly answered, “No, there aren't any men here I would want for a husband.”

He was taken back by what she said even though he knew she was teasing him.

He felt he couldn't let that go by without responding some way so he asked “Do you know what you are looking for in a husband?  Besides you are too young to get married.”

She stiffened up and asked, “Who said so?”

He just simply answered, “I did. I said it because I know the real you better than anybody else, and you couldn't fool me if you tried.” Before she could retort he said, “I'm hungry let's get something to eat.”

During the meal they were quiet not saying very much, just occasionally looking over at each other. He took her home after dinner and said, “I hope to see you and Ellie before you leave.”    

To be Continued 

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