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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Cabin by the Lake
Charles and Edie took a three day weekend and rented a cabin up at the lake.

This time of the year there would not be a lot of people there. This was the first time they had been alone un-chaperoned for an extended period of time.

Edie's mother suggested that she go with them, but Edie squelched that idea right off. She said, "How can we be alone and make our plans unless we are alone?"

Her mother saw she was getting nowhere with her suggestions, so that was the end of it. She just couldn't help giving some motherly advice about proper behavior and to make sure they have two beds and - - -

Edie finally walked out for she had heard similar speeches ever since she was a teenager, and didn't need to hear it again.  “Anyhow,” she thought “What is the worst thing that could happen?”

She had rejected several propositions put to her these last couple of years by some of the young men her mother thought well of, and she knew how to behave, and besides Charles wouldn't try to force himself on her.

Edie thought if her mother knew how she was looking forward to intimate times with Charles she would have really been worried.

Early on Friday Charles and Edie arrived at the train station and were off on their adventure.

At the town near the lake they did some necessary shopping for the next couple of days.  Charles found some horse and buggy transportation and they were off to the lake.

The roads were not too smooth, but it only took about fifteen minutes to arrive at the lake where the caretaker led them to their cabin.

As the porter was leaving he asked them how long have you two been married?

Edie looked amused at the question, but Charles said, “Not too long, actually this is our honeymoon.”

After they were settled Charles said to Edie, “I don't want to think about business or anything else but just us for the next day or so.

No thoughts about work or school or even the wedding, just us.

The lodge wasn't running full bore, but the restaurant was serving meals to guests and day visitors, so Charles didn't have to worry about cooking their meals.

The day went well, long walks, sitting on the porch and relaxing on the couch.  Of course there was a considerable amount of hugging and kissing.

The day had been just what they had hoped for, and the sun was setting and night had arrived.

Edie said she was tired and getting sleepy so they decided to go to bed.

The cabin had two bedrooms so there wasn't any awkward moment concerning the sleeping arrangement. 

Peek a Boo
However Edie thought Charles could have been a little more careful when changing to his pajamas for she now knew what he looked like without his clothes.

She thought, “I have just had a prudish moment.” Then she bashfully thought, “What's good for the goose is good for the gander,” and now it was time for Charles to blush.

After a good nights sleep they had a good laugh about preparing for bed the night before.  Charles said he didn't think about what he had done until afterward and Edie lied and said neither did I.

After breakfast they selected a date for the marriage, and where to have it and who to invite, and all of the major things like where to honeymoon.
That night they didn't worry about seeing each other getting dressed for bed for they were closer now than ever and the anticipation of being married grew fonder each day.         
To be Continued    

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