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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Time to Think

The next day Leon went over to Ellie's house and brought her up to date on what was going on over in Oakland.

He also made some suggestions about investing in the oil fields in Oklahoma and gave her some information he had gathered concerning it.

Then he turned his attention to Kathryn and told her of how he had been handling their money.

He told her of the house he was building and suggested she go over and see it.  
He said, "It could be sold at a nice profit, or we could keep it for a future residence when one of us gets married."

Ellie mentioned that Hughes was coming over in a while to bring her current on her San Francisco holdings.  She suggested that after he left they could go out for dinner and they could share some of their experiences with him.

Leon said that would be nice and he would return in a short while.

Leon felt he wanted to go down to the park nearby and think about his attitude toward Kathryn and Ellie. They hadn't done anything untoward to him.  He did not have any reason for being huffy toward them, and yet he had those feelings.

Then a word he didn't want to hear or think about came up and that was jealousy.  He reasoned, “What do I have to be jealous about? Nothing no not anything at all?”

Yet he had to admit these feelings were there for some reason and if wasn't jealousy then what was it? He decided right then and there he needed an attitude adjustment.
He wanted to straighten up and be more than civil for these were the closest friends he had.

The one thing he hoped would never happen was that they would find out that he went to New York and spied on them.  It was decided he would start acting as if nothing had ever happened and his feelings would have to change as time went on.
When he returned, Hughes had just about finished bringing Ellie up to the present.

This gave Leon time alone with Kathryn and he warmed up to her and hugged her for a long time.  He apologized for being grumpy, and said I have had a lot of pressure these last few weeks.  

He finally released her and took her hand and said, “I hope you had a good time in New York, and enjoyed yourself.  I'm looking forward to you telling me all about it.”

As Hughes left, Ellie said, “Give me a few minutes and I will be ready to go, think about what you want to eat, whether Chinese, Italian or plain old American.”

The evening meal was very satisfying, and they told him about some of the sights they had visited.  Ellie said, “You should go to New York sometime I’m sure you would enjoy it.”

Leon forced himself not to think about his secret trip east to New York, for he wasn't going to rehearse those feelings again.  He only said, “It sounds interesting, I'll think about it.” 

He told Ellie if she wanted, she could come over and they could go over the books, and later they could go up and see the house he was having built. Bring Kathryn with you for she has a half interest in it.

The next day Ellie and Kathryn showed up and after a review of the books they had lunch after which they went to see the new house.

Kathryn said, “I never dreamed it would be this nice and as big as it is.”

Leon said, “I have several people interested in buying it but so far I have told them it isn't for sale.  If we don't sell it I don't know what to use it for.

I suppose I could live in it, and if you wanted to get out of San Francisco for awhile then you could come over and stay here.
If you got married and your husband wanted to live in it I suppose that might work.” 
To be Continued  

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