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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Langcaster House - Chapter 10

Lots of Children in the Family
The estate was getting filled up with children and Charlie put in a larger play ground where they could be safe while playing. He also gave “The Man” a small apartment off the kitchen with orders to watch over the children as best he could for the children were always trying to hide from him.

At times he would go with them when their mothers took them shopping. More than once he had to deal with some pervert while the mothers were too occupied while trying on clothes. He loved his duty for while he tried not to show it he loved his charges.

Ashe and Baba saw the difficulty their names might give them so they selected some new first names. They were considering Melba and Wilma but I suggested letting me make up a list of name with some class. They agreed to look at it so Linda and I got to work on it.

The grandparents chimed in with some elite English names for they were English; Elizabeth, Maude, Victoria, Anne, and Margaret. They told them these were Queens and princesses names.  As it turned out the grandparents won over Susannah, Edith, Amelia, and Evangeline.

Ashe chose Elizabeth and Baba became Anne. I told them they made good choices and though they were in America they needed to remember they had roots in merry ole England.

They wanted to know what about their African heritage. This was a hard question but I said yes for sure but only remember the good parts not the bad. Afterward I thought that could apply both to England and America.

After the dust settled Linda and I decided to let Mason and Elsa tend to their business and we would get back to ours.

There was something new going on and that was I felt the need to spend more time with my three children. I was in charge of running all of the businesses Charlie had bought.

He would go out and buy a new company and turn it over to me expecting me to make it profitable. I didn’t mind doing this but I didn’t have enough hours in the day to handle any more new companies.

Charley had many more plans but I told him we both needed more time at home and after a moment he agreed but still wanted to expand.

I said we need to come with a solution to the whole scenario. Then something occurred that put a different light on the whole situation. Charlie wanted to move Ellen and Mary up the ladder but realized they weren’t ready for such a move just yet. They could handle a small company with my help but that wasn’t the solution he was looking for.

Two strangers

One day two men in their late thirties came to the office and introduced themselves.  One of them said, “I’m Morgan and this is Eldon Wynn.”

Charlie said, “Wynn… any relation to the Wynn family that I know.”

They said, ‘Yes we are related to your wife Barbra.  We have the same grandfather.  Barbra’s father and our father are half-brothers making us cousins. We come from the side of the family grandfather didn’t acknowledge yet nevertheless we are kin.”

Charlie said, “I don’t doubt your word at this point but what is on your mind?”

They said, “We just arrived in America and thought we would introduce ourselves and ask for your help in getting a green card.  We have sold our businesses in England and want to buy one or more businesses in this country.”

Charlie said, “Why don’t we have lunch and talk about what you have in mind.”

During lunch Charlie found out a great deal about their side of the family and their story rang true.

Charlie got his detectives on their trail and as near as everyone could find out they were what they said they were.

Charlie felt it was time for Morgan and Eldon to meet the family so he invited them over for dinner on Saturday. All the family was almost commanded to be there.

Family Tree
When the elder Wynn’s found out who was coming they didn’t want to be there but Charlie insisted they come. Everybody was assembled in the big room before dinner awaiting the arrival of the guests.

Charlie stood and said, “I know that the theme running through the Wynn family structure is, ‘Bastards don’t count.’
I say let’s let that mindset remain in England and start accepting people based on who they are, and not on someone else’s mistake.

Bastards do count when they are family so if you can’t accept them based upon their blood line do so upon their character.”

About that time the two guests arrived and all the introductions were made. After some light refreshment they adjourned to dinner. At first it was quiet at the table with Charlie carrying the conversation forth but little by little more joined until the usual back and forth took place.

After dinner it was back to the big room and the family began to see a lot of their grandfather’s traits in the two guests. They found so much in common and were comparing ages and telling stories. Both sides heard stories about their grandfather they didn’t know about.

Before the evening was over the family was pretty well blended together, bastards, and all.
Even the senior Wynn’s were cordial to their nephews and asking about their mother.
Charlie made arrangements to meet with the two men, next week to discuss business.
Of course that meant I would have my hands full laying out business plans at several levels. Charlie had several businesses in mind as a starting place for Morgan and Eldon and he also had something else in mind which was, he wanted Ellen and Mary to work with them at a high level.

After Morgan met Ellen and having a long conversation with her he decided she knew how a business should run and said he was satisfied with her expertise and desired her on his team.  The same happened with Eldon and Mary. They hit it right off and were excited to work with their new partner.

This climaxed something Charlie wanted for the two girls since they first began to work for him as scullery maids.
For me it was a “no credit” for working in the background and I was glad it went off so well.
I know there are several more illegitimate family members out there and wondered if they would be showing up as time went by. If they did I was willing to let Morgan and Eldon handle their getting settled.
It was about 18 months later that Morgan announced that he and Ellen were to be wed. I asked him how this came about and he said it was a thing that grew on them. Being together all the time showed them how compatible they were and love was the result.
Over these eighteen months the family had accepted Morgan and Eldon as part of the family for it was obvious they were fine men. Charlie was proud of the way things had worked out for both Morgan and his adopted niece.
Six months later Eldon announced that he and Mary were going to do the same thing and also marry. This really excited Charlie for he was wondering how their situation would work out.
Charlie felt that Morgan and Eldon the half-brothers had turned out better than the full brothers but never made an issue of it.

Mason’s African girls, Elizabeth and Anne couldn’t wait to get home on vacation to see Elsa’s new baby. They wanted to be the child’s aunties and Elsa said she thought that would be just fine.
She finally had to make them to put the baby down for a while. She said you are spoiling the child and it will want to be held all the time.

Elsa was surprised at how Mason had taken to his two black daughters. He didn’t see the color difference at all. He would talk to them for hours and take them out just for some fun. They were beginning to accept him but much slower than he has them.

He was disappointed when it was time for them to go back to school. He took them to the station and gave each of them a big hug and a kiss as he said goodbye.

As they left he had a big smile on his face while thinking his trips to Africa weren’t a loss after all, even with his sicknesses.

To be Continued


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Langcaster House - Chapter 9

A Surprise Awaits the Family
With Josie (the mission worker) and the girls settled I asked Linda what the next step was going to be.

She kinda wrinkled her nose and said, “Well, I suspect Mason needs to meet his offspring in the mean time I… er I mean, We will introduce them to their other relatives.

Let’s start with the grandparents. “I think we should clue them in on what is about to take place for I don’t believe having a face to face without warning would be fair to all.”

Linda agreed that we should talk to them but she wanted me to do the explaining.

After I said I would we went to the Wynn’s wing of the house and after concluding the necessary niceties I said, “You are aware that Mason made several trips to Africa aren’t you?”

They both answered and said, “Yes, we have a lot of art work he sent from different parts of the continent.”

I said, “Because of some of his indiscretions it has come to our attention that he sired two children and they have now came seeking their father. I have checked the DNA of both the children and Mason and there is no doubt they are his offspring and your grandchildren.

We have met with them and found them to be fine young ladies the ages of thirteen and fourteen. They have been well educated as far as it has gone. They are courteous and well-spoken. Linda and I are quite impressed with them.  We want you to meet them as soon as they adjust to the difference in the two countries.

There is also a lady who has had the responsibility of raising them and is now being tended to in a clinic.  She is coming along quite nicely.

She wishes to leave the girls with the family; that is their father if possible.  After which she will be returning to her family.

She has stated that if they are not wanted by the family she will take them with her although with her limited income it will be difficult.”

The grandparents sat there with their mouth open.

I went on and said, “You realize that Africa is primarily a black nation and the mothers of the children are also black women.

The girls only know Josie the nurse, who is white as their mother and they have never seen their real mothers.”

It was sometime before the Wynn’s said anything. Finally Mr Wynn said, “We need a while to digest all of this,” and went to their bed room.

I told Linda, “I must say, that went well.”

She said, ‘They will be okay as soon as they get over the shock of being grandparents of two black children.”

Linda continued, “I have asked everybody except Mason and his wife to meet with us tonight and I will break the news to them.  Meanwhile I’m going to see my new nieces and you better tell Charlie alone with just the two of you.”

I said, “Okay,” and went to work.

When I got there Charlie said, “I’ve been looking for you. You’re late this morning, no trouble I hope.”

I said, ‘No not exactly,” and proceeded to tell him the whole story.

Without batting an eye he said, “We need to go over these new contracts and get them signed before the day is out if possible.”

After we finished the work for today Charlie asked; “Have you seen these children?”

I said “Yes, Linda has spent most of the day with them. Our children are looking forward to meeting them as soon as possible.”

“Does Barbra know?”

I said, “She will very soon for Linda is meeting with the family in a short time. Linda wanted me to tell you privately in case you had any suggestions before we proceed with the announcement.”

He said, “No I think you are handling it very well although I would like to meet Nurse Josie for she sounds like a dedicated person and they are rare these days.”

I said, “That can be arranged very soon.”

When Can we See the Girls?
With the family assembled Linda proceeded to tell the story to them and I thought they took it very well considering.

They all wanted to know when they could see the girls and Linda said, “As soon as you are ready I will bring them here for a meeting.” 

She continued, “I know you will need time to adjust to a new line of thinking for I will not have the girls feeling they are inferior to us.
I believe our children will accept them quicker than the adults can.  Whether expected or not they are our flesh and blood and we need to accept them as such.

I would like to have our meeting before Mason and Elsa return thus eliminating one problem.”

Everyone wanted to know when it would be and Linda said, “Mason will be back in a week so shall we say four days.”

They consented so we set it up. Linda said we need to get their rooms ready. If father agrees we will put them in his wing.

I said, “I wish they had names that were more American like Lucy and Martha for it would be one less thing setting them apart from their new home folks.”

Linda said there will be no changes unless they want them. They did mention this to me and said people think our names sound like baby names especially Baba. So we will see as days go by.

The day of the meeting Linda went and picked up Josie and the girls and brought them to the estate.

Josie was recovering quickly with the care she was getting. When we arrived, the family welcomed the girls, and were very kind to them although a bit curious.

They weren’t quite as black as they expected.

Father Wynn wanted to show them their rooms that were near to him and their grandmother. 

Charlie was intrigued with Josie and her dedication to the mission all those years. He spent most of the evening talking to her. The evening went well and everyone found the girls to be exceptional under the conditions they found themselves.

It was agreed the girls would move in the next day and Josie would leave the following day. Linda had convinced Josie that the girls were in good hands and she need not worry.

She told Josie as soon as she was settled in at home she would have the girls call her and keep her up to date about what was going on.

Charlie wanted to bring in a tutor to help get the girls adjusted before sending them to school and Linda agreed to that suggestion.

The next hurdle was to happen in two days.  Elsa was due back before Mason. Linda preferred to speak to both at the same time but it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen.

Elsa was shocked
Barbra decided to take on this task so she took Elsa out for lunch and explained everything.  
As you might realize, Elsa was in shock. She said, “You mean I’m the step-mom to two black teenagers!”

Barbra said, “Yes, that’s about it.”  She went on and explained that the family had decided to take the responsibility for them as a whole and not just one person.

She wanted to meet the girls as soon as possible and Barbra said as soon as we get home and they are through with their studies.

Elsa looked at the girls, first one, and then the other. She then gave each a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She then said, “I’m your new momma.”

The girls looked at each other and then both hugged her for some time.

Elsa said, ‘Your dad will be home a little later and will be glad to see you.”

Elsa had got Mason on the phone and explained everything to him and he didn’t know if he should come home or not.  After Elsa gave him a stern talking to he quickly got that thought out of his head.

When Mason arrived home he went to his room and tried to prepare himself for what was coming.

Elsa went and got him and took him to the room where the girls were.  When he saw them his eyes began to water and the three of them had a wet greeting without much being said.

Elsa brought in her boy and said this is your brother Mason Jr you can call him Mackie.

The girls wanted to hold him but he wasn’t ready for that.  Later he wanted to touch their skin to see if the color would come off.

That night Linda said, “It looks like all went well and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for The House of Lancaster.”

To be Continued

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Langcaster House - Chapter 8

Second Honey Moon
I heard that Lord Blears had the misfortune of meeting “The Man,” and had a terrible accident, seems he fell from the fifth floor of his hotel room.

This helped Charlie to finally put the Blears episode behind him and he went on a second honeymoon with Barbra.

Jeanie was in charge of the children and I was in charge of the company which didn’t sit too well with some of the older higher ups. I didn’t pay any attention to their grumblings and did my job.

Charlie extended their vacation after checking on each department and discovered everything was going well.

One guy tried to give me some trouble, but I threaten to fire him and he quickly straightened up.  I probably couldn’t have made it stick for Charlie wouldn’t have backed me up on that one but he didn’t want Charlie to find out he had been a problem while he was gone so it worked out.

When Charlie returned everything seemed normal and Lady Barbra was happier than she had ever been. I teased Charlie about that but stopped short of making him mad. All in all I hoped Barbra didn’t have any more old boyfriends that would come to visit for she had a weakness for that English sophistication as phony as it was.

I wasn’t in on it but Charlie had strong words for the Wynn’s and I believe they got the message. They were partly responsible for what happened and Charlie didn’t want them involved in such a matter again.

Linda and I are doing very well.  She spends a lot of time with the children. After she got her business degree she decided not to go to work for we didn’t need the money and I was glad she made that decision.

I came to believe that these Wynn gals were alright once you got them straightened out.  They all are a little too lively and it can lead them into trouble.

Linda thinks that “The Man” is always following her around which is only partly true. He does watch over her and the babies a lot of the time. He loves my babies almost as much as I do.

I never asked Charlie about him for I figured he would tell me what he wanted me to know so I left it at that. There was one thing I knew and that was I didn’t want to tangle with him for I have seen how guys he taught a lesson to looked and it wasn’t pretty.

I have seen him with my kids and he truly is a “Gentle Giant” with them.  Linda hasn’t ever seen him playing with them but has the feeling they are safe from anyone harming them. I had the feeling that our next problem was just around the corner and I was right about that.


Lonnie is what you might call the less intelligent one in the family. She was dating a low life guy that Charlie had told her to stay away from and to drop him for he was no good.  She ignored Charley and continued spending time with him. It wasn’t long before she was involved in drugs and alcohol.

Charlie was for letting it play out but the Wynn’s were upset about their daughter’s behavior. Charlie called the family together and wanted to discuss the matter with them.

There were varying opinions as to what could be done and there was no consensus as to what to actually do.

Charlie finally said, Lonnie will be out of money soon and that means her boyfriend will become her pimp and put her on the street.  He outlined several things that could be done but all except one (which was to do nothing) meant having her picked up and put into some kind of institution.

He also said he could deal with her boyfriend but she would gravitate toward another just as bad or worse than him.

After some time, it was decided by the family to have her committed to a Psychiatric ward.  Charlie had her picked up and signed her in for treatment. He wasn’t of the opinion that it would help her but agreed something must be done before she was found dead.

After a couple of weeks Linda and I went to see her and had a long conversation with her doctor. He went through all of her problems he had discovered so far. Some of her dilemma started during childhood, and her first love affair with the gardener and finally her slipping into drugs.

The Doctor was convinced that there was a difficulty in treating a drug problem with more drugs. He said her loss of self-esteem also loomed largely. He said the prescribed treatment would take a year or longer for she would need to discover a new “her” for the old one was a failure and needed to be discarded.

We felt a little better after understanding his approach for it was obvious she needed a lot of help.  The Doctor wanted the family to stay away for the next year for he felt seeing them could cause her to regress back into the melancholy state she was in at this current stage of her life.

Mason and Elsa

Due to Mason’s being promiscuous he had become sterile and unable to sire a child. Rumor has it that he had several illegitimates running about in the bush country from his travels in the Dark Continent.

Elsa was discontent having heard of the other heathen women with their children and she wanted Mason to do something about it.

He finally said she could visit a Sperm Donor Bank and check out the process. If she wanted to be impregnated this way he agreed not to object.
It didn’t take her long to decide to submit to the process and after a couple of months she announced she was with child.

She never told anyone how it came about for everyone thought Mason finally got it right.  
I only found out by accident when a bill for the process came in and accounting brought the bill to me.  Once I figured out what happened I told him to pay it and never mention it to anyone.

I decided to do the same and never mention it to anyone not even Charlie. This is the only thing I ever kept from him.  I just figured that Elsa had the right to a little privacy and the child to be accepted as being true blood kin.

The Babe looked
Just Like Mason
The child was born on time and strange as it seems it looks just like Mason. She named the boy Mason Jr. Having this child had a profound effect on Elsa, she was a genuine mother.

It didn’t matter if Mason wasn’t the father she was one hundred percent the child’s mother. She could nurse it and care for all its needs just like any other mother. Mason was somewhat awed by the whole process. Here he had a child that was both his and not his.

Mason had numerous kids he left in Africa, never seeing or knowing them.  Here was a boy that he was going to live with till the  child grew up and left home.

The one thing Mason dreaded was if one or more of his children from Africa came looking for him. He decided to prepare for such an event just in case it happened. He had never hid who he was and where he was from.

He couldn’t remember how many African women he married but it was several. They were all marriages according to local custom but it still bothered him for he didn’t know if the marriages were registered with the State. If they were then they would be entitled to part of his estate should he die.  Further he might be responsible for debts they might incur.

Moving forward a couple of years; a white woman in nurses uniform, named Lindsey showed up at the door of the estate and asked for Mason.  Two young black girls were in tow with her, who appeared to be around fourteen years old.
As it happened Mason was off on a fishing trip and Elsa and the baby was visiting her mother.
James the butler called Linda over as she walked by and told her the woman insisted she see Mason. Linda invited the woman and the two girls in and ordered some refreshments for they appeared tired and warm.

While the girls were refreshing themselves the woman told Linda the story. These two girls had been brought to the mission where she was stationed and she had cared for them almost since their birth.  She saw to their care and education up till now.  
 Due to war and threats to the workers, the mission it had to be closed and she was sent home to the USA.  She managed to get these two girls out with her and had brought them here to their father.  

The nurse showed Linda what papers she had and a DNA report. She said it could be compared to Mason’s DNA if she wished but she was sure they were Mason’s girls.

She said, "If he didn’t want them they would need to be placed in an orphanage for she had no means to care for them.  During the years she worked at the mission she received almost no salary and was virtually broke and in need of medical care."

Linda called the girls in and had a long conversation with them. She found them to be polite and very well spoken.  

She then said, “We will have to see what we can do about this situation.”  In her mind was the thought that these might be my nieces so I need to care for them.

She called me and asked to meet her at the nicest hotel in town. I thought she might have had a romantic spell come over her and wanted to do something different but I soon found out that wasn’t the case.

By the time she got the three of them situated in some rooms, I arrived and she told me the whole story as far as she knew it.

I laughed at the irony of the situation and just had to say it; “The chickens have come home to roost.”

That remark didn’t go over very well with Linda even though she couldn’t help but crack a smile.  “This is serious so be serious,” she said.

I sobered up my attitude and said, “Let’s go up and meet these ladies.”
Immediately to me it was evident that the White missionary nurse wasn’t well and I made an appointment for her to go to a clinic where she would be given the best of care.
I said, “The girls will be able to stay with you while being treated for they don’t need to be with strangers.
We will have the doctor give them check up while they are there.”

This will be the first order of business and then we will go on from there. I finally got around to asking the girls’ names and one was Ashe and the younger Baba.

I told them those were pretty names but after they have lived here for a while they could change them if they wished or just keep them. So far the girls had said very little but I expect that will change very soon.

Lonnie, after Rehab

After eighteen months I noticed a big change in Lonnie. Linda and I were the only ones who felt up to seeing her. In the back of the family’s minds was the image of her at her worse. I couldn’t really blame them but she had changed.

She had a new young doctor who was having success with her treatments and also his personal touch.

The doctor called Charlie and told him he was of a mind to release Lonnie but had some concerns about her going back into the family. He suggested a half way type of house where she could live in.

Charlie hesitated but agreed it might be a first step. The doctor confessed that he had become attracted to her but he couldn’t express himself until she was completely well and on her own. He said, “I could have kept this to myself but felt that would be dishonest.”  He continued, “Once she is completely well and the board of doctors agrees, then with the family’s permission I wish to begin to court her.”

Charlie said, “That would be alright with me unless there is some reason not to.”

He had the halfway house checked out and had someone to follow up regularly. It was six months later that Linda and I received an invitation to their wedding and we were glad to go.

Some years later Linda was asked to come to a baby shower being thrown for her. It was a little late in life but the baby is doing fine and they are very happy.

Ellen and Mary (the two Ex-scullery maids)

Updating Ellen and Mary’s status they finished their schooling and now work for Charlie. They have their own apartment and are enjoying being part of the dating scene.

Charlie couldn’t help but having anyone the girls dated more than once, “checked out.”
To Be Continued

Monday, November 24, 2014


This is a True Story to be entered at "Tell Me a True Story." 
My continued story will resume soon.


When the Charismatic movement began in the early 50s, many of the Pentecostal brethren had several problems with the way the Charismatic brethren received the HOLY GHOST BAPTISM.  They felt they should receive it (HIM) the Pentecostal way in order to be real.  This business of merely laying hands on people was simply too easy.

The Pentecostals believed in the old fashion tarrying method.  Sometimes it took several years of tarrying before a seeker broke through, whereas the charismatic people just laid hands on and said, “Start speaking in tongues,” and the seeker did just that.

I have my own feeling about this conflict, but probably should keep my opinions to myself.  

In any case the important thing was the seeker was first baptized into the body of Christ by the HOLY SPIRIT, and then was baptized by Christ into the HOLY SPIRIT.  Another way to say it is, first get saved and then be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT.

I have seen both methods used in ministering to seekers, and in most cases either will work for it is GOD who does the baptizing.

Back in 1976 I attended the RHEMA SCHOOL OF MINISTRY for a year and worked in the prayer room with people who wanted to be “saved”(born again) and others who wanted to receive the baptism in the HOLY GHOST. 

Many things occurred there, but one thing stood out from the others.  A young man was a seeker and I was appointed to minister to him.  After a settling down time I talked to him explaining the procedure we were going to follow. 

We prayed for a couple minutes and then I laid my hands on him as I had explained to him.  Before I knew what happened he shot straight up between my hands and almost hit the ceiling and came down yelling, “I got it.”  It took me a while to grasp what had occurred. 

He was a little beside himself and didn’t want to talk to me any more.  He immediately went on his way rejoicing, and I sat there somewhat amazed and wondered what had just taken place. 

I thought well this is great, but that was a one time experience seeing as I had prayed for seekers and had done the same thing many times, but never had anything as dramatic had  happened before exactly like this.  

If you are basically a Born Again Christian, please understand that there is MORE for you.  Jesus wants to baptize you in the Holy Ghost!

Acts 1:8 “You shall receive Power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me.”

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Langcaster House - Chapter 7 - George has time for Doris

George has time for Doris

While getting ready for a race George broke his arm and he couldn’t figure out how to drive with his arm in the cast and sling.  

He would spend some time at his dealership but was in the way for the most part. As a rule he wasn’t there most of the time and had taken on a partner to run things.

While his partner was a good business man George did a lot of P R work through his racing.  He was on TV a lot and the sportscasters liked to interview him.

All of a sudden he realized he had a wife and she wasn’t bad to look at. They began to go out together a lot and she peaked his interest both day and night. Before his arm was completely healed Doris announced to the family that she was with child.

Mother Wynn said if he hadn’t broke his arm she might never have gotten pregnant. Doris and Barbra became much closer as the result of her becoming a mother.

Where before the only thing they had in common were the parties they attended. This new event now of course affected the entire household. 

All of the women both family and staff were stirred up wanting to have a child. Even Linda began to have the mother instinct and I had to soothe her with the idea of finishing college before we entered into that endeavor.

I wondered if any more of the family would be getting in a family way.

Linda and I moved into the big house and that made things a little more practical for we were taking most of our meals with the family anyway and many other things were easier.

James #1 butler

James had now become #1 butler at long last and moved into the apartment over the garage. This pleasured him to no end for he could now have company with a place for overnight stay.

Charlie had laid down certain rules to be followed and James was well aware of what the penalty was for violating them. This opened up space in the big house and the scullery maids moved into the empty bedrooms. This was going to be a great help for them not having to pay any rent.

James wanted the garage apartment before I first came to work for Charlie and now he has it.

Ellen and Mary

Charlie wanted the two scullery maids to be a success so he helped them every way he could. Some thought he was too close to them being hired help but he viewed them as young sisters.  His plans were to hire them for the company as soon as they graduated from college.

The girls had several young men interested in them so Charlie had “The Man” check them out. Most of the boys were just college age but a couple he sent packing being deemed as punks.

The smell of money

Charlie was pretty liberal with the senior Wynn’s for they were allowed to host a variety of folk of their acquaintance.

On one occasion there was a couple from England who contacted the Wynn’s and the Wynn’s asked them to come and visit. For the record the couple wasn’t married so they required separate rooms. This wasn’t a problem for they stayed in the Wynn’s wing of the house where there were many rooms.

Lord Blears Smelled Money
Charlie noticed that the man, Lord Blears was paying a lot of attention to Barbra but figured they were renewing old acquaintances for they knew each other as young people.

Another thing that got him to thinking was the woman with Lord Blears was paying a great deal attention to Charlie.  

Charlie sent for some information which he found very informing.

While the female guest was very desirable to look at Charlie kept her at arm’s length even though she made it clear she was available.

After three weeks Barbra and Lord Blears met Charlie in his office and wanted to discuss something important with him. The man spoke first and said these last three weeks had renewed an old love between them and Barbra wanted a divorce.

Charlie sat for a minute thinking of what he just heard and asked Barbra if she was in agreement with his lordship.

She hesitated but answered yes.

Charlie asked Barbra if she wanted the children and Lord Blears spoke up and said yes but they would need the house In order for them to be raised properly.

Charlie said that wasn’t possible but there was a one room house on the backside of the property they could rent if they so desired.

Lord Blears said they would file tomorrow and he hoped an amiable settlement could be reached rather quickly.

Charlie said, “You of course realize everything I have is in untouchable trusts and our prenuptial agreement states should there be a dissolution of the marriage we each walk away with what is ours personally.

All of Barbra’s jewelry is just past replicas of the real jewelry which belongs to the corporation. You might get a couple hundred for them at a pawn shop. She only has a few hundred dollars in her accounts but it is enough for a weekend at the Savoy.”

Barbra's wallet is Empty !!
He buzzed his secretary and asked, “Did you cancel Barbra’s credit cards yet?”

She said, “Just finishing up right now.”

Charlie said, Lord Blears, you will have to live off of your wealth which amounts to less than four thousand dollars if my information is correct.  
Your girlfriend hasn’t had any success with me even though she tried real hard. I have had your bags packed so you and your girlfriend can leave immediately.

As for you Barbra you can come back later and get your things and I hope the three of you can have a good life trying to steal from unexpected victims.”

I arrived about this time and saw Lord Blears and his girlfriend walking down the drive with their suitcases and when I got to the main house Lady Barbra as she insisted on being called was sitting on her suitcase at the front door.

I said, “Good evening Lady Barbra,” and she didn’t answer back.

About nine that evening Mrs. Wynn went down and told Barbra to come in and stay in their wing of the house and she would get her a sandwich to eat.

The next morning while Charlie and the children were at breakfast, Barbra came down and sat not saying anything even when the children asked her something.

After the children left with Jeanie their nanny Barbra spoke and said, “I didn’t know you could be so cruel Charlie.”

“You mean my not giving your lover the millions of dollars he wanted and letting him dump you as soon as he got the money, like he has done before to some other silly women.

As it turns out old Charlie isn’t as naïve as you, my dear.  I had them investigated as soon as they moved in here.”

Barbra said, “You should have said something to warn me.”

You needed to learn that this Peerage nonsense is out of date and belongs in the past.

She said, “It means something to me and besides he wasn’t my lover… yet.”

During the next hour they had a long talk and she spent the next weeks trying to get back into the good graces of Charlie before he let her back into the bedroom.

He told me what happened and why he let her stay.  He said he didn’t have anything against the Wynn’s except he thought they were a little pompous.  If he kicked Barbra out then he would felt obligated to ask them and some of the family to leave also. None of them were responsible for what happened and it seemed unfair to make them pay for Barbra’s mistake.

I didn’t say much other than aha and humm, for he wasn’t wanting comment just an ear he could trust not to go blabbing it all around.

He realized she was vulnerable to anything that surrounded the higher society in England and here it didn’t compare with the snobbery of that society.  She fell victim to the past friendship, his Lordship, and a line of bull he spouted when they were together and then his girlfriend was supposed to distract me from what was going on.

Charlie underestimated Barbra’s wealth but he didn’t want Blears to know what she had for it might have been enough for him to take her with him and his girlfriend.

In any case it would have only lasted a few weeks the way they went through money.

I was glad things had settled down and peace prevailed… temporarily.
To be Continued


Friday, November 21, 2014

Langcaster House - Chapter 6

The Honeymoon and Other Things

When we arrived at the hotel we found that Charlie had reserved a suite for us and it was all paid for.

It took most of the day to get married. Getting the license and Linda wanted a nice dress for the ceremony. After we emphatically said our “I Do’s, we had a pleasant dinner and retired to our room.”

Linda put on a negligée and said what before, she had so often said to me; “You can have me if you want me.”

The difference was this time I answered, “I want you… now.”

We spent the next four days doing what honeymooners do and I received a packet from Charlie with air tickets and show tickets for a week in New York.  Then it was on to Paris for a week.

After we returned I tried to thank Charlie but he said I did this for two of my favorite people and besides Barbra engineered the whole thing for she wanted her little sister to have the time of her life.

We decided to spend a month in the apartment and then move over to the big house. We had a suite of rooms all for ourselves and plenty of privacy. Linda selected a maid for us after we moved to the big house and I approved of her after seeing how efficient she was.

Lenore’s bad choice

Meanwhile Renee had introduced Lenore to a broker she had met and they seemed to hit it off right away. She had just turned thirty and marriage was on her mind.

Thing of it was the guy was only interested in getting her to invest in several of his schemes and he turned on all of his charm.  After he had her heavily invested he took off with her money and left her with worthless stock.

When she sheepishly came to Charlie she was embarrassed to tell him of her errors in judgment. After it all came out he got on the phone and was able to locate the mystery man and a few days later Charlie called Lenore and had her come down to the office.

He told her to go into his office and wait for him. A few minutes later he came into the office with a bag full of paper money. He told her he was going to invest her money for her because there are too many guys just looking for women with money.

She said thank you Charlie and I’m so glad Barbra married you. She said if you don’t mind will you tell me how you retrieved my money?

He said you don’t need to know that; just be glad you have it. She said I am glad and thank you again.

I thought I would try my luck and see if Charley would tell me how he got her money back. He said you remember, “The Man” who brought Linda home that night?”

“Yes I remember that night all too well.”

“That man was the one I sent to find Lenore’s money.  When he found the thug with her money he convinced the guy it would be better for all parties if he would return all the money with interest. After ‘The man’ got through explaining the downside of trying to keep the money, the hooligan was more than glad to return it.

Linda gets more education

Linda decided to go to college and get a degree in business shortly after we were wed.

Some three months into the semester she came home and told me that she was having trouble with a guy that wouldn’t leave her alone. It seems he considers himself to be what every woman needs. She said, “I have done everything I can think of to put him off but he keeps trying to put his hands on me.”

I told her, “I would see to it tomorrow.”

She said, “Usually I can usually handle these would be Romeo’s but he won’t be deterred. I called Charlie that evening and told him I wouldn’t be in tomorrow and explained why. He said he really needed me tomorrow and wanted to know the guy’s name who was giving me the problem. He said he would look into it for he couldn’t have him interfering with his business and me not being there would do just that.”

The next day Linda thought she saw, “The Man” who brought her home that time, the one who finished ripping her clothes off.

She didn’t see the guy who had been harassing her for which she was glad. It just so happened that “The Man” collared the would be lover and explained it would be in his interest to never come near to Linda or ever speak to her again.  

“The Man” badly broke the guy’s nose and gave him a picture of Paddy O’Neill who had a hundred and eighty four fights including amateur bouts and due to so many bouts his nose was flat and spread out on his face.
The “man” told the guy that was what he would look like if he bothered Linda again.

As he was leaving the "Would be Romeo," “The Man said; “do you have any idea how hard it is to breathe with a nose like that which can’t be repaired?”

Apparently the boy got the message for she never saw him again. I asked Charlie what happened and he said I can’t have you getting into trouble for I need you here.

I thanked Charlie and thought everyone needs a friend like Charlie. While cuddling that night I told Linda if she had any more trouble she should tell me immediately instead of letting it drag on and encouraging the guy who was pursuing her.

Some Girls Enjoying Flirting
She said, “I shouldn’t admit it but having someone pursuing you is a little titillating.  While most women won’t own up to it, privately they get a good feeling from attention unless it goes too far.

In a lot of cases they encourage the pursuer by being “Coy.”  Setting this up gives them a chance to be outraged at the 'Would be' lover’s advances.  
Along with that comes a feeling of power which is most desirable. The downside to this is many have succumbed to their advances in the process.”

After all that information, I told her, “It seems you understand all about these games,” and turned over and went to sleep.

All this talk had caused me to lose all interest in taking our cuddling any farther for that night.