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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, March 9, 2013


We Need to Talk
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Leon returned at supper time and sat at the table not saying anything. It was obvious this had been a rough day for him.

It wasn't that over the years they hadn't had a glimpse of one another in a slightly undressed state but the thing was the way it happened now.

The thought that he might be going to be a father, and couldn't remember anything about it haunted him. The fact she kept giggling while they ate was almost maddening and added to his uneasy state.

When it was time to go to bed he said, “I think it best if we sleep in our own beds tonight.”   While still giggling she said, “If that is the way you want it, but I'm sure going to be disappointed.”

He finally said if you don't cut that out I'm going to sleep somewhere else.

Kathryn decided she had enough fun at his expense at least for now so she quieted down.

The days were busy because the second well was going great and the equipment on the first well had to be checked over and repaired as needed and then moved to the third well site.

Things were going good for the black men Leon had hired, and they had sent for their families to join them.

Leon dreaded going home each night for he couldn't take any more teasing; and when Kathryn would kiss him and sit on his lap it was beginning to have its effect on him.

After the fourth night of sleeping alone he couldn't control his passion any longer, and he went to her room and climbed into her bed. Once again she giggled and said, “What took you so long to get here?”

This time he didn't pay any attention to what she was saying for romance was in the air.

After a sleepless night Leon was all smiles and he said, “Something doesn't exactly add up.
She cut him off and said, “You didn't do anything the night after the party, and you crawled into my bed by mistake.”   

He unbelieving replied, “Then you tricked me into marrying you if I didn't do anything!”

She said, “I didn't jump out of bed, and run and get a preacher and insist we get married. I never said you were guilty of having your way with me; in fact the whole thing was your doing.”

He thought it over for awhile and agreed it happened as she said.  Then it was his turn to smile, “Maybe I tricked you into marrying me.”

He went on and said, “I have wanted you from the time you were twelve.”

Now it was her turn to turn red and wonder if that was true.  She said, “You dog, if that is true that you set me up like that. You come dragging that weird preacher in here and didn't give me time to think whether I wanted to marry you.”

She knew better but now it was positioning time in the discussion. He responded by saying, “No I was completely confused and the only thing I could think of was to get a preacher, but I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't wanted to in the first place.”

It took something like that to get me to do what I have been wanting to for a long time; just about ever since I first met you as a smart mouth little brat.

She said I have to ask you, “Are you sorry you married me?” He answered, “No, how about you?”
Her answer was, “Absolutely not, the thing was I didn't know if you were interested in me this way for you never acted like it. It wasn't a case of not wanting you but being afraid of being rejected that would have been more than I could handle.”

Leon said, “That's all behind us now, and the wall between us no longer exists and I feel a release.
All this time we almost acted like a married couple, depending upon each other, committed to the same things yet there was that hesitation which kept us separated from one another.”    

To be Continued


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