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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Should I say 'YES?"

Edie had just been asked by Charles if she would marry him!

As the reality of what she was asked to do hit her, her mouth went dry and her mind went into overdrive.  

It was alright to fantasize about getting married, which she had often done, but to come to the place where you make the commitment to do so was something else.

Her mind was racing looking for the right thing to say, she didn't want to say no, yet she was hesitant to say yes.

This whole thing had evolved within the last week and it was overwhelming.

One day she was looking forward to graduation, and the next day it was welcome to the M.R.S. club. The image of that was of an older woman of thirty plus years and she still felt like a young girl.

Then a thought came to her mind; if I don't say yes then someone else will grab him. 
She knew he was the soundest thinking boy she had ever known, and was probably the smartest one.

He wasn't asking her to give up her plans for more education or to rush into marriage the next day.

The idea that somebody else would get him angered her.  The very idea someone else would get her man just riled her and that wasn't going to happen.

Then she realized that she had just thought;" He's my man" and felt that he belonged to her. Then it dawn on her, what am I waiting for, of course the answer is yes.

She looked up and Charles was anxiously waiting for her answer and she blurted out "Yes."

He broke out in a smile and said, “Now comes the hard part. I must ask your father for your hand in marriage and I have been dreading that.  

He has been cordial to me but this is something else.”

Edie said, “I know how to handle my dad, and by the time you come over tonight he will be glad to have for a son-in-law maybe even grateful you are taking me off his hands.”

Charles breathed a sigh of relief for that was a load off of his mind, yet he still had to go through the process.

There was one more "Lion" to face and that was his own family.

He knew his father would be worried that he wouldn't follow through in becoming a lawyer, and end up in a menial job.  His brothers would question his sanity for they still viewed him as a boy.

His sisters would surely rag on him saying, “You should wait until you are older, around thirty, you should date more women, and then you would understand what you are getting into.”

And lastly his mother, she would be the easy one. Charles could do no wrong in her sight for he was still "The baby."

With his family, it went pretty much as he expected, and after getting raked over the coals, finally the dust settled and they began to ask questions as to what his plans were.

After being grilled for an hour and answering all their queries they seemed satisfied with what he had planned.  It seemed he had taken everything into consideration, even more than his siblings had before they were married.

Charles arrived around eight in the evening at Edie's home.  He knew her folks went to bed around nine so that would only give them an hour to examine him before they would want to go to bed.

Edie had laid everything out before her parents and their objections had pretty well been overruled by Edie. 

When Charles asked for permission to marry Edie it was a foregone conclusion, and they agreed to the marriage and welcomed him into the family.

To be Continued

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