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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chapter Eight and Addendum

This story is all here and NOT continued.
Be sure to read the Addendum
My continued stories will resume soon.

Girl with a Gun
The Unwritten Story

Below is a chapter of a story that will not be written.  One might ask why? The reason is simple, because it has already been written so many times.

It has been set in different times from the early 1900s and into the future. The result is always the same and easily recognizable.

Chapter Eight

At times he, Luis felt like little more than a flunkey for here again he was on his way to give Father Leon money for his services.

The son of a widow had suddenly appeared in the river after being missing for two weeks.  Father Leon would say comforting words and give assurances all was well with the soul of the departed. 

He and his under priests and Nuns ran the church, the school and more importantly for some, “The Soup kitchen.”  Father Leon didn’t like to take the money but felt he had to weigh the good against the bad and grudgingly would give in.

Luis the son of the kingpin of all the vice in the district wasn’t too happy with his lot, but on occasion would act like his father when dealing with a situation.

He hated the smell of the soup kitchen but was ordered to check on it once a week to make sure everything they needed was available. 

On this occasion he saw a girl who was working in the back helping to clean up and he felt he knew her from somewhere.  He couldn’t place her but she kept appearing in his thoughts. 

Even though she was dressed down he could tell she was shapely and very nice looking.  Her skin tone and facial features said she was Italian.  He wasn’t satisfied until he found out who she was and where she lived.

Luis spent hours trying to place her and didn’t understand why he should be so taken by her for there were other girls just as pretty and readily available.

After getting her phone number he finally got up the nerve to call her.  He made the call after seven in the evening and started off by saying, “You don’t know me, but my name is Luis…”  At that she cut him off and said,  “I know you.”

He said, “I think I know you and…” She cut him off again and said, “There is a café down the block from me and if you want to talk then meet me there in ten minutes.”

He said, “I know the place and I will be there for I have several questions to ask you.”

Arriving first, he sat in a booth in the rear of the restaurant.

She came in and went directly to the back after telling the counter man to bring her a cup of black coffee.  He started to introduce himself and try to break the ice with some inane prattle but when he looked at her facial muscles they were taut and not in the mood for wasted chatter.

She spoke and said, “You indeed know me.  We were in the same grade at St. Josephs.  You were two years older than me but you had been put back twice and were two grades back from where you should have been. 

Due to your fathers influence in the neighborhood you were the most popular boy in school.  All the girls were in love with you with me among them.  You asked me to go to the movies with you and after a lot of necking and the movie being over you took me into an alley and had your way with me. 
I tried to resist but you were too strong for me and because of all the kissing I thought you loved me so I gave in. 

Afterward I told my mother and father but they were afraid of your father so it was off to the convent for me.  I just returned a month ago after finishing school there.”

He started to say something… but she said, “Tell me you don’t remember that.”

He stumbled at trying to find some words that would defuse the conversation but was almost speechless for this wasn’t what he had in mind for the evening. 
When some kind of situation would arise that made him uncomfortable he would usually man up and take control but he was weakened by her accusation.

As his voice returned he was going to blame her and was thinking of several things to tell her like she asked for it and deserved what she got and to go on from there until he had beaten her down.

As he began his tirade she pulled a small caliber semi automatic from her sweater pocket and pulled the slide to load a bullet in the chamber.

His words stopped when he saw the gun.

She said, “This is for me.  She then pulled another identical weapon from her other pocket and said this one is for you.  She stood up and said, “Not now but soon. 

She went on and said. “By tomorrow everyone will know the details of what you did to me and that I have threatened you.  Your father may deal harshly with you before I do.  Your friends will see you in a different light from now on.”

As she put the loaded guns back in her pocket she repeated: “This one is for me and this one is for you.”

His apologies were lost on her as she left the café.

Luis thought to himself, “Now I remember her and everything about her.  I bragged about what I had done to everyone I knew and they considered her damaged goods.  She was constantly humiliated by boys hitting on her till she was sent away.

The humiliation must have been worse than the event.  This is hell, wondering if she was serious.  The words, "This one is for me and this one is for you," won’t allow me to have a minute’s peace.”




She slipped out the back door and Luis sat there for a long time just staring out into space as it were. Those stupid, idiotic words she said completely controlled his thinking day after day.

It was no big thing to him, he had taken so many women he couldn’t begin to remember them all. Most weren’t willing but he took them anyway. Here was this nothing, he wouldn’t be caught dead with, and she has his whole world turned upside down.

“One for her and one for me I’ll show her.  C’mon bitch! It will be your last day on earth and I might just do it to you again, what do you think about that.”

His ranting continued though he was all alone. It was a week later when he saw her again and she walked up after he had left the money at the mission and she just said “Soon.”  

After that he saw her each day though she never spoke she just pointed at her watch. It had come to the place where alcohol couldn’t drown out the words, “This one is for you, what did that mean?  Was he going to commit suicide, or was she going to shoot him and then herself.”

He asked his father to assign two body guards to protect him when he went out, because he said he was afraid someone would rob him when carrying money to the Padre.

He was feeling pretty good on the way home and then it happened. She walked up to him wearing an alluring dress and the body guards thought she was one of his girl friends. They walked on to give him some privacy.

She dropped her bag but had the two guns in her hands.  She said, “This one is for you,” and thrust the gun into his hand.

“It’s set to fire when you’re ready.”  As she backed off she slid the slide back and released it putting a bullet into the chamber of her gun.

Continuing to back off she raised her gun and aimed directly at him.

Thoughts were flying through his mind, “Self defense, I have witnesses who will back me up,” and without waiting he said “Here’s one for you and pulled the trigger”…
She wasn’t invited to the funeral so she stood afar off as the Padre spoke kindly of him.  There were several former girl friends that shed a tear or two and were comparing notes as they left speaking of him.

The woman finally had peace even though her life had been marred. She went back to the convent and donned her Habit and told the Mother Superior she was back after her leave of absence ready to assume her duties. Mother said, “Is everything taken care of?”

“Yes everything is finished.”

The police were investigating the happening and concluded the he fired a gun whose barrel was plugged and it exploded in his face when he fired it. They found another gun that had been stolen awhile back.

There were no prints on it; so they must have been wearing gloves when handling it and besides it hadn’t been fired recently.

The sergeant said, “Aw, just file the report in the unsolved files. No need for us to spend time on it for he used the one for him on himself.

 * * *

       This story is fictional, yet it could be true any day in your town.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


My Continued Stories will resume soon - - Today is a short story all here!


Obed was the son of a rich merchant selling oils and was a Parfumerie vendor.

He had influence over the ruling class and was welcomed at any time to the Ruler’s palace.

The chief ruler Aban wanted a daughter for political purposes, to marry her off to another Chief and form an alliance between their Chiefdoms. Since none of his wives produced a female heir he was quite upset for he considered it a necessity.

Obed was allowed to play with the street children and was especially taken with one of the young females.  She was exceptionally comely and smarter than most of the boys.

They had become friends for three years when Aban the Chief saw her playing in the street. He had a servant enquire as to whom she belonged to and found she was the daughter of one of the widows. Her husband had been killed in one of the desert battles and now she had little to feed her brood on.

Aban had the servant offer her money to allow Aban to adopt the little girl with the promise of more money each year and she agreed.

He could have exercised his power and taken the girl to his palace but he was a fair man.

Adana was taken from the streets and was kept with the other women at the palace and taught how to please and support her soon to be, ruling husband.

While she missed her friends the one she missed most was Obed.

Obed visited the palace often with his father and would sneak off and spy on the women of the palace. They of course would see him but because Adana liked him they said nothing.

Once in awhile they would manage to be alone for a short time by bribing the guard with nard scented oil for his woman. Obed had mastered the art of the perfumes and oils his father sold and was in line to take over the business one day.

The time came when Adana was grown enough for the Chief to start trying to arrange a marriage with one of the surrounding Chiefdoms but the word got out that Adana was adopted and none of the Chief wanted her.

Without the real blood line the alliance would be weak for the blood line was everything.

After this major disappointment the Chief wanted to get rid of Adana because she had become an embarrassment. The older son of Aban wanted to take her for his wife but due to the Chief’s disappointment it took a lot of convincing to get the Chief to relent.

The Chief told his son the girl should be allowed to mature for she would be expected to bear children right away but the son would have none of it. The word went out that the Chief’s son was taking a wife and the whole of the Chiefdom prepared to celebrate the event.

Needless to say Obed was beside himself. He knew the Chief had planned to marry her off but the fact it was now and to a man he didn’t care for was only adding to his pain.

After weeks of preparation the day was here and for Obed it was unbearable and to make it worse they were to supply all of the perfumes and ointments.

At the same time there was an uprising and war was pending among some of the tribes and the day after the wedding the soldiers were to leave for battle. The bride groom, Aban’s son Alban was to lead his tribe into battle.

After the ceremony the feasting went far into the night eating and drinking nectars. Obed couldn’t stand the thought of Adana being with Alban on her wedding night so he managed to slip a potion into Alban’s drink which would cause him to go to sleep and be completely out of it.

As the evening wore on Alban grew sleepier and his friends helped him into the bed chamber where Adana was waiting after the women had prepared the wedding bed. Alban managed to make it to the bedroom but fell over sound asleep on the floor.

It was after midnight when the feasting was over and Obed had hid out of sight until all was quiet and he slipped into the bedroom of Adana. After checking Alban and putting a pillow under his head he slipped into the bed.

It only took a short time for Adana to understand it wasn’t Alban who was in the bed. She tried to shout but Obed’s hand was over her mouth and he kept speaking to her till she realized who it was and then she wrapped her arms around him.

The closeness was more than they could stand and soon the two were one till almost dawn. She realized what happened would be discovered when Alban returned and took up his conjugal duties so she laid out her spotted gown on the bed and took one of the singing bird’s blood and smeared it on Alban after removing his robes.

Shortly he was roused by the guard and told to clean himself then prepare for going into battle. It was obvious to those who saw the clothing that Alban had consummated the marriage and then passed out.

They engaged in battle that day and Alban was badly wounded and died shortly after he was brought home.  Adana put on widow’s clothing which she was to wear until the father-in-law said otherwise, for life if he wished.

A few months later it became obvious Adana was going to have a child. The Chief rejoiced for his son had managed to impregnate his wife on their wedding night. Someone else was rejoicing albeit quietly about the happy event and that was Obed.
Obed insisted Adana needed certain oils to help her have an easy birth so he was allowed to see Adana often and they were drawn even closer because of their child soon to be born.

The birth of the child went well and the Chief was beside himself with joy. He had a grand daughter who reminded him of his son so he thought. As the time went by Obed’s father’s influence grew over the Chief and he convinced him to allow Adana to remove the widow’s clothing and returned to normal clothing.

When the child was two years old the Chief was convinced by Obed’s father to allow Adana to marry again. He said his son would be the most likely prospect for he had been with her through all of the conflict she had been through. Since Obed had won the Chief’s favor he agreed but they would have to live in the palace so he could see his grand child every day.

Everyone was in agreement about that and they were wed. Some time later Adana had two more children, a boy, and a girl. As they grew older the second girl looked just like the first one and the boy like his father.

The fact that the boy looked like Obed and the two girls looked the same as each other it made some wonder about the girls having different fathers.


Monday, April 28, 2014


Week End at the Resort

This is only Monday and I don’t know if I can wait until the weekend. Linda and I along with the gang are going to have the biggest time of our life.

It took a lot of convincing to get her folks to agree to let her go with me for there have been a lot of untrue stories spread around about me.

Mostly by girls I either have broken up with or won’t go out with. In any case the three days coming up will be the best of my life and the past can jump in the lake as far as I’m concerned.

Tonight night I called her and her father hesitated but let me talk to her when I told him my call was about her wearing something “Less revealing.”

When I told her what I had done she said she wasn’t going to take my advice for she had already packed her mini bikini suits.

I thought I would surely get in a fight because of some guy making a lewd remark about her for she was something to behold and stimulating. I said I was looking forward to seeing more of her on the weekend.

She said, “I hope dad isn’t listening in or the deal will be off, and don’t call me till Friday morning when we leave for I don’t want anything to foul up the trip because of  something said that my dad might get wind of.”

“Okay,” I said, “But it won’t be easy.”

It was the most stressful week just waiting and thinking about Linda. I was determined not to let my fantasying over her to spoil the actual being with her for fantasy can do just that.

The projecting yourself into situations that aren’t about to happen can be a let down or so my psychology teacher has told me.

My first sighting of Linda on Friday made the week of waiting worth while. Picking her up and getting by her gruffy father and her suspicious mother was the doorway into paradise.

We met all the gang of twelve and were off to see the Wizard so to speak for we were expecting a magical weekend. We checked into the resort and tension began to build because Linda and I were the only ones who had separate rooms.

None of the other couples had told us they were “saving money” by having rooms together. This immediately had the effect of separating us from the rest of the group.

I wasn’t about to suggest Linda and we do the same thing but she brought it up. She made it clear she wasn’t into that and her father had a way of finding out things so don’t get any ideas.

Well things got worse from that point on. The more I said I didn’t know about the arrangements the others had made and that I had no intention of trying to pressure her into being in the same room with me the worse it got.

She didn’t want me to touch her and by the end of the day we were hardly speaking. I had hoped that would at least keep things from getting worse.

The next morning after a restless night I told the group I was going to explore some caves nearby and suggested Linda could go boating with them.

That went over like the proverbial lead balloon. She said she was going to lay by the pool and wasn’t interested in watching them make out.

I said, “Wonderful,” with a bit of sarcasm, “You do just that,” and I left before things got more heated.

Since it was so warm I just wore some shorts and a tee shirt. There were several hundred small caves in the vicinity so it should be an interesting day, or so I told myself. I walked along the coast quite a ways, fretting as I went and talking to myself.

I saw a group of caves on the hillside and climbed up to them. I entered the first on and found it to be deeper that I would have guessed. I had only got a couple hundred feet into the cave when there was a slight trembler.

It wasn’t much of a shake relative to the ones near home but it caused some rocks to fall and pinned me to the floor of the cave. I was covered with rocks, my left arm immobile, and my right unmovable except for my hand.

I could only open and close it. After trying to calm myself down which took some doing I was trying to figure how to get out of this predicament.

Since I couldn’t move there weren’t any solutions readily available.

Moving my right arm just caused the sharp rocks to cut into it so I stopped doing that.

I thought about the hotel concierge warning me to not go alone in the caves but I was too upset to pay any attention to his cautioning.

After an hour or so and being in considerable pain I had quit blaming Linda for my predicament and tried a few shouts that took too much strength.

I realized something was moving and it wasn’t me. I was able to raise up enough to see it was a snake. As it moved closer I could see it was a poisonous variety. It seemed much longer but it was about five and a half foot long. That flicking tongue was striking fear in me and the snake sensed it. It would coil up in striking position and then stretch out again.

It crawled over my face and around my head all the time I was expecting to be bit and become unconscious.

After being tormented for an half hour like that it put its head in my only moveable part which was my hand and I grasped it right behind it’s head and squeezed as tight as I could. It only took me a minute to realize I had done a wrong thing.

The snake was twisting and whirling trying to free itself from my grip. It then wrapped itself around my hand and started to constrict. It was squeezing my hand and wrist with all its strength. It was cutting the blood flow to my hand which was becoming numb and I couldn’t tell if I was still gripping it or not.

After some hours I didn’t know if I had been bitten or just passed out but when I awoke it was dark out side and some people were digging me out of the rock slide. They had a difficult time getting me to release the snake which I was still squeezing.

When I came to myself I said I didn’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone.

They said I was on my way to the hospital to be checked out. A day later I was released with plenty of bruises and scratches. My hand had no feeling in it for a week or so but finally has returned to almost normal.

Linda called me a couple of times but the magic has gone and she has faded back into background of, “I don’t know what I ever saw in her.”

As I understand it most of the couples who “Saved money” aren’t speaking anymore.

As for me I have a new girlfriend who understands me and keeps me under control. I am able to look at her and see she has it all without me going ape’y.

She is all I want and need in a woman and if she get’s her way (and she usually does) we will be wed shortly.

 * * *
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Friday, April 25, 2014


Today is a SHORT Story and hope you enjoy it as you wait for my next Continued Story to begin soon!

Free At Last
Free at Last

She had the sternest face this side of purgatory so said one of her previous students. 
Principal Moss had been there forever with her severe horn rimmed glasses and her black Dutch Boy haircut.

As the crows feet around the eyes and the creases in her cheeks increased, her gaze and would send shivers down one’s spine. 
But now that was all in the rear view mirror of my bicycle for I am “Free at Last.”

I could have used more education but it wasn’t to be.  My papa had it all planned out. 
As soon as I graduated from High School, I was to be on my own and start supporting myself.  Due to that ultimatum I had saved enough money to last for a month and so a job had been imperative.

Thankfully my brother Joe had been a pathfinder and had helped set me up with a job, a place to stay and some advice on where to eat.

In school I had quite a few fights, maybe five or six pretty good ones each year and a few that didn’t amount to much.  I didn’t win all of them and the worst part about losing was my brother would spend the next month teaching me how to whip my opponent in case we had another go-a-round.

The teaching sessions were worse than the fights I lost for Joe didn’t pull his punches.  In any case by the time I got out of school I could take pretty good care of myself though I still didn’t want to mess with my brother.

Something I should inject here because I will refer to it a little later is, one day as I was walking home I found a plain gold wedding band.  I had no idea who it belonged to, but always kept it in my pocket along with my keys and change. 

I started my job which was sorting mail.  I had worked in the local post office at home but that was nothing like this.  In the huge building I worked in, there were a hundred offices and we received a mail delivery three times a day. We had to sort the letters, packages, and direct special deliveries like flowers, candy, and sometimes money I suspect.

I moved into my new home that was a room located in a large frame house near the bus stop.  I could see my office building from the bus stop.  My room was on the second floor and the floor had two bathrooms, one at each end of the hall. 

One was supposed to be for women except there were no women on my floor.  They had some trouble with some of the old men thinking they were still young romantics, so they moved the women to another floor for obvious reasons.

I was told there was a refrigerator in the kitchen but not to put anything in it because it would be taken.  I soon found out that was true. I had put some sandwich meat and bread in it and the next day it was gone so that was the last time I did that.
I would look in the refrigerator from time to time, and there was never anything there unless someone new had moved in and hadn’t learned their lesson yet.

One of the new guests caught one of the old timers taking their stuff and it was quite a row for a while. After my food was taken I just bought what I could eat right then and there.  I guess I learned quickly the way things worked around there.

I got by with eating snacks and one good meal at the restaurant. There was a young woman at the restaurant that was most attractive and I really like her. I never said much to her but she was friendly to me. I asked her to go to the movies and she said no but to ask her again later.

Well when it was what I considered later I asked her again and she said yes. I didn’t know how to act with her even though I had been out with girls during my school years. She was different from them and I didn’t want to mess up. I went to her place and picked her up and we rode the bus to the movies.

She took me by the arm and I felt pretty good about that. When we got in the movie foyer I asked if she wanted some popcorn and she said no, it’s too salty and greasy. Well then how about something to drink and she that would be nice.

We watched the movie and I wanted to hold her hand in the worst way but I restrained myself and settled for the arm in arm on the way home. When we got to her house I wanted to have a goodnight kiss but chickened out.

As she started in she reached over and kissed my cheek and I felt I was walking on air all the way home. The next day and the whole week she acted as if we hadn’t had a date and I was a little put off by her attitude.

The next evening I came in and I saw a rough looking guy holding onto her arm and she couldn’t pull away. I walked up next to the guy and gently pulled her arm from him as I said sweetie you left your ring on the sink at home as I slipped the wedding band on her finger. I told you to always put it on after washing clothes.

Then I reached into my pocket and pulled out a plug of tobacco and my knife that was a switch blade. As I looked at him and I cut a three fourths inch chunk of plug tobacco off and stuck it into my jaw. I waved the knife back and forth and asked if he wanted anything else and gave him my best Ms Moss (the principal) stern look, and he just turned and left.

I followed him outside and as he disappeared I spit the awful tasting tobacco out of my mouth and was gagging as I repeatedly spit.

Saria brought me a glass of water and I felt better after washing my mouth out. She didn’t say anything but took my hand and led me back into the restaurant. She sat with me while I ate and when finished she said, “Can I keep?” it referring to the ring.

As usual I didn’t know how she meant it so I said, “Yes, be my guest.”

She fingered it turning it around then held it up just looking at it. She finally said maybe it will help me be left alone if guys think I’m married.

She had to get back to work and I went home trying to figure out what was going on.

I called Joe and laid the whole thing out and he said, “First you ain’t old enough to get married so get that out of your head. Second you need to get to know her better and something about her family,” and then he hung up.

After a week I couldn’t stand it so I asked why she was ignoring me and she said; “You have a hungry look like the ‘Big bad wolf’ ready to devour me and I want to take it easy but not lose you, or at least I think that is how I feel.

I told her if she would stop with the “I don’t know you attitude” I would promise to behave.  

She said as long as you have got the message then we can date. I was even more confused now. How behaved must I be? Can I kiss her now?

I tried to sleep on it for I had other things to think about.

I had moved on up and was working in the office of one of the bigger bosses. I knew some trouble was brewing which I wasn’t sure how to handle.

So once again I called on Joe to bail me out.
I had been sent to give a package from my boss to a client and while I was in this fancy hotel I saw my bosses’ wife with another man and they went into a room together. I asked the bell boy if he had seen them there before and he said with his hand stuck out yes. Ten dollars later I had all the details.

I told Joe all this and he said go back to the hotel and tell the bell boy to call you the next time they come in and there would be a big tip for him. Then he said something strange. Go down and buy a baseball bat.

Although I always trusted Joe’s advice but I had to say, “What for?”

He laughed and said, “For you to stretch and keep your muscles limbered up swinging the bat will take all the stiffness out of you from sitting.”

Later I had to thank him for the advice. I got the call from the bell boy and as per Joe’s instructions I rushed down to the bell boy’s side. He gave me all the information and I called my boss.

Like the snitches in the movies I placed a handkerchief over the speaker and told my boss he would be interested in what was going on in the room I was watching. I gave the room clerk twenty dollars which was a tremendous amount of money for me and told him to get lost for awhile.

A very short time later my boss showed up, and saw the bat I had leaned against the door. He took the bat and smashed the door with his shoulder. After some yelling and pleading and oh yes a few thuds my boss came out dragging the half dressed wife and took her down the back way.

I called room service and said a man had gone wild and tore up the room injuring himself in the process.

I decided to keep the bat and left. It had a few nicks in it but otherwise was still good.

At work, I received a promotion and a bonus with a note saying for services rendered. I think my boss saw the bat he left in the room and figured everything out for himself. He forgave the wife for the children’s sake and that was the last fling she ever had.

The guy got over his beating and could walk again after a few months, except with a limp.

I think knowing that the guy paid the price for his folly made it a little easier for my boss to live with his wife.

Saria and I were spending more time together and I was behaving for the most part. She had become what we shall say; more friendlier. Kisses goodnight was the norm now and hugging was alright. So I thought I was making some headway when she dropped a blockbuster on me.

She was leaving town and going back home. Before I lapsed into a mass of confusion she said the guys hitting on her had become too much and I couldn’t whip them all. She said she really cared for me but wasn’t ready for any more of a commitment.

I felt like yelling and asking her many questions but I had learned enough to know that would have been the wrong thing to do.

During this next year I had made several advances and finally had an office of my own.  I had been schooled to handle some very important contracts and am high esteemed among many of my fellow workers.

At least once a week I was writing Saria and she answered favorability.

Then I received a letter saying she was still wearing the ring I had given her and she would like to have the ceremony that went with it if I was interested in doing that.

I wrote back and said that would please me to no end. I had bought a house and it needed a woman in it and she would do just fine. A month later we were made one in the sight of God.

That was several years ago and I survived four screaming, complaining wonderful now grown children and I hear we will soon be grandparents which is fine with me. I worked hard and am now in one of the top positions in the company.

Joe had also done well where he works. From time to time I still call on him for some of his wisdom and he always comes through.
I owe so much to so many for all have helped me even the ones who didn’t wish me well.

One thing I can truly say and that is, it has been wonderful to be “Free at Last.”

* * *


Playing With Fire


If you play with fire you will get burned - - 
Meaning: If you fool around with something that is potentially dangerous, you must expect to get harmed.

One case; Timothy Treadwell lived among grizzly bears during summer seasons for 13 years.  At the end of his 13th summer in the park in 2003, he and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were killed and partially eaten by a grizzly bear.

Siegfried & Roy are a German-American duo of former contemporary magicians and entertainers who became known for their appearances with white lions and white tigers.

From 1990 until Roy's tiger injury ended their stage careers on October 3, 2003, the duo formed Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage Resort and Casino, which was regarded as the most-visited show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On October 3, 2003, during a show at the Mirage, Roy Horn was bitten on the neck by a 7-year-old male white tiger named Montecore.  While being taken to the hospital,  Horn said, "Montecore is a great cat.  Make sure no harm comes to Montecore.  While Roy made a partial recovery they retired from public performances.

We are bound as people to take risks.  The entertainment parks provide, “On the edge experiences” for those who have the nerve to ride on their contraptions.

This same thirst for living on the edge imbues people to refuse the salvation provided by God. They want to take their chances after death rather than to accept a sure thing and live eternally blessed by GOD.

People who take risks block out the factual dangers and proceed in the face of them. 

One such warning is found in the book of Revelation; He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life.

Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

“Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

“Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

"If you play with fire you will get burned" yet people insist on defying the potential for harm because fire is;

A. hot
B. attractive and mesmerizing
C. dangerous and unpredictable

The first experimentation with “Playing with fire” occurred in the Garden of Eden and the results were devastating.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Enjoying Married Life
The newly weds stayed until the last ferry made its run and were close all the way home.

Paine said, “I don’t want to go home and leave you but I have a couple things I must do for tomorrow.”

“She said let’s go by my place and I’ll pick up a few things and stay with you. Perhaps we can set the alarm a half hour early.”

She went on and said, “There are a few things I need to tell you about tomorrow. First off you only have one case tomorrow, in fact it will be your last case for you are retired remember?

On Friday I told the mayor this will be your last day and your last case because you were going to get married over the weekend.”

Paine was thinking to himself; “How did she know we would be married for I sure didn’t. She was pretty sure she could reel me in for her to go and do that.”

He told Sarah, “I don’t know if I like you being so sure of things I don’t even know about.”

She said, “Now Andrew… don’t start being difficult. I know you want to start our honeymoon as much as I so I just cleared your agenda.”

“Yes but you didn’t know I would go for your wiles like I did.”

She said, “You have wanted me for a long time and I knew it. All I had to do was stimulate you a little and you were mine. You’re not saying you didn’t want me all alone are you?”

“No, no I’m not saying that but I thought my feelings were pretty much kept to my self and hidden from you.”

“You controlled everything but your eyes. They told me everything that was on your mind.”

When they arrived at her house her two kids were home from college for the weekend.

She greeted them and said, “This is my new husband Andrew.”

They laughed and said, “Hello Judge Paine.”

Charles her son said, “When mom said she was going to marry you this weekend we couldn’t believe it. We knew she was going to remarry and we’re glad it was you she selected out of all the men that kept coming around.

Do you want us to call you Judge Paine, father or what?”

“How about doing what you’re mother seems to be doing and call me Andrew.”

She said, “Kids I will be staying at Andrew’s home tonight so I won’t see you tomorrow when you head back to school. As soon as I pack a few things we will be off so kiss me goodbye now and I see you during the holidays unless we are still honeymooning.”

They both said, “Good night Mom and Andrew and have fun.”

After they arrived at the Judge’s house Sarah put her things in the closet and the bathroom and got ready for bed. He said, “I have a couple of thing to do and then I’ll be right there.”

The next morning after a pleasant night she said, “You only have one case today and we are out of there. I would have canceled it but I thought you might find it interesting for your last case.

This concerns a breach of contract and when you see the people involved you may tend to smile.”

The next morning they were still sleepy for it was late when they finally went to sleep. After dressing she found something she could fix for breakfast and prepared it.

They smiled a lot while eating and she said, “This was the first night we slept together and … and there will many, many more.

When they arrived at the court house they were congratulated and many said we are sorry to see you go.

In chambers the bailiff said, “Are you ready for the last one Judge?”

He said, “Yeah, let’s get it over with.”

She said, “I’ll get your final papers ready for your signature and we will be finished here.”

The Judge took his place on the bench and the Bailiff called the case.

There were some tall attorneys accompanied by several Midgets.

Judge Paine had read the briefs but they didn’t mention Midgets so he was taken aback for a minute.

The plaintiff’s lawyer spoke and said, “The defendant is in breach of contract and must pay the plaintiffs the amount they stand to lose if the defendant doesn’t fulfill his end of the contract.

Your Honor what we have here is an entertainment group who have contractual obligations to fulfill and they can’t do so without the defendant who is the star. He refuses to appear anymore and that is the problem.

We are suing for the monies to be lost by his not keeping his contractual promises.”

“Do you have a copy of his contract signed by him?”

“Yes Your Honor.”

“May I see it?”

“Yes Your Honor.”

After reading it over he said it seems the plaintiffs are correct. The defendant signed the contract and there is no expiration date on it. In other words it is for life or as long as he is physically able to perform.

Let me hear from the defendant … Mr. Curtis. What is your response to the charges?”

“What they say is true. I have lost all interest in performing and refuse to appear again.”

“Do you understand that you are key to their performance?”

“Yes I understand.”

“While I don’t like a contract so inclusive with no date limiting the time one is obligated to honor it nevertheless you signed it and unless we can come up with a solution you are liable for their damages.

Their livelihood depends on you performing and perhaps we need to weigh your objections against the positives. It says here you have been performing since you were a child and don’t want to any more.

Let me ask you this Mr. Curtis; do people enjoy your performance?  How about children as well as adults?”

“Yes your Honor they are in a state of joy during and after the performance.” “How do you feel about making people happy?”

“I feel good when the kiddies shout and clap their hands.”

“You know you belong to a special class of people for not many can accomplish what you can. You will be letting thousands of children down if you don’t use your gift.

When you perform you must realize you are exercising your gift no one else has and to give up would be almost evil.

I could go on trying to convince you to join your troupe but I will leave it in you hands.

My judgment is for the plaintiffs unless Mr. Curtis decides his troupe again. The amount to be decided and agreed upon by the attorneys. I will give you a week to make your decision after that the judgment stands.

Just one more thing and that is what are you going to do the rest of your life, something for you to think about.  Case closed.”

Sarah was waiting for Andrew in his chambers. She said, “Did you enjoy your last case?”

He said, “I don’t know, I will if he decides to do the right thing. Usually there is one thing we do best and everything is at best second.”

“Alright here are the final papers that need your signature and we are finished. They will send our final checks to your house and after I fold up your robes we are out of here. We can leave the back way so we don’t have to listen to all of the goodbyes and congratulations.”

As they drove off she asked him where he wanted to spend their honeymoon.

He said, “I don’t care as long as you are with me.”

“How does Tahiti sound?”

He answered, “Sounds good to me.”

“Then Tahiti it is! We can leave on Friday and stay for a month if that isn’t too much honeymoon for you.”
* * *

Just a further word; they did stay for a month and as a result in a few months she produced a beautiful daughter who is now two years old.

She bosses Andrew around as bad as Sarah does and the Judge loves every minute of it.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Week End at the Cabin in the Woods
When Paine saw Sarah in her bathing suit he almost gasped. Here she had children and yet she had the figure of a perfect twenty year old.

Before he could continue focusing on how she looked she said, “Get your suit on or not and let’s go swimming.”

He said, “I just happened to have a new one. Give me five minutes and I will join you at the pool.”

When he got to the pool there was a man already getting too friendly with Sarah to suit him. He walked up to them and said, “Do you want me to put some lotion on you dear? You’ll excuse us?” he said to the man, and he led her over to the deck chairs.

She laughed and said, “What was that all about?”

He said, “It was about you and me.”

She looked more serious and said “You and me”. He said yes “You and me, we don’t need anyone else, do we?”

She smiled and said, “Absolutely not and then giggled.”

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

She said, “I am pleased that you are jealous of me.”

He started to deny it but admitted; “I guess I am, aren’t I?”

She said, ‘That’s okay, I like it. It seems like its been a long a long time since that has happened. Where is that lotion you were going to put on me?”

“I don’t have any… I’ll go get some and be right back meanwhile if anyone starts hitting on you just tell them your man is very jealous so move on.”

After swimming some laps with a pause now and then for conversation they had all the sun they could handle for one day and returned to the cottage and dressed.

She put on a colored tee and a full skirt. Looking at her was putting fire in his bones and he realized that before he did or said a wrong thing he needed a diversion of some kind. Eating came to mind so he said, “I’m hungry so let’s check out the restaurants.”

During the meal they discussed the past and the future. Throughout the evening one thing stood out in his memory and that was she said; “I’m going to marry again. I have been alone long enough and I want to have a man of my own again.”

After spending quite a while eating and talking they returned to the cottage and continue in conversation until about ten and Sarah said, “It has been a busy day so I’m for bed, goodnight.”

He said, “Goodnight, I’ll see you mañana.”  

He was in a state and was wishing she had invited him to her room for the night but at the same time if she had he would have resented her for doing it. For him the night was long and restless. He was still tired when he awoke from his night’s unrest.

She knocked on his door and said, “I am going to the office and get us some coffee.”

He replied, “Great. I’ll shower and be ready shortly.” He had dressed by the time she returned.

She said, “I met the man at the office who found me charming or so he said and I invited him to come and say to you the things he said to me. He declined saying his party was waiting for him.”

“I hope you put him in his place.”

She laughed and said, “I did.”

“Well good that makes me feel a lot better.”

“You know Paine you are beginning to have some possessive feelings for me, aren’t you?”

“So what if I am?”

“Oh nothing but maybe we should clear the air after breakfast.”

“Fine, that’s fine with me,” he said tersely.

They found a place with a good breakfast and Sarah was hungry.  Paine was still nervous from yesterday and mostly picked at his food. She carried the conversation for the most part and injected a giggle here and there.

After they finished eating she wanted to take a walk and see some of the highly touted sights. He went along somewhat grudgingly for he had some things he wanted to clear up and it was going to be impossible to say what he wanted to while gawking at the tourist attractions.

After an hour of that he said, ‘There is a quiet place to sit and I would like to talk to you.”

She said, “We have been talking ever since we got up.”

“Yes but not that kind of talk.”

“Okay let’s sit over there but after awhile I would like to continue our tour if that’s okay with you.”

He mumbled something under his breath as he sat down. She had known him for a long time but had never seen him in this mood. She had viewed him angry in the court room and sullen because of being disgusted with some of the people that came before him but never like this.

He started to speak but wasn’t making much sense so she interrupted and said, “I know you slip out and visit some lady friends at night and I’m wondering if it isn’t time for you to do that again for you are… err somewhat repressed if I’m reading you right.”

He didn’t bother to deny what she said but the thought crossed his mind and he wondered how she knew so much about his activities outside of the office. He always was if nothing else, discreet.

He was a little perturbed and said, “If you can read me so well maybe you know what I want to discuss.”

She looked at his eyes and said; “You must be kidding.”

He said, “I know you are smart but you don’t know everything.”

She said, “Okay you asked for it so here goes. You haven’t been down to see your lady friends for a while and are feeling to put it plainly, you’re horny.

That is the first issue.

The second is after seeing me in a  bathing suit that doesn’t leave much for the imagination to feed on it has stimulated you even further. Then you are beginning to think about the possibility of marrying me and are not sure if that is what you should do or not.

Seeing other men take an interest in me and the fact that I’m going to marry someone not to far off is putting pressure on you to have to act or be left out in the cold and it is troublesome.

Your mind and your feelings are somewhat in conflict with one another and to be honest you are confused and want to sort it out. That about it, isn’t it? If you need me to be more definitive I can be.”

“Hmmn, no you have covered about everything that is anything but I want you now.”

“You mean you want to marry me now?”

“Well yes, but I want you now.”

“You are really serious aren’t you? Of course I’m serious my bachelor days are coming to an end.”

She replied, “You know it just so happens that a lot of couples come to the same decision while visiting this island and the local authorities have made provision for buying a marriage license on the weekends. The question is are you ready or were you just excited and all.”

Then it hit him and he came back to himself, “Me get married, no way.”

That was a lie and all his passion drained out of him like a bathtub draining only faster.

She saw how he lost the fervency he had in his eyes and she said, “its different when it hits home isn’t it?”

He thought I wanted to talk to her but this is more that I anticipated, what a woman.

She stood up and took his hand and said, “Let’s walk back to the cottage. As they started off he said let’s walk down town there s something I need.

His feelings were changing or rather were coming into focus and he realized that at his age he was in love at last.  He had a spell of passion earlier that had subsided somewhat but this was a clear cut feeling of love exclusive of a desire for instant relief that virtually every man has felt.

As they walked he said excuse me I’ll be right back. He walked over to a policeman and had a short conversation with him and then returned.

She took his arm as they walked along and was pulling him over against her and then pushing him away just funning.

As they looked into the shop windows he said, “Let’s go into here.”

It was kinda like a business but had an office toward the rear. As they got closer she saw the sign, Marriage licenses here.

He turned to her and said; “Will you marry me?”

It was her time to look shocked but she managed a suppressed, “Yes.”

He stepped up to the desk and said one marriage license please.

Fifteen minutes later they stood before a magistrate who was also a local minister saying vows that he never thought he would say. The minister ended saying you may kiss the bride. It was the first time he had ever kissed her but it was like he was trying to make up for lost time.

She said, “Perhaps we should return to the cottage before we embarrass ourselves.”

For the next two hours they were as young newlyweds. Their fervor reached the same level as young lovers and she said this is one of the reasons I wanted to get remarried for I have been missing the intimacy of marriage.

After their lust had temporally been satisfied the reality of what they had done hit him. His whole life had just been changed.

Where will they live, what about her kids, how will they take it, I hope she isn’t pregnant; so many thoughts were hitting him.

She could see he was trying to think through all of the things they had not talked about.  
She said you will move into my large house. I already told the kids I was going to be married this weekend and while I’m still young enough to have another child I had prepared for that and I’m not pregnant at least not yet. That is something we must discuss.

He thought, “Me - - a dad, No way but on the other hand, maybe.”