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Sunday, August 28, 2016


Cattle Drive
Chapter three

The rancher’s sons were both putting a whoop on me but good.  Their sister picked up a stick and knocked one off of me and was hitting both of them as hard and fast as she could.

The result was all three of us were pretty well beat up; except for her, for she didn’t have a scratch on her. As we walked back to the house the brothers were threatening me with great violence to which I paid no attention for I was hurting from the kicking I had received.

I was thinking I have only been here an hour and I have been choked, treated to the sight of a naked girl and kicked in the ribs. I was wondering if I was going to last till the morning.

I told the girl Jenny she was very brave attacking her brothers the way she did and she said, “They don’t dare touch me for my father would beat them with a strap till they couldn’t walk.”  I just said, “Oh.”

That evening Pecos said, “We are invited to eat in the big house where the vittles are better.”

I told him I wasn’t hungry and he said, “Yes you are.  When you’re invited up to the big house, you go and you will eat and brag on the food.”

Jenny told me to sit next to her and she would protect me.  She pulled her dress up as she sat down and she caught me looking at her skinny legs.

I was embarrassed and whispered that I couldn’t believe those skinny legs could have squeezed me like they did. She just giggled and said, “You better watch out for them weapons of mine.”

The dinner was delicious and I ate more than I thought I would. Pecos retired to the parlor with the rancher and his wife while they talked about the coming roundup.

Jenny and I went to the porch swing.  She put her skinny legs across my lap as we swung back and forth. She heard her mother open the screen door and quickly she straighten up with her feet on the porch.  Her mother asked if I wanted some lemonade and I said, “No thank you, I was too full from supper.”

She said, “Jenny it is near your bedtime so don’t be late.”

Once we were alone she snuggled over closer to me and said, “This swing is for kissing and I am waiting.”

I said, “You are the most forward girl I have ever met and if you are this way with every boy you are going to be the most popular girl in these here parts.”

She kissed me and said, “Only with you my Randy boy.”

I said, “I wish I could believe you but I just don’t know if I do.”

She kissed me several times more and I said, “I’m getting to believe you more;” when Pecos came out and said, “Let’s hit the bunk house.”

We were up before the rooster crowed and ate quickly.  As the sun was a slight glow over the hills, we left.  I would like to have said goodbye to Jenny but there was no chance.

When we got home Pecos told grandpa what we had done and he asked me how I liked his neighbor.  I replied, “They are very nice and I would like to see them again.”

He said, “Well when the roundup started we would join up with them and drive our cattle together to the rail head where we would separate them.”

We spent the next few weeks cutting out and branding the calves getting ready for the roundup. When we weren’t doing that I was helping grandma with the huge garden she raised.

I notice I was putting on some more muscle from wrestling the calves and haying.

Then grandpa said we have three days of harvesting the corn fields then the roundup starts.  The cowhands were griping about having to help with the corn, but it had to be done.  After the last wagon load had been brought into the barn excitement once again ruled in the bunkhouse.

Pecos found me and said, “We are out of here let’s go!”

I wanted to ask, “Go where?” But I decided to just keep quiet.  We stopped at the main house and Pecos said, “You go pack some clothes while I speak to mister Chimes.”

We lit out at a gallop and in two hours we were on the circle D, and thirty minutes later we arrived at the ranch.

The first one I wanted to see was Jenny so I went up on the porch and Pecos said, “You wait till you’re invited before you brace the porch.”

Before I could get completely get off the porch Jenny and her mother came out to greet us and served us with some liquid refreshment.

Jenny seemed a bit cold which I found hard to understand. She had said hello and little else.

Pecos and her mother went into the house where he and Jenny’s father made the last arraignments for the roundup and the drive to the railhead.

I grabbed Jenny’s arm and pulled her aside asking her what was wrong; “Did I do something I shouldn’t have done?”

She curtly said, “No.”

Then I remembered something; she had a birthday and was thirteen years old now and something else I had heard men say when women were out of sorts.

I asked if it was her time of the month.

She fumed and said, ‘What do you know about the time of the month?”

This threw me and I said, “I don’t know nothing; it is just something I heard other men say at times.

She confided, “Yes it was the first time and she was upset about it.”

She said her mother laid down a lot of laws now and that made it worse.

I told her that I had hoped we could spend some time together for I had thought often about her ever since the last time I was here.

She began to soften and came over and hugged me. She said it was something she would have to get used to and was the normal thing for women to do.

I still didn’t know what we were talking about but figured as long as she understood, it was okay.

We walked down to the river but she didn’t take her clothes off.  She said that was one of the new laws her mother laid down. No more skinny dipping with boys.

I said that was okay but if she didn’t mind I was going to cool off and proceeded to take my clothes off.  She said she would sit behind the tree while I got undressed.
I said it was okay either way for I didn’t care if she watched.

I dove in and swam across the river and back and got out of the water. She had changed her mind and watched me put on my clothes. She said seeing me in the water made her want to strip down also but from now on her ma’s laws ruled.

She explained why it was important to follow her Ma’s rules and what some of the consequences could be.

I was still in the dark about the whole situation but figured when I got home I would get George to explain it to me.

I had found the roundup to be a dusty duty and plainly hard work.

Jenny caught up with us a few days later and seemed like a different person. We didn’t have any time together but the fact she was around made me feel better.

When we drove the last of the herds to the rail head I breathed a sigh of relief.  At last the round up was over and it was time for me to pack for home.

I had two days before I left so Pecos got me a room in the hotel.  Grandpa surprised me with a payday. I didn’t expect anything but he told me, I wasn’t a finished hand but had done the best I could with what little training I had.

Jenny and her folks were in town also settling up with the cattle buyers. She came to my room and spent time with me there. We resumed our romance such as it was and I could tell she was changing into a young woman instead of the skinny girl I first saw when I arrived.

As for me I felt pretty much the same as before and I feared she was going to outdistance me in maturity while not in age.  While we were in the room we made some promises I doubted she would be able to keep but I hoped for the best.

Friday, August 26, 2016

We're caught in a trap

We're caught in a trap, I can't walk out - - Are the first lines of the song sung by Elvis.
This is how it is for so many of GOD'S creations.
In order to remain in their relationship to drugs, gangs, politics or what ever they don't want to walk out.
Each thing has as it's center piece the thing which binds them and for that reason they won't escape.
In many cases they know GOD has made a way of out for them but they are so enamored by their involvement and commitment to the relationship with the other members they reject GOD"S remedy.
The simpatico they find within the relationship causes them to have no desire to seek release from the trap and they don't want to leave it and walk out.
The Word of GOD speaks out against gang activity, use of drugs, dishonest political acts and illicit relationships.
The forewarning of a severe penalty for ignoring GOD"S will concerning the aforementioned shows the fair-mindedness of GOD.
They know better but are committed to their personal trap and what their actions show is: "I don't want to get out."
This is the life they have chose and wish to be left alone in it.
Amen, so be it .

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"What a difference a day makes."

My Fiction Story will continue soon - - Today I am musing about What a Difference a Day Makes


As I sat musing, or at least that is what I call it; An old song came floating out of my memory banks.

It has been hidden away for several decades but showed up today.  Titled; "What a difference a day makes." All the sudden I had a list of things that changed one day and have never been the same since.
The first time I kissed my future wife (she remembers every detail, all I remember was going for it).
Our wedding day, that changed everything for us.
The birth of each child and so on.
Life is made up of many days after which you are never the same.
Some are small changes others a bit larger.
Then there may be a biggie that really transformed your life.
I remember that night in July of 1948 when I was coerced into going next door to the church, where a family was holding a revival meeting.
They played and sang several songs while I sat stiff as a board wondering what I was doing there.
Something happening that I couldn't get a handle on. By the time the preaching was over whatever that was had grown extremely potent. It was like the air was charged with electricity.
They invited everyone who wanted to have their sins washed away to come down and pray.  I hesitated at first but couldn't resist that drawing power that filled the place. I was urged to kneel and pray which I did.
It was then for the first time I experienced the cleansing power of GOD.  Born again, made a new creation, changed from darkness unto light, all of the descriptive terms in the Bible I experienced that evening.
I have had many spiritual experiences since that day in 1948 but I remember that one especially -  - 
What a difference a day makes.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Randle Chimes Chapter Two - Arriving at Grandpa's Ranch

Riding the Train to Grandpa's Ranch
Chapter two

As I boarded the train to my grandpa’s place, Ma was crying and George had a tear running down his cheek.  Unbeknownst to me there was a Pinkerton man on board looking after me just in case there might be someone who liked young men.

There was a man who seemed overly friendly to me - - who someone threw off of the train while it was moving very fast.  I didn’t find out any more about the incident and figured it wasn’t any of my business.

We pulled into one of the stations and I was hungry. There was a sandwich shop across the street so I went and loaded up with food not realizing that there was a dining car on the train. The conductor saw me with all the sandwiches and told me I didn’t have to eat cold sandwiches because my ticket included meals in the dining car. I felt foolish but I didn’t know any better.

I went to the car where people who bought the cheap tickets were and passed out all the food I had bought.  Some of them acted mad because I didn’t have enough for everybody. They were getting riled up when this man grabbed me by the arm and escorted me back to my seat and said, “Don’t go wandering off again.”  

I didn’t know the man but I promised I would stay where I belonged from now on.

Someone came into our car and played some chimes and said dinner is served. The people started getting up so I got up and followed them. I found a seat with the man who rescued me and we ate together.

He didn’t speak during our meal so I kept quiet also. When we finished he said, “Go back to your seat and stay there,” so I did.

We ate together during all our meals and during the last meal he said we would be arriving to where I was to get off shortly.  About a half hour later the train came to a jarring halt.  

I saw the man get off, go over to an older man, speak to him and leave.  The old man came over and greeted me and said, “I’m your grandpa and you must be Randle Chimes the second.”

I didn’t know what to say to that for no one had ever called me that.

He said, “From now on you will be called junior.”

“I said that would be fine with me.”

He then said, “Come here boy,” and he picked me up and just about squeezed the breath out of me.  He put me down and said, “I sure am glad to see you at last.”  

One of the cowboys had picked up my suitcases and loaded them on the wagon.

Grandpa stood back and said, “We need to go shopping,” and with that, he took me to the general store.  When we left I had a complete cowboy’s outfit.  He put the hat on my head and said, “Wear it proudly boy for that hat and the way you wear it tells everyone the measure of the one who wears it.”

He asked me if I could ride and I told him I had ridden some.

He grabbed me and tossed me up on a large rangy horse who didn’t seem too happy about me being on him.  As soon as we started moving he settled right down and had a nice smooth gait.

There were three cowboys on horseback and one who drove the wagon that was loaded with food stuffs; counting Grandpa and me that made six of us.

We had to move over and let the stage pass us. The driver of the Coach was going at a gallop and we gave him plenty of room.

Grandpa said, “There would only be a few more trips and that would be the last of the stage runs.  The railroad was connecting to the towns it had served and would be giving far better service.”

He said he was sorrow to see it go because the stage line had been part of his childhood.

We hadn’t ridden but about an hour till grandpa said our property starts here and takes a day to ride across it.  I couldn’t imagine anything that big but in the years to come I rode over all of it.

The ranch compound came into view and it was a large complex, with several barns, two bunk houses, a large smoke house, corrals, out buildings and a large ranch house.

Grandpa said I was going to have to earn my keep for no one gets a free ride here.

We went into the house and grandma gave me the same greeting as grandpa did. She hugged me and kissed the top of my head several times.

I thought she is a nice old woman and I hoped she could cook as well as she could hug.

The next morning after a big breakfast one of the hands named Pecos took me to the barn and together we fed certain animals.  Some milk cows, chickens, horses they kept in the corrals for emergency purposes. There was another person who fed the hogs so I was for the present spared that chore.

The cowboy who was bossing me around said grandpa wanted me to improve my riding skills.  We spent the rest of the day doing starts, turns, fast gallops and swimming the river.  He said we would pick it up tomorrow and we headed to the barn.  
I was worn out but he said, "We need to tend to our horses." We took the gear off of them and rubbed them down real good and then fed them.

I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I was so tired I didn’t think I could eat. But after the first bite my appetite returned and I ate a good meal. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

It was still dark when Pecos the cowboy came in and woke me. I was so stiff he had to help me get out of bed.  He assured me that in a few days I wouldn’t have any more soreness and would be up before him.

Once again we had a big breakfast and I ate a lot more than normal just in case we didn’t have any lunch again.

As we rode along he had me practice with my rope.  Half of the time I was lassoing myself, but as the day went on I began to improve.

Pecos said we were going to herd a few cattle back over to the neighbor range and would spend the night there.  He said it would be really late when we would arrive back to my grandpa’s so it would be better to sleep in their bunkhouse.

I thought that suits me fine for I was tired already. When we got the cattle back to the rancher’s property we met a couple of hands and they thanked us for bringing them back instead of changing their brand to grandpas.

We rode on in to the rancher’s compound and I saw that it was a lot like grandpas. Pecos knew most everybody who worked on the circle D and they were joking around just about ignoring me.

Finally Pecos started introducing me to the hands and the owners of the circle D. John R the ranch owner had two boys who were a year or two older than me and they had been raised on the ranch all their lives.

I felt a little intimidated for they were already getting bow legs from all their riding. They said to me C’mon let’s put your horse in the corral along with Pecos’s.

I felt relieved to be doing something instead of being stared at by the people who were looking at me.

I didn’t realize that the reason they were staring at me was because I was the heir to the largest ranch in the area. They probably thought I was a poor looking specimen of a ranch owner.

If I had known what they were thinking I would have been even more intimidated.

The boys took mine and Pecos’s horses and we went to the corral, unsaddled and fed them after a rubdown. I was standing with my back to the corral and…

All the sudden someone jumped on my back, locked their legs around my waist and was choking me.

At first I was too surprised to do anything and then I tried to unlock the guy’s legs from my waist with no results.  Nothing I tried could loosen the choke hold he had on me.

I was running out of air fast and with one last effort I shove the attacker back against the corral which for a second caused them to ease up on their hold and I got a gasp of air. Then the choker tighten his grip again and I was on the edge of passing out he turned me loose and I fell to my knees.

A few moments later my eyes focused enough see my attacker who was dancing around saying over and over “I whupped you.”

I struggled to my feet but I was still unsteady on my feet.

I said some threatening remark and the choker took off running with me stumbling behind him. He arrived at the nearby river and proceeded to remove his clothes and jumped in the river. When I got there I was furious and stripped down and began to swim after him. He was a better swimmer and just swam away from me with ease.

My eyes began to focus better and I could see the attacker more clearly and as I swam closer to him I could see that this boy was somewhat of a sissy looking lad. His hair was long and his face was smoother than mine. He quickly swam to the shore and when he got out of the water I could see his naked body and he turned out not to be what I thought he was.  
Lo and behold it was a bare naked girl about my age. She seemed to have no inhibitions at all.  She had some spots where titties were supposed to be but all she had was small mounds beginning to form.

By the time I got to the river bank she was almost dressed.

I took one more look at her chest and thought you poor thing. All the anger had disappeared by the time I realized I was standing there without any clothes on.

I turned away and began to dress. She teased me by saying, “It’s too late for I’ve seen it all,” to which I replied “I hoped you enjoyed what you saw for I did.”

We found ourselves bantering back and forth till her brothers showed up and began to rag on us. They asked did you enjoy looking at each other nakedness and other things like that till it went too far and I lit into the nearest one.

I had him down and was whaling the snot out of him when the other brother started kicking me in my ribs. That took the fight out of me and he proceeded to put a whip on me.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

God so loved the world

My Fiction Story will continue soon - - Today I am musing about God's Love - -
God so loved the world
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16
This scripture is straight forward and it is the greatest promise to be found in the Bible. It is explanatory, purposeful, methodological, and reasoned out.
It is not succinctly implied but one can surmise that if one doesn't believe then they could perish.
What is the background of this loving and giving and the underlying reason for the action being spoken?
If the writer of these words had given a full answer and presented it as a play it would have been a cast of multiplied millions of different kinds of beings; (Spiritual hierarchy, angels of different dimensions, demons with different purposes, Satan the fallen angel, human beings and the triune Godhead.)
What started out as a simple act of GOD which was to create a race of mankind made in HIS image; it happened in the midst of the development of this original creation and was interrupted by the fallen angel and the plan was thrown into chaos.
God was not willing to be deterred from His original purpose so He set forth a way to redeem a people out of the masses which were to come forth by a method set by Him.
He devised this method whereby those who were to be a part of His people must chose to accept the remedy he set in place for them.
This method was simple and only required them to do what they were capable of doing and that was to believe that He loved them and that he had provided salvation free and available for all who would accept His terms.
As the drama is being played out there are fierce struggles going on in the background.
Conflict between the spiritual forces and interactions are mostly unperceived by the people they were interacting with, for they are not flesh and blood but spirits.
I shall not address these interactions between the spirits and humans but shall return to the scripture.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16
GOD has made provision for your salvation and it is up to you to overcome all of the spiritual forces that stifles you from believing in Christ.

Monday, August 15, 2016

RANDLE CHIMES Preface and Chapter one

A New Continued Fiction story begins today. 
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My Grandfather was a Rancher
Randle Chimes - - Preface

Randle Chimes a name you should remember but probably won’t, for while he was outstanding in many of his ways but he was what you might call; “A bland man”.

He could impress for a moment but then his exploits quickly faded from memory. With that being said he is my hero and I retain his exploits for historical reasons and the fact he was my grandfather.

While today it is considered to be acceptable, in those days it was a shame to be a bastard child and sadly that became my lot.

My mother, Martha was raised on a huge ranch totally owned by her father. Her mother Ella was his wife who fit the bill as what a rancher’s wife ought to be. With a little help she managed everything that pertained to the main house plus outside of the cleaning, washing, cooking.  She also had to oversee the food management for all the ranch hands. They had their own cook but all the gardening and canning was her responsibility. Her cellar alone was as large as a good size barn.

The smoke house had room for thirty or so hogs at a time. When rendering the lard from the pork fat it took ten hirelings from the local poor area to fill all the lard stands. This was the way it was in grandpa’s day.

RANDLE CHIMES  - -  Chapter one

Though it was hard to understand in an age where women had a child about every other year my grandma Ella only had two children. One was a boy and the other a girl.

From an early age the children were taught how to earn their keep on a ranch. The boy, my uncle never took to being a ranch hand and early on became a rounder.

We frame the meaning within the structure where rounder meant; a slob who drank and caroused his time away. On the way home from a night of boozing he fell from his horse and broke his neck.  It is said grandpa was so nonplussed at what happened he ordered a hole to be dug where he lay, put a blanket around the body lowered Uncle into the hole and just covered him with dirt.

No one said anything good or bad about uncle and he was scarcely missed.

My mother was getting long in the tooth according to the standard marrying age being twenty one. My grandpa sent her to live with his sister in town. A short time later she was getting popular at the dances and other social events. As it turned out part of her popularity was in the nature of being what some call loose morals.

Being a fruitful woman she became pregnant with yours truly. When her aunt discovered that she was pregnant she wanted to send her back to the ranch but grandpa wasn’t having any part of it.

He sent her away to a place where permissive girls go to have their babies and it was there I got my start in life.  Since my ma had been taught to do many chores on the farm she was well prepared to work as a domestic in one of the large houses where the rich people lived.

Grand pa paid her expenses for a year after I was born basically because of me but after that he said my ma would have to “root hog or die” as far as he was concerned.

She got a job in a fancy house where she did most of the dirty work. The servants had to be more sophisticated in order to work above the scullery so that meant she was stuck down below. We lived in a one room rental and Ma had met an older woman who had no place to stay so Ma let her move in with us. The old woman took care of me and we all lived on the meager fare ma provided. This arrangement worked out well for all concerned except the woman had to sleep on the floor on a pallet.

My ma worked long hours so the woman we took in did most of the raising of me for the first five years.  The woman got sick and was sent to a state sanitarium where she finally died but while the woman was with us she taught me how to read and write some.

Since my ma did the cleaning up after the kitchen help which included the floors and such she was able to salvage the leftover food so we ate very well most of the time.  I got sick a time or two from food that had gone bad but for the most part everything was fine.

Ma met up with a man named George, who was called a Pinkerton man. He was a detective and a man of high standards.
He married my ma when I was five and bought us a nice house to live in.  George accepted me as his son and took me many places with him when he was on a case.  He felt a man with a child would be less noticeable than a man alone.

I was fascinated by the fact he carried two guns and how fast he could draw one of them out of its holster. We went shooting often and I became an expert shot at targets at an early age. He explained that shooting at a target was different than shooting at a person and how to handle each issue.

George and my ma never had any more children though it wasn’t from the lack of trying. Something I can attest to.  I observed them enjoying each other on many occasions since they seldom shut their door. To me at my young age I thought what they were doing was a waste of time but they were older than me and knew more than I did.

My name was Chimes like my grandfather but I didn’t have a first name or at least I didn’t know it if I did.  My mother started calling me Sonny Boy as far back as I can remember.  C’mere, Sonny Boy she would say and without questioning I would react.

A problem arose when I enrolled in school. They considered Sonny Boy to be a nickname and insisted I give them my real name. Being young and intimidated I said the only name I could think of which my grandfather’s name, Randle. From that time on I was known by the name Randle Chimes. It took my ma a while to get used to the name Randle for she never called her Pa anything except Pa.

For the next five years George treated me as his own, and I grew to love him.  Here he was a tough, no nonsense kind of guy who was gentle and kind to me and my ma.

Then there were two changes in my life which changed the direction where I was headed. First George was taken from being local and was sent out on the road. The result being he wasn’t at home with us near as much as he had been. When he was at home he didn’t have as much time to spend with us as before.

He talked about quitting but he loved his job with Pinkerton and couldn’t bring himself to leave them.

The second thing that came up was my grandfather sent for me to come to the ranch during the summer break from school. My mother was all for it because she hoped her father would finally forgive her and reconcile with her.

George wasn’t too happy about it but gave in after a man came to see him. The man introduced himself as a Pinkerton man like George was. They had a long conversation after which George agreed to allow me to go stay with my grandfather.

The Pinkerton man said he had been hired by my grandpa to check on me every so often and report to him. He knew George had been a good father to me and that he had taught me how to defend myself. He had taught me to box and wrestle both cleanly and dirty. He said dirty fighting can save your life when trying to fight cleanly can get you killed.

With all this information in hand my Grandpa thought it was time for me to come West and find out something about my families past.



Friday, August 12, 2016



Some things irritate and some things bless.

One of the things that blesses my heart is to see an older couple as they walk hand in hand being attentive to one another.

My mind tries to trace their life back to the beginning and see them starting their courtship. There is a special excitement that accompanies that first real love that has a beauty of its own. The days of courtship and desire build up till longing can hardly be contained.

All the hindrances are put aside the moment he claims his lovely bride. This is a spiritual moment where the two of them and GOD meld the relationship into one unity never to be broken.

Sadly sometimes this requires a restart with the right one but when it is right it can be almost be as if it is the first time.

The years pass and love binds them together through the struggles of their early marriage and the raising of the kids.

All these stresses are no challenge to real love for their love conquers all. The love union produces the family which completes the love cycle and is the beginning of a new cycle.

Love mandates being there for the grandkids and being stable in all of their ways. This requires learning how to share their love to this new generation.

Time moves on but love remains and grows when and where it is possible and handles uncalled for rejection with patience and understanding.

Some never reach the acme of possibilities but even if that is so they still have an abundance of love just waiting to be released on some who is less worthy.

Immense Love is available for all from the one who loves us most.  For GOD loved the people of the world so much He made the supreme sacrifice for them. This love came forth with out conditions and is shed abroad for all to receive.

Getting back to the old couple I was enjoying as he was helping her through the door and watching over her. I surmised that it was no longer the youthful physical satisfaction that bonded them together, but their hearts desire to fulfill their life's cycle as one.