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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


A Special Receptionist
Charles had not spoken to the firm he had been working for, so he figured he should tell them he was going to hang out his shingle and work for himself.

They gave him a disapproving look, and with tongue-in-cheek told him they wished him well and turned away.  
Charles could tell they were peeved for they had expected him to do a lot of the paper work for them and get paid poorly for doing it.  They couldn't imagine him going out on his own.

He promised to provide some legal advice for an architect to draw up the plans for what Charles envisioned as a homey yet professional office.

The five soon to be lawyers didn't wait a week before returning and saying they wanted to work with Charles. They were about four years older than Charles but respected him as an elder because he had earned their respect.

They also said there was a couple more attorneys that wished to join with them. The days became weeks and a month later the place was finished except for hanging some cheerful pictures.

The outside facade kept to the neighborhood look, but with an inviting entrance.
The other two men that wanted to work with them had moved nearby and was just waiting for the exam board's letter saying they were now legal eagles, and could begin to do business.

Charles had sent some material to the printers for some brochures to introduce the Charles William law offices to the public.

With things about finished, Charles wanted to spend some time with Edie.

For the next three days he and Edie spent the entire time with each other and their love for one another was increasing by the moment.

After being so close to her for so long Charles knew that waiting for a year to wed, would be difficult to do but he was determine to stick it out or at least give it a good try.

Having worked at the former law office and doing much of the research and paper work he knew most of their clients.

He didn't plan to try to steal their clients from them, but he felt they had the right to know there was a new firm in town who could handle their work more efficiently and at a lower cost.
He was determined to flood the city with his new firms’ brochures, and personally meet with as many potential clients as he could.

The soon to be attorneys managed to get some new suits for each of them, but still one of the most difficult tasks lay ahead.

While it might seem to be a simple mission, its importance to the success of the firm was paramount.  Charles needed a special woman, an extraordinary woman who was to be their receptionist, the perfect hostess.  One who was discerning, and able to size up all who walked through their door.  

He finally found a lady who was attractive, well educated, and able to make someone be at ease while waiting to see their attorney. She also had the ability to remember all the names of the persons, and his immediate family.

She understood men for she was also a young widow, and knew how to make them comfortable for conversation with her just flowed freely. The people would want to tell her everything about themselves and she was a very good listener.

Charles knew that that they were into the business of solving problems, and when a client came through the door they were a walking burden.  Mrs. Morgan could sense the state these people were in and by the time the attorney saw them she would have calmed them down and rationality would have returned to them.

When he told the members of the firm how much he had decided to pay her they were puzzled for they could have found someone to do the job for half what he was going to pay her.

When they brought up the subject of her salary Charles told them. “The success of this firm will depend upon her, because she will impress the clients beyond anything we will ever do in a court room.”

Everything was in place. A beautiful reception and waiting room was ready.

There would be both hot and cold drinks and foods to nibble on and Mrs. Morgan and the helper she had trained would pamper them while waiting.

Then came the day they all had been waiting for.    
To be Continued  

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