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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Charles got up early for he had many things to do.  

Later in the week he was to travel to the Law University to take the bar exam and since he would be gone for three days he had to pack for the trip.

He also had some work to finish at the office that had to be ready for Monday. Then there was the lunch with Edie at one o'clock, and he had left the afternoon open for that.

The work at the office took a little longer than he expected due to some changes in the terms for settlement so he was running a bit late.

Edie had been thinking of how to answer Charles if he wanted to marry her.

She had some plans of her own and it didn't include marriage at the present.

One minute she wanted to accept his proposal and then the next it was, “How dare he upset me this way.”

She wasn't very busy this morning so the minutes drug by ever so slowly and he being late caused her to be a little miffed.  

By the time Charles arrived she didn't care if she went to lunch with him or not, and then he immediately began to apologize.  He explained what happened at the office and it was something he had to take care of.

He then hugged her and kissed her on the forehead and said, “I have been waiting for this moment since early morning.”

Edie didn't know where her anger went but it was long gone from that moment on.  As she thought about it she wondered why she was mad.  His coming meant something to her, and she also was looking forward to being with him.  It struck her that they had connected on some meaningful level.

Charles was quiet for the most part while they ate but as they were finishing their dessert he said, “Have you given any thought to what I said to you?”

Before she could answer he asked, “Do you remember the early years of our friendship how we would argue and then make up? You used to get the better of me in those days for you could out talk me.”

She said, “Yes those were fun days.”  Charles answered and said, “I thought you were the neatest girl in the school and especially well mannered, it caused me to behave much better than was normal for me.

The thing I had wondered about was - - if you were the same as you were in those days, and I discovered in the last few days you are still the same girl I knew then only more beautiful and all grown up.”

Charles was delaying her answer for fear she would say the equivalent of “Get lost” and that he didn't want to hear.  When he couldn't put it off any longer he asked her again if she would consider him as a husband for her and waited for her answer.

Edie began by saying. “Before you came back into my life I wasn't even considering marriage for I still am going to further my education at least for one year. I want to improve my secretarial skills and advance in accounting for I may need to support myself someday.”

He replied, “That aside the question is, will you marry me with conditions? The reason I say with conditions is we will have to wait for one or two years until I get settled into a job where I can support us. You would be able to get the training you want, and I will have an income by that time.”

There was one thing Charles had not done and that was to tell her loved her and he corrected that right now.

He swallowed hard and said, “Edie I have discovered something, and that is I have loved you since we first met, and I love you more each day.

Being a practical person I always think of the sensible things first, but all of that comes second to you and if I needed to be foolish to win you I would do it.”

All he said made sense to Edie but the question was will she marry him? She asked herself does she care for him at all, does she love him, does she want him? She thought back to when they were small, and she thought I know it was puppy love but I did love Charles then.  
As she thought of when they met again a little over a week ago, and how each day she has grown fonder of him; she had to admit that she had begun to love him.

“But do I love him enough to marry him for life?”   
To be Continued

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