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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Converted into Law Offices
So it was on to plan B as this was Charles's only choice, now that he had in essence been dumped by the law firm he had worked for.

Of course Edie wanted to know what plan B was but Charles said to her, “I will come over to see you tonight, and will lay out what my ideas are.”

He told her I have many things to do today, and I will know by tonight if I can put things together as I want to.

He gave her a hug and a long kiss and told her goodbye.

His plan wasn't too complicated, but in order for it to be successful, several steps were required to be taken.

The first thing to do was to go to his father and ask for two things.

One was he wanted to use a large warehouse his father owned next to his import/export business and set it up for his offices.

Two he wanted to borrow enough money to get started.

After laying out his plans, his father agreed to those requests for he wanted Charles close by if he needed some legal advice.
The firm his father normally dealt with was the firm who let Charles go.

The next step was to contact several of his class mates to see if they were having any success in securing a position and if not for them to come and see him.

The next thing would be to remodel the warehouse into a foyer and offices with a conference room.

Charles had got the wheels turning  on these things in one day, and now it would be a matter of time until he received the results for the bar exam.

He was tired from all the activity of the day but he showed up at Edie's parent’s home to explain what was going on.

Charles laid out the plan as it had evolved so far and explained some of the variables that might influence how everything would be carried out.

Edie was amazed, pleased and yes even proud of how well he was handling this whole affair.

His office was only two blocks from the pier where the ships unloaded and people going back and forth would see his signs on the office. He expected to get a lot of business from this location.

So many law offices were downtown, and were for all intents and purposes were hidden from the public's eye.

The next day five of his classmates showed up on his doorstep wanting to know what he had in mind, and his reason for contacting them.

He explained his plan to set up a full service law office that could handle any and all of their clients needs. This would require several lawyers, and if they were interested he would go further in explaining how this could be done.
They all seemed interested so Charles told them to give it some serious thought.  Afterwards if they wanted to commit to doing this, and then come back in a week and by then things would be well under way.

He stressed that they would all have to relocate and be near the office because being a service business they would need to be reliably available to their clients.

Charles bid them goodbye and went to have dinner with his fiancée, it was the first time he thought of her by using that term and it made him feel more connected to her than ever.

He knew what the dinner conversation would be about, so he let her lead into the evening topic; and then he told her everything that had occurred during the day.

He wondered if she would always be this interested in what he was doing.

To be Continued   

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