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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, March 22, 2013


Prom Night
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It was Saturday morning and it was going to be a busy day.  Charles had to pick up his rented dress suit, a corsage for Edie, confirm their transportation and a slue of other things.

As the hour neared he went over to his sister's home, and had her check him out to make sure he looked alright. She gave him a once over and fixed his handkerchief and tie and approved his looks.

She knew he was going out with Edie, and wondered if he was getting too serious about her. In a sisterly fashion she told him that he needed to date several girls, and not to concentrate on just one. Charles wasn't surprised by this for she had said that before.

He asked her where Edie was falling short as a girl friend, and possibly a wife in the future. She answered by saying, “She is a fine girl but I just think you should see other women.”

He was a little defensive when saying, “Who do you think would be better than her?” and she responded by saying, “I could give you a whole list of prospects.”

In closing the discussion he said, “I think I already have made the best pick of them all, remember it was you who selected Edie to be my friend when I was five.”

With that he left and besides he had already made up his mind.

He went to pick up Edie and was thrilled to see how pretty she was in her formal.  He had their tickets and so they hurried to where the hall was.  It was decorated rather nice and other students were arriving.

A band was setting up and the band members kept going back and forth eating at the buffet table. It looked like they had not eaten for a month.

Finally the band members got filled up and tuned up, and began to play some background music. They ones in charge did all the usual king and queen stuff then the dance really got started, and Charles and Edie danced almost every dance.

Toward the end they played some slow dance music and since Edie didn't object he held her close to him, and with her head on his shoulder he said, “You were my first girl friend and I'm hoping you will be my last.”

She was surprised at that and told him, "I need to sit down."

Her mind was trying to processes what he had just said and she thought "He couldn't have meant that to be a proposal of marriage, or could he?”

They left the floor while the music was still playing and sat next to the wall.

Edie replied, "I think I know what you said, but I'm not sure what you meant.”

Charles couldn't believe what he had said himself. He didn't want to try to explain so he said, “Just think about what I said and see how you feel about it tomorrow. I realize there is a lot of in between stuff but we can work those things out. Perhaps we can go out and have lunch and we can talk.”

Charles continued saying, “I have thought about you over the years, in fact many times I wanted to look you up and renew our friendship but something always came up.
Let's enjoy the rest of the evening and have a good time.”

The end of the prom came about eleven thirty and Charles took her home while holding her hand all the way.

They walked up the steps and said good night, he leaned in to kiss her on the cheek, and to his surprise she turned and kissed him on the mouth, said good night and quickly slipped into her house.

For some reason he had difficulty going to sleep, he was rehearsing the evening over and wondered if it should have went differently.

He concluded, “She might as well know how I feel, and if she doesn't feel the same way then we can still just be friends or could we?”

To be Continued  
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