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Friday, February 4, 2011


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When I was a little boy on the farm, music played a big part in our entertainment (as it does today).

The Grand Ole Opry was aired on WSM radio station and had all of the country singers.

One of the popular singers was a man named Jimmie Rodgers; he sang the blues and yodeled in his songs. He had his own group of songs called the Blue yodel starting at #1 and continuing into the thirties, all starting with Blue yodel number - - -

His lyrics at times were funny, one I liked was; I got me a woman and I got a bulldog too, my woman don’t love me but my bulldog do, yodel lay hee and so on.

Dogs have traits somewhat like people, they like to eat and have their creature comforts. They are quite defensive concerning that which they perceive is theirs.

One thing I’m not sure about and that is why they don’t seem to care what you look like or how successful you are, they jus don’t seem to care. They accept you just as you are. My guess is they are not very discriminating, and at this point they are unlike most people.

One thing that is common among dogs, whether a mutt or a pedigreed animal they all want one thing and that is love.

Whether you are a homeless person with only a backpack, the dog is proud to be on a leash and walking with you, and as long as the person gives him love, he is happy as a dog could be. He is probably happier than one that is living high on the hog without love.

I’ve had my share of good dogs and still have a batch I’m fond of. One thing I don’t worry about is them getting stolen, for nobody else would have them. One of my favorite song from the thirties is “Old Rattler” and is played by a black band which is a little unusual. These are the words and the link below takes you to some good country.  Keep scrolling down to view all the words.

Recorded by Grandpa Jones

Old Rattler was a good old dog; as blind as he could be
Ev'ry night 'bout supper time; I believe that dog could see.

Here! Rattler, Here! Here!; Here! Rattler! Here!
Call old Rattler from the barn; Here! Rattler! Here!

Old Rattler tree'd the other night; And I tho't he'd tree'd a 'coon
When I come to find out; He was barkin' at the moon./Refrain:

Well, grandma had a yeller hen; we set her as you know
We set her on three buzzard eggs; And hatched out one old crow./Refrain:

Grandpa had a muley cow; she was muley when she's born
It took a jaybird forty year; To fly from horn to horn. /Refrain:

Now if I had a needle and thread; as fine as I could sew
I'd sew my sweetheart to my back; And down the road I'd go./Refrain:

Old Rattler was a smart old dog; even tho' he was blind
He wouldn't hurt one single thing; tho' he was very fine.

One night I saw a big fat 'coon; climb up in a tree
I called old Rattler right away; to get 'I'm down fer me.

But Rattler wouldn't do it; because he liked that 'coon
I saw them walkin' paw in paw; Later by the light of the moon./Refrain:

Now old Rattler's dead and gone; like all good dogs do
You better not act like a dog yourself; Or you'll be goin' there too./Refrain:

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