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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Selma in Jail
It took me a week but I finally had everything in place.

I had gathered all of our gold coins and got Rison to take a wagon a day’s hard ride from the fort.

Sneaking up to the jail, I hit the guard who was guarding Selma and knocked him out.

We slipped out of the fort and were on our way. We rode the first of our two horses very hard and had a change of horses some three hours away. After we changed horses we made it to the wagon Rison had for us.

Once we took the wagon from Rison he drove a herd of buffalo over our tracks for miles.  Once the buffalo were started they would run for hours and it was going to be hard for the best of the scouts to track us.

Rison had loaded a lot of trading goods in the wagon and our old buckskins clothes so we were able to get through the Indian territories with little trouble.

Wagon Train Preacher
Married us
We crossed a couple of what was to become state lines and joined up with a wagon train.  They had a preacher on the train and I asked him to marry us.

I never asked Selma if she wanted me for I had enough of this foolishness. It was obvious we belonged together so I made it happen.

I sometimes wished Selma wasn’t so pretty for I had several fights because she was but I figured that was the price I had to pay.

We made it across the Sierras and bought a good size ranch with enough cattle for a start.  Due to the difficulties of traveling over the plains and mountains I never laid with Selma until we had our place in the west. Even then it was she that made the first move. She loves to snuggle with me to this day and it always leads to the same thing.

We never heard anything more about the event that occurred at the dance for we put that all behind us.

There was some Indian trouble that kept them busy for many weeks and by then they forgot about us.

After we settled in we stopped wearing our buckskins and became white folks again.
Selma was a slow breeder but after a few years she gave me a fine son and then a couple more shortly thereafter. Oh yes there were a couple of daughters in between also.

I think back to the time I took her with me from the Indian camp, and I’m sure glad I did for she is the best thing that ever happened to me. 

Epilogue to follow

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