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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 15

It was the first day of the Senior year and Archie was excited to get started.

His Aunt finally allowed him to use her car for she had all but quit driving.

Now if she wanted to go somewhere she would have him drive.  The car wasn't exactly what he would have picked out for himself but for the time being he was glad to be using a family sedan for his transportation.

While there were a lot of kids who had a sporty car he wasn't alone for several had gotten a family hand me down car similar to his.

Agnes was still riding her motorcycle or the motorcycle with the side car.

Nan had her convertible from last year.  

Alice, well Alice expected Archie to pick her up each morning and take her to school with him. She sat over next to him and would sometimes put her arm around him.  He finally gave up trying to discourage her.

He was waiting for her to get tired of him and his passive attitude, and for her to find a real boy friend. As it turned out she was perfectly satisfied with him.

Archie had over heard her talking to the other girls about him as her boy friend, and the things she would say embarrassed him, especially if some other boys heard her.

She would lie and say that she had to fight him off, because he was so in love with her.
Archie noticed she was filling out fast, and now boys were hanging around her more each week.

To Archie's surprise she would reject their trying to date her by saying, "I'm sorry but I already have my man. "

Something new she started doing every morning was, when he picked her up she would kiss him, and the same when he dropped her off after school.

This was quite unexpected when it started, but by the second week he began expecting her to do it.

The first time he responded to her and kissed her back she said, “It sure took you long enough.”

That embarrassed him so much he swore he wouldn't do that again, but he did.

Archie met Agnes and Nan in the hallway at school and they (as usual) teased him saying; "How's your love life going?"

He smiled and said, “Being truthful, she has been able to fight me off so far!”  The two girls looked at each other not believing what he just said.

“You have to remember that you girls gave me to her in the cafeteria that day and she isn't giving me back to anyone.”

Nan said, “Boy, your ego is getting out of control we are going to have to sit on you until your sanity returns.”  Archie laughed and said, “I'll catch you later.”

Nan said to Agnes, “Can you believe that?” Agnes answered he is growing into quite a man.

Archie had laid out his future plans and there were several steps he intended to take. He would continue his studies along with taking math, economics and business courses.

In college he would major in economics and finance. He was also going to take a sales class, business management courses and focus on the ability to sell himself.  

Then the final step would be to become a mergers and acquisitions lawyer. Oh yes, somewhere in the mix there should be a personal life somewhere.

When Alice would begin to get too close, he would go over his plan for his future and say, "I don't see how I can fit you into my near future plans."

She would nonchalantly say "Let me take care of that, for I have it all arranged."

He just hated it when he would try to derail her program for "their" future together and she would overrule his objections with a simple response.

To be Continued   

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