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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 31

Archie and his security Guards
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Just as the man who was shouting at Archie took a long breath and was getting ready to continue his tirade - -one of the security men with Archie reached out and grabbed the man by the throat and shut off his air.

He struggled more than the clerk at the hotel, but it was all to no avail.

Just as he was about to pass out, the security man, released his hold enough for the man to gasp for air.

Archie was amazed at how well he could use that hold even when they were trying to free themselves from his grip.

Archie could see bruise marks starting to appear already.

As the man started to curse again, the body guard clamped down with both hands and shook the man like a rag doll.

This time when he allowed him to get a little air until he was begging for mercy.

Archie said, “I have a few questions for you, if you are ready to give me the answers I want, otherwise the treatment will continue until you are ready!!

SO what say you?”

He answered, “I will tell you anything you want if I know it.”

Archie had a small recorder and asked him if it would be alright if he recorded his answers to which he agreed.

Archie said, “If it would help you to talk we can choke you some more, what do you think?”

He cried out, “No more, please, no more.

Archie said, “I want you to start from the beginning and don't leave anything out or once again we will have to motivate you.”

He started to say, “I'm not sure what we are to talk about!”  Then he quickly changed his mind as the security guard shifted his feet.

He went through everything and told of all the meetings, and who was involved and who made the decisions.

Then Archie specifically wanted to know who was involved in abusing Alice.

Again he started to hesitate so he could make up a lie when the security guard placed his hand on his shoulder.

He then laid out the whole plan and who ordered it. They knew Alice partied a lot and who she hung out with.

They had attended the party that night, and put a drug in her drink.

When she started to pass out they offered to take her home and instead took her to the hotel.

Archie asked where the photos were along with the negatives.  

The man said, “I have them here, and you can have them all.”  Archie told him if any pictures get out then you will never breathe again do you understand me.

He answered an emphatic, “Yes,” and ran to get the photos for Archie.

As they were leaving Archie told him, “I think it would be best if you left town and was not seen again unless I need you, to which he agreed.

Security Man
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Archie said to the security guards, “Do you have the hoods I asked you to get?”  They answered, “Yes right here.”  

Archie remarked, “Well then we have a few more calls to make tonight.”

Some hours later they had visited the men whose names were on the list they had been given.

For some strange reason all these scheming men ended up in the hospital that night with severe injuries.

Archie turned the tape over to the S.E.C. and shortly, (after the offenders were released from the hospital) they were stripped of their ability to do any business pertaining to stock issues.

The security guards were well rewarded for their efforts because Archie had all the money he had taken as an advance, and gave it to them to split.

One thing all of the perpetrators of this dastardly deed swore was that Alice had never been touched, other than being stripped of her clothes and the photos taken.

They convinced Archie of that, otherwise they would have been done away with permanently.

What was left to do was to heal the rift between Archie and Alice because of what this circumstance had brought about.

Archie marveled at how smoothly it was to resolve this situation outside the law.

As it turned out, the law could never have dealt with it.

To be Continued   

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