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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 6

Attorney Harvey J.
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Archie was up early, and took an excuse note to school for the day off.

As usual they objected but relented when he insisted it was an emergency.

Archie hurried to the attorney’s office and was waiting when Harvey J. arrived.  He told Archie he had a few things to take care of, and then he would see what could be done.

He then asked for the signed agreement which Archie handed to him.

After an hour his secretary escorted Archie into the office where Harvey J. told him to sit down.  

He then phoned May's father and told him to meet him at the broker's office. May's father said he would, and he had prepared all the papers ready for presenting to the broker.

They arrived at the broker's office with Archie in tow, and asked to see the broker.  T

The secretary said, “Sorry, he is not available because he is in a meeting with all the board members.”

Harvey J. said, “All the better,” and he headed for the board room with the secretary following while objecting all the way.

Harvey J. entered and addressed his remarks to the entire board, as he threw down the papers for the lawsuit, along with a complaint to be filed with the SEC.

He quickly outlined the reason for his outrageous conduct, and said, “This is how much you owe this woman plus interest, and this amount is for my fee.”

He then said, “I will leave this for you to discuss, and will be back in one hour for a certified check for the whole amount.”

As they left he declared, “I hear that the SEC is investigating your firm and if you decide to ignore my demands I will go straight to them with all the information concerning you defrauding this woman out of her fortune.”

When they left they could hear the board shouting at one another about what just happened and what to do about it.

Harvey J. said, “I'm hungry let's go and have some lunch.” After they had a big lunch he said, “Their hour is about up so let's go and find out if they are going to pay or go to jail.”

When they arrived at the secretary's desk she handed them an agreement that said in effect, “Upon the payment of the requested amount all claims and requests for any future payment would be extinguished and that they would take no future action with the SEC.”

They agreed and signed the document and received a check for the specified amount.
There was a lot of smiling going on as they left the building.

Harvey J. said, “We will let the government fight their own battles for if they had got into this they would have ended up with all of the money instead of us.”

The thing that made this work as it did was the reputation of Harvey J. for it was known that he would only make one offer to settle, and then it would be off the table for good, and the court battle would be on. In addition the threat of the SEC being brought in solidified the matter.

Harvey J. gave Archie a business card and told him to go see this broker because his aunt could trust him completely.

Upon arriving home Archie rehearsed the entire matter and told her that a check would be forwarded to where ever she wanted it to go.

He then gave her the card of the broker that had been recommended by Harvey J... and she said, “I will call for an appointment right now.”

His Aunt said, “It's a good thing you found out about this for we would have soon been out on the street.”    

To be Continued


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