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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 27

Catching a Flight Home

Archie woke Alice up by shouting New York, New York and said, “Get up and get dressed, because we have to catch a plane at eleven for home.

She sleepily got up and went to check on Celia.  After getting dressed they packed, and headed to the airport for the return trip home.  The limo had picked them up, and it made it a lot simpler to get to their plane.

Archie was scheduled to be at work in two weeks so they had to pack and get ready for the move.

Their apartment in New York was furnished so all they needed to move was their personal things.  

Aunt Celia was moping around the house for she was going to miss them so very much.

Alice was both excited and apprehensive at the same time, for she would need to make new friends when she settled in their new diggings.  There was also the task for her to find a job.

Moving to New York was quick and smooth.

For Alice, there was always the process of getting State certified and taking tests to show you are proficient enough to do your job.  Finally that being done she was ready for an assignment. Soon after getting her first case she realized it was going to be much harder than back where they came from.

The people who live in the city are a mixture of locals and imports from other states; and in many cases from other countries. While all were speaking English their accent made it difficult to understand especially when they spoke rather fast.

Luckily there were recordings made that she could use as a reference, but even then it was sometimes difficult to get it right.

The New Mrs Allen
courtesy free clip art
Meanwhile Archie was getting settled in and Mrs. Allen had accepted the offer to work for Archie again, and was totally moved in to her new apartment.

One of the first things she said to Archie was from now on please call me Marcy for that is my name.  Mrs. Allen makes me sound so old. 

Since none of the people I will now associate with know me as Marcy, it would be hard to change it later if they get used to calling me Mrs. Allen.  Archie agreed it would be so much better to be more informal.

He asked her about her husband, and to his surprise she said, “I don't have a husband, and have never been married.  I only said that to keep the men at arms length from me.

While it didn't stop all of them from trying to have one night stands with me most were held at bay by me having a supposed husband. I didn't have any interest in the lifestyle they offered at all.”

Archie had never seen her with her hair down, makeup on and without her horn rimmed glasses.  Along with her new surroundings she had decided to join the social set, and do a make over.  She had her hair cut and styled which eliminated the old fashioned look. 

The office had an informal gathering of the staff so they could get acquainted with Archie and Marcy (Mrs. Allen). Archie noticed that they had a large pool of secretaries, and hoped that they weren't used outside of the office like his former employers had done.

Marcy got to know a couple of the secretaries that she would use working with her as needed.

Archie was hoping that he wouldn't be working as a defending attorney very long. He sure didn't feel comfortable doing that because of his limited experience in court proceedings.

Over lunch he expressed his concerns with his immediate superior, but he told Archie that he would do just fine and not to worry.

“You will be either second or third chair to start out with and won't have to say anything at all. It will be important for you to know all about the case and how the lead attorney will proceed.”

This made Archie feel much better for he knew he could handle the second position with ease.      
To be Continued

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