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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 24

Mrs. Allen was an Awesome Secretary
It had been several months since Alice selected Mrs. Allen as the secretary for Archie and she was working out very well.

She was all business and systematic in the way she did things, as was Archie.

He never had to tell her twice, and she always did what she was told.  If there was a problem she reported to him, so he could deal with it with her.

It had come to the place where he was putting together the packages for negotiation with the parties involved.

Or another way to put it was; he was doing all the work, and someone else was getting the credit.

While he understood how the game was being played, he ignored the inequity of the situation, because he figured he was being paid for putting in the hours and what happened after that was someone else's issue.

Then one day a junior partner came to him and said, “You are doing a good job, but now you are going to have to put in a little more time occasionally.

If you do well in this venture you will eventually move up, and some day you might be considered as a junior partner.”

The way the office was structured was there was the main man who started the business and was the chairman of the board.

Then under him were several partners (most of which were relatives) who were also board members.

Next were the junior partners, several of which were also members of the family.

Finally were the underlings of which Archie was one of them.

Archie thought to himself, “I am already putting in twice the hours than most of the junior partners, and it doesn't seem right that I should be expected to do even more than that.”

At times he would get home late, and need to get there early to get the extra work cone they had heaped upon him.

The junior partner said, “There is more to getting a merger put together than just laying out the particulars.”

Archie said, “Such as what?”

“Well you know there is a certain amount of wining and dining that has to be done.

Once you have done your part then there are lower level people of the other company who have to approve it before it is presented to the upper level people.

These lower level people expect as a perk some special entertainment and that is where you will be coming in.”

Archie asked, “Just what kind of entertainment are we talking about?”

The Junior Partner answered; “Well you know the usual stuff.”

Archie replied, “What kind of usual stuff?”

The Junion Partner went on and said, “It will be your responsibility to supply them with escorts and take them to the finest restaurants and clubs, and of course make sure they have their reservations at their hotel.

This is usually done over the weekend so you will have time to handle this and do your regular work, also you can party along with the guests free of charge; consider it one of the perks of your job.”

Archie said. “I think I understand what you need, but there is just a couple of questions. 

One question is how do I pay for all this, and the second is, where do I find the escorts that will be suitable for the task they are expected to perform?”
The junior executive said, “You will receive a credit card on which you can add a little something for your self, and you can get the girls from the secretary pool.”

 Archie said, “Very well, I believe that I know what I must do.”

After the Junior Partner left, Archie decided it was time for him to move on.

He wrote out his resignation stating he would be leaving as soon as he finished the case he was working on.  He further stated it would be finished by Friday.”

He went up to the partner's office that hired him and requested to see him.

This was a bit unusual for he didn't normally do that.  The secretary said he was busy and couldn't be disturbed.

So Archie told her. “Be sure you give this letter to him, ‘unopened’ because there are things inside for ‘his eyes only,’ and you will be in big trouble if you open it.

To be Continued


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