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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, June 28, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 30

Security Will Assist Archie

Archie took the contents of the package and went directly to his boss and threw them down on the desk where his boss was sitting.  The letter was on top and his boss read it with unbelief.

He saw the picture on top of the stack and then politely turned them over for he didn't want to see anymore.

Archie said, “I wanted you to know how far our competition will go to get this deal.”

His boss was speechless for a few moments and said, “I would never have believed they would go this far. I will call a meeting immediately and will go over this with the partners.

He told Archie to take the pictures and don't let anyone else see them.

His boss said, “I can briefly explain to the partners what I saw, and I will read the demand letter to them.”

He asked Archie if there was anything he could do for him and Alice.

Archie said, “I want at least ten thousand dollars advance, and I would like to have two of your best security men work with me for the next few days.

I prefer men that are not squeamish about roughing up some guys if necessary and I don't think I should tell you any further of my plans.”

Lester his boss said, “I know just the men you need, and for sure I don't want to know any more.”

An hour later two men walked by Marcy saying we know our way in.  When Archie saw them he was completely satisfied that they were just what he needed.

For the next hour he went over the whole scenario and told them his plan.

He then asked if they had some ideas of how to improve on what he laid out.

They made a few suggestions and they were ready to go.

“One last thing,” Archie said, “If you want out - - now is the time to say so and I trust you won't ever say anything about what we have discussed here.”

They looked at each other and smiled then said, “Let’s go.”

The first step was to go to the hotel and get the evening clerk's attention.

Archie and the two men saw the night clerk and said, “I want all the information concerning last evening's happenings at room 223.”

The guy tried to flip them off by saying, “I can't give out that kind of information.”

Archie pulled out several one hundred dollar bills and said, “Perhaps this will change you mind.”

He looked hungrily at the money but said, “No way now just leave before I call the cops.”

He no sooner said those words when one of the men with Archie reached over and took the desk clerk by the neck and cut off his breath and said; “If I turn you loose will you tell us everything we want to know?”

The clerk did the best he could to nod yes.  The clerk drew in deep breaths as the hand around his neck eased enough for him to get some air.

This must have been just what the doctor ordered, for he told them the whole story about how he was paid to forget about what they were doing, and then they threatened him if he talked.  

He then gave Archie the tape from the surveillance tape of last evening.

As Archie and company viewed the tape; Archie recognized one of the men, it was the one who paid the clerk and then left.

As they left, one of the security men reminded the clerk to remember how it was not being able to take a breath, and a warning not to do anything that would cause them to have to return.

They copied the pictures of all who were involved and Archie told the two men to get a good night's rest, for tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

Archie called up one of Alice's friends and went over to her house.

She was leaving for the night, but Archie managed to catch her before she left. 

He asked her who the guys in the pictures were.  

She said she only knew two of them and gave Archie their names and addresses.

The next day before the rooster crowed, Archie and his security men knocked on the door of the money man on the tape.

After some persistence he finally came to the door and immediately began to shout curses at Archie.

To be Continued


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