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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, June 24, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 26

New York Offices
Archie decided to travel to New York and check out the offer for employment there.

Since Celia and Alice had never been there they decided to go with him.

When he advised the law firm he was coming, they said they would arrange accommodations for all three of them.

Upon arriving they were met by a member of the firm, and were taken by limo to their lodging.  The host said he would pick Archie up in the morning and they would meet the partners and get acquainted.

Meanwhile he said the limo would be available and a hostess would take them wherever they wished to go.  The ladies were quite eager to accept that offer for they had a list of things to do that Archie would not be interested in.

The next morning after meeting with the board the discussion got to the business at hand.  

They asked Archie a series of questions which he answered.  They finally were satisfied and wanted to know if he had any questions about the job he was considered for.

He asked many of the same questions they asked him like where do you see yourself ten years from now.

Their answers were very much like his concerning the future and relating to their goals and hopes.

One pertinent question was where would we live? They assured him that they had a large (by N.Y. standards) apartment in a building the company owned that would be part of the package they would offer him if they got that far.

The salary was also of interest and they assured him that it would be commensurate with his value to the company.

It was important to Archie and he wanted the specifics of his job laid out so there would be no confusion about what was expected of him. 

He did not want them making up new responsibilities as they went on.
After some three hours they all decided to have lunch at the cafeteria on the bottom floor.

After lunch the senior partners met to discuss the offer they would or would not present to Archie.

During that period one of the junior partners gave Archie a tour of the offices and introduced him to the staff.  Then the time came to get down to the final business at hand.

There were a few more questions one of which was if Celia would be staying in New York with him.

Archie said I don't think so, because she is perfectly happy in her home town but he hoped she would visit them often.

He told them that if he accepted the job he had one request and was that he be allowed to hire his former secretary.  She would need a place to live with a salary that would allow her to live in the City without having to do without.

They agreed to that stipulation, and said he could set her salary along with their finance officer.
The offer they made him was more than he had hoped for but he said, “I will need to discuss this matter with my wife for she will want to continue to work in her chosen profession as a court reporter.”

Having said that Archie agreed to meet them again in the morning

Alice was all for moving to the big city for she was enthralled with the idea.

It was like a dream come true for her, while Aunt Celia had enough and was ready to return home.

Archie felt comfortable with the job offer and responsibilities except he would need to appear in court and settle disputes from time to time.

This was something he had never done before, and it would be a new experience.

The next day he met with the partners, accepted their offer and signed an agreement with them.     
To be Continued

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