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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 21

Aunt Celia Fishing
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Alice began to get busy working as a court reporter, and this time it was an important trial.

The accused was charged with embezzlement and the lawyers were going hot after each other.

They talked so fast it was difficult for Alice to keep up with them.  
It so happened that an investor had been managing the account for a widow, and when her son looked into her account he discovered there were funds unaccounted for.

It reminded Alice of the time when Celia was duped by her money manager. Alice had to transcribe her notes for the next days hearing so she was busy and up late.

Archie knew better than to bother her so he left her be, and retired early.

It took two cups of coffee the next morning to get Alice's eyes open. She had to be at the court house by eight with her transcriptions, so she didn't have time for conversation with Archie, just a hello and a quick kiss goodbye.

Celia came down and after the usual good mornings she asked Archie about some of the men she had been dating.

Archie was a little hesitant to discuss them with her, because he didn't know what her motives were for doing so.

If he was down on someone she had taken a liking to then he might look like he was being too judgmental.  If he said he thought they were fine, then he might appear as uninterested in her pursuits.

When she asked him about a certain man Archie said, “First we must clear the air. Are you looking for approval of a decision you have already made, or are you asking me to give you a reason to dump him?”

She said, “I'm not sure what I want.  Perhaps I'm not attracted to any of these men or am too romantic and am looking for "My hero" to sweep me off my feet, I just don't know.”

Archie said, “What I think you should do is to go out and have fun and leave it at that, for this is what most of the guys you know want to do. At your age if the guys were interested in marriage they would already have been hitched.

Then there are those who have been to the altar more than once and didn't like it enough to stay the course. Something to seriously consider might be a widower, someone who wants a good woman, but one whose wife has passed away.

Since I think you don't know just what you want to do, I would say, "Just have fun/" If you have any specific questions about anyone I'm acquainted with, I may be able to help you there.”

Celia said, “I think you are right for I don't know what I want to do at present.”

Archie suggested, “You will find that a lot of them are looking for a "Sperm dump," and if you don't respond to their need they will stop coming around.”

Celia answered, “Yes that is true; several have unceremoniously departed already having completely missed their target for tonight.”

Well Auntie, “Welcome to the world as it stands today.”

She answered, “I don't think things have changed that much it is just the same with a few new lines the men are using seeking the same results of yesteryear.”

Archie suggested, “Perhaps it is somewhat like fishing, you will have to throw back the undesirable ones until you find one you want to keep.

“Yes, that is what I have had to do so far, but I'm still fishing nevertheless.”

They both laughed at that and Archie said, “Any time, but now I have some studying to do before class begins.”

Celia said, “Thanks for the use of your ear for a while; I suppose I just needed to vocalize some of the things I have been feeling.”  
To be Continued

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