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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 22

The Bar Exam
Archie finally finished his studies and passed his tests. While it wasn't time to shout "free at last" it was a big step into the future.

Studying for the bar exam was the next hurdle but it would be six months until he could take it.  

He now was able to work full time at the law office and he was able to focus on gaining as much knowledge as possible concerning Mergers and Acquisitions or at least that was his hope.

He was called in to one of the board meetings and told that they wanted him to concentrate on becoming a defense attorney.  

He started to object but before he could speak the chairmen of the board said, “At present we have all the attorneys we need for M&A work.  

What we need is someone who can look over our proposals and give an opinion on the document.  We can't afford to make a mistake that will cost us a lot of money.

We have for over two years trained you to understand the ins and outs of M&A and now this is where we need you with your background.

As he left the board room Archie felt deflated for this wasn't what he had in mind as he studied.

So now he had to get ready for the Bar exam and his new position which was headed up by one of the older partners.  
As Archie sat in his copula, for as yet he didn't have an office. He had his name on his desk but it wasn't the same as having it on an office door.

He knew he had to put his desires aside and do as they wanted him to.

He was relieved of the duties he had in the past and could devote all his time to preparing for the bar exam and the new task he was given.  

He thought back over his life when he was little, very little size wise, and how over the years he grew to what amounts to a normal size.
He went over his progress step by step and when he arrived to where he was now he said out loud, this is just another step along the way and I'm still on the right path even though I might not be able to see it now.

Having this positive attitude gave him a new perspective on his present position.

That evening he told Alice and Celia what happened and they looked at each other wondering.  Finally Alice spoke up and said, “What happened to the dream?”

He answered, "A step at a time my sweetie."

With one month left till the bar exam Archie felt very comfortable about it and was ready. He had been spending most of his time studying contracts and the law that governed them.

For the last five months he was making a better salary and he and Alice and Celia occasionally went out for the evening that is when Celia didn't have a date.

Archie would like to have these times private with Alice but he didn't want to leave Celia home all by herself.  

Celia knew they needed some time alone for they were still on honeymoon for all practical purposes, so she went on some dates she didn't particularly want to go on just to give them special time alone in the house.

The morning of the exam Archie had an extra cup of coffee and tried to focus on the direction the test might go. The tests were passed out and everyone was ready, the timer was set and the tests were opened.

As the hours wore on Archie breezed through the testing; except for a couple of points.  
After checking his answers he turned his papers in and left to prepare for tomorrow's questioning.

There were fewer questions the next day, but they were requiring that he present a contract covering the scenario they laid out for him.  He completed that without a hitch, and at last it was over. 

It would be a while before he knew if he passed.

To be Continued  


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