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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 13

With the summer over it was time to get back to school.  It wasn't as if Archie had taken a break from his studies.

But the main thing was he had managed to get some classes out of the way for his future college credits.

The money he made over the summer was mostly in the bank and he was tempted to buy a car but the more prudent thinking prevailed and he started to look at the stock market.

The idea of losing his entire summer's labor on selecting a bad stock was stressing him out. He talked it over with his Aunt and she said her Broker was doing pretty well for her, and they could go down and talk to him in person.

When they arrived at the appointed time the Broker was busy but stopped long enough to give them his attention. Archie explained his situation and his desire to go into the brokerage business after his schooling, and if possible to get started investing in the market with his summer's savings.

The broker put it in plain words, that contrary to some peoples thinking, there was no romance in being a stock broker, just plain hard work. It took long hours and there were times when the market would make you sweat.

He then recommended a couple of safe investments, and said when Archie felt more comfortable with his funds he could get into something with a larger upside but with a little more risk.
Archie thanked him and said he would follow his advice and drop off a check tomorrow to get started.

On the way home he thanked his Aunt for her part in helping him get started. He admitted that it was a hard decision to make with his limited knowledge.

Along with his check he included a letter of thanks, and said if there was anyway he could do some menial tasks after school at the office he would appreciate the work.

He figured if he could be there in the office he could learn exactly how the markets worked.

The first day back in school was the same as usual; everybody looking for old friends and Archie was no exception.

May had transferred to the same school as Archie, Agnes and Nan.  She hadn't seen much of Archie during the summer, and the first thing she noticed was he had grown a little taller and now was as tall as she.

Nan was still an inch taller and Agnes about four inches taller than he was. At least he was gaining on them. At five foot eight inches, he was still short compared to the guys that played sports.

During the mandatory gym period he was given permission to run track when the weather would allow it.  He wanted to run in the ten mile race this year if he could fit it into his schedule.

He and the three girls ate lunch together, and it attracted some other girls to notice him for they wondered why these three girls were always with him.

Girls started to speak to him in the hallways and at the lockers. He didn't know what to make of what was happening.
Nan teased him and said, “You are getting popular, and soon you will have to fight the gals off with a stick.”
He laughed and said, “Since I'm not a fighter then I guess I am doomed.”

One of the female classmates was bold enough to ask him if he would like to go to the movie show with her.  He said, “I am very busy but if we could make it in the evening yes, I would like to go.”

She said, “How about Friday night?” Archie said, “Sounds good to me but let me have your phone number just in case something comes up and I can't make it. And here's my number if you need to call me, I believe your name is Alice isn't it?”

“She said yes that is right.”

When the girls found out about it they had a field day with him. Telling him that he was two-timing them.
He answered back and said, “What is it when you go out on dates with someone?”

“Oh, that's different,” they replied.    

To be Continued

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