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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, June 17, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 19

Aunt at 50 - Looking 40
The days were quickly passing by and Archie and Alice were settling in to married life.

Celia seemed to be enjoying the whole arrangement for not having children of her own. 
As she had raised Archie when his mother passed, she began to take on the role of his real mother, and the feeling of motherhood slowly descended upon her.  Now she felt that she had two children of her own.

She promptly began to care about Alice, before there was any talk of marriage between her and Archie.

One day when Alice and Celia were alone, Alice asked her why she never married and she said this is something Archie doesn't know for neither I nor his mother ever told him, and that is I was once married.

We ran away and married against the wishes of our parents. We had a hard time for my husband was young, and couldn't earn enough to support us. I soon became pregnant, and it was more than he could handle, so he left and I have never seen him again.

When his parents found out what had happened they took me in, and when they died from the fever they left me all of their estate.

“Well what happened to the child?” Alice asked.

Celia replied “It was a boy, but he was still born. His grandparents and I were heart broken. I never felt the need to tell Archie about this, and he has always considered me to be an old spinster.”

“And you never wanted to marry again?” asked Alice.

“No,” Celia replied, “After my love left us, and I lost the baby I had no interest in what a young woman should want at that age.

It was when Archie came to live with me that I began to start to live again. It was slow at first but I picked up as the months passed.  As things stand now he is my baby, and I hope you know with what high esteem I hold you in order to share him with you.”
Alice said, “I understand what you are saying, but I have to say this; you are still a young woman barely over fifty and look forty. Should you choose there are a lot of men who would be interested in you, and you could pick up where you left off some years ago.
Whether you do anything a long these lines I mentioned or just realizing that there is that possibility, it has to increase your self-esteem.”

Celia said, “I think you are right, and it does give me something to think about.”

Archie came home and saw them looking shyly at him and he said, “What are you two up to?” Alice said, “Nothing.” but she couldn't help from grinning as she said, “We were just talking about you.”

He said, “Wait a minute I don't think I want you talking about me when I'm not here to protect myself.” Alice said, “Would you like us to talk about some other men?  There are a lot of them who would like us to be interested in them enough to be in our conversations.”

He thought, “There she goes again out talking me. I should learn to not get caught up in battles I can't win.”

Alice said, “Now don't go getting all pouty on us because we only said good things about you.” He had to laugh at the way they controlled him and said, "I bruise easy so don't be too hard on me, what's for dinner?"

Alice said, “Anything you want for we're going out for dinner for my birthday, silly.”  “Why?” he answered, “It's not your birthday, I know when that is.”

“Well it’s someone's birthday so we will celebrate theirs.” Archie asked, "Do I get to choose?" Alice replied, “Yes.”  “Then it is Chinese!”

This was an enjoyable evening out for the three of them for they didn't do this very often due to their heavy schedule.

After Archie and Alice went to bed Aunt Celia was thinking about what Alice had said, "You are barely over fifty and look forty.”  
 To be Continued

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