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Monday, February 29, 2016

NORTH OF AUSTIN - Chapter Five

North of Austin - - Chapter five
Come On In - The Water is Fine !!
We kept our engagement quiet for my last week of school was quite intense and I didn’t want to be answering the same questions over and over.

By the end of the week I was ready to spend some quiet time with my intended. We rode to a secluded spot and brought a lunch with us.  A water fall with a clear pool of water was just perfect for swimming but I didn’t bring a suit with me. Abby had her suit on and dove right in after pulling her dress off.
After swimming across the pool and back she told me to come on in with her. I told her my predicament and she said don’t you skinny dip? I said sure with my brothers and other men.

She came closer to the bank and stood up waist deep and said; “I’m waiting.”

I just stood there with a thousand thoughts going through my mind.

“Come on, my husband soon to be, and get in the water.”

I tried one more time to deter her by saying, “You have me at a disadvantage by having your suit on and what would your mother think if she knew.”

She said, “Well when we get back home you can ask her what she thought,” and with that she started removing her suit. In less than ten seconds I was naked and under the clear water.

She laughed and said, “Now that wasn’t so bad was it?”

We cavorted for an hour swimming and stared at each other as we dressed.

Then we ate our lunch and I must say I was overwhelmed by the whole event. The more I thought about it I finally concluded the afternoon was going to take the stress out of our first night together as man and wife for we already had an eyeful of one another.

The picture I now had of her in my mind projected a clear image of perfection. After that she would often call me; “My handsome man.”

Sunday afternoon I said my goodbye’s and headed for the farm where I worked for two weeks. Even with gloves on I had blisters on both hands but I must admit it felt good to be working the soil again. It was almost enough to make me give up my future in the law field.  Then the vision of Abby would come into view and it was back to the law business.

I finished the two weeks and we pretty much had the crops in. The day I left I told everyone I was going to marry Abby and would be completing my schooling and getting my license to practice law.

With all of the congratulations finished my Pa called me aside and said he was hoping that I would drop the idea of going into law and return to the farm. He paused and then went on and said he understood that marrying Abby and her father being a lawyer would cause me to be interested in it.

Pa said that Abner considered me to be the best hand he had and hated to lose me. He further said that he had promised that when the time came he would give us boys the money he had set aside for us instead of paying us a wage all the years we worked for him. He gave me a good deal of money and then said goodbye son.

There was a certain finality in the way he said it and for me the family bond was never the same after that, we all had moved to a different level.

Just before I left, Abner my older brother called me aside and said he was glad I was getting married to Abby for she had blossomed into a fine woman. He told me a few more things he had learned the hard way about marital bliss with a woman.  I was embarrassed and could hardly believe the things he told me. After I left I still redden each time I thought about the stuff he shared with me in detail.

While he was educating me concerning the intimacies of marriage I thought he really gave me too much detail but since Abner and I were close we could talk about most anything.

Over the next two weeks before the marriage I would think of what Abner told me and the picture I had of Abby without her clothes on and the thought made me weak in the knees. Since she had no older sisters I wondered if her married cousins had took her aside and explained some of the stuff I had been clued in about.


  1. Thank you Robert for sharing your continued story with us here at Tell me a Story. This is getting interesting.

  2. Hmm!! Thanks. I'll see and read what I can, when I can.


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