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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, February 22, 2016

NORTH OF AUSTIN - Chapter four

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Abby's Pa helped Roy enroll in College.
I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a farmer the rest of my life though I didn’t tell my Pa that.

Abby’s Pa was a farmer but he also was a lawyer. He began to talk to me about becoming a lawyer and setting up a practice in the town with him. I had got good grades in school so I could enroll in college and study to become a lawyer but I didn’t know how Pa would take it.

When we got the crops in I started working for Abby’s father in his office doing whatever needed doing. He gave me several books to start me off on my journey to becoming filled with legalese. He got me enrolled in a nearby college and it was full time hitting the books when I wasn’t in class. I was doing pretty well at understanding how the law worked except where it didn’t seem logical. Of course there was the learning a lot of words I never heard before and their meaning was another hill to climb.

I managed to see Abby when I could but it wasn’t actually enough to satisfy me or her. Our times in the parlor were heating up and I kept wanting to put my hands all over her. Then I got the surprise of my life so far. Her father called me into his office which was unusual for he normally just talked to me in the outer office.
He told me to sit down and began the conversation by saying;   “I see you are doing very well in your classes even though you are carrying a heavy load.” I didn’t answer that for I was wondered what was coming next. I had found when people come to a pause and don’t speak for a time it wasn’t good. I didn’t know if he was setting me up for a big letdown or what?  He went on saying your semester is finished in two weeks and you can work here full time until classes start again in the fall unless you have other plans.
I said I was hoping to take two weeks off and help put in the crops on the farm. He said can’t they manage without you? I replied yes they could but they could use the help and I need to have a change for a few days. He said it would be alright for the two weeks but after that he wanted me back on the job. I agreed to that and then he said the thing he wanted to discuss was something else.

He said I noticed you have been getting pretty personal with Abby. I thought whoa, I’m going to get it. I knew I was going a little further than maybe I should but for some reason it didn’t seem wrong. I don’t know just how to put it other than to say; “I wanted her completely in the best way.”

He interrupted my thinking by saying if you are serious about Abby perhaps it is time to talk about you marrying her. This was the one thing I didn’t think we would be talking about this afternoon. He said I have spoken to Abby about this and it seems she is ready to take you as her husband. I truly was at a loss for something to say but what came out was, “That would be nice.”

I had dreamed of this for years but my expectations were way down the road if ever. The reason for that mind set was I knew how proud he was of her and he preferred her to find someone more sophisticated than a farm boy, even if he had okayed me sitting the parlor. It was one thing to come and sit with her and another to be her husband.

I finally regained my composure and said I would be proud and honored to have her as my wife and I knew she could have done far better in some respects although no one could love her more than I do. He said come for dinner tonight and we will make it final. I said I would be there and looking forward to the evening.

Since this was going to be the happiest day of my life so far I took a bath before going to the dinner. When I arrived I put my horse in the barn for I wasn’t sure how long I would be there and I might just spend the night.
Abby answered my knock at the door and she grabbed me and kissed me for a long time until her mother called from somewhere saying if that is Roy then bring him on in.

Entering the parlor we sat down and had some lemonade. As we were sitting there Abby was fidgeting and I was sweating as we exchanged some niceties. Her father said dinner is almost ready but we have some business to take care of before we eat.
I didn’t know how much more of this I could stand so I just blurted out; sir I would like to marry your daughter as soon as possible. Everything was so quiet we could hear each other breathing.
After what seemed to be an hour he and Abby’s mother looked at each other and started to smile and said welcome to the family son. We stood up and shook hands and hugged each other. I took Abby’s hand and slipped a ring on her finger and kissed her for the first time in front of her folks.

That was the best supper I ever had and her Pa said I could stay in the bunk house instead of riding back to town for the night was dark with no moon shining. After her folks went to bed Abby slipped out to the bunk house and we kissed many times. I felt freer to be a little more personal now the ring was on her finger and was anxious for the wedding to be over. At breakfast we laid out a schedule for the wedding to happen. It was one more week of school, two weeks working on the farm getting the crops in and a week later, “The Wedding.”




  1. That is really exciting. Looking forward to the wedding details.

  2. As usual, you wrote and shared very nicely. Thank you.


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